A list of Jew hating U of T faculty

1. Yasaman Aghazadeh, Experimental Therapeutics, University Health Network
2. Rand Askalan, Pediatrics
3. Bernd Baldus, Sociology
4. Roger Beck, Historical Studies, Classics
5. Daniel Bender, History
6. Joseph Berkovitz, Institute for the History & Philosophy of Science & Technology
7. Katherine Blouin, Classics
8. Dina Brooks, Physical Therapy
9. Elspeth Brown, History
10. James Robert Brown, Philosophy
11. Michelle Buckley, Geography & Planning
12. Joseph H. Carens, Political Science
13. James Carscallen, English (Emeritus)
14. Eric Cazdyn, East Asian Studies and Comparative Literature
15. Aziza Chaouni, Architecture
16. Jennifer Jihye Chun, Sociology
17. Kevin Coleman, History
18. Rebecca Comay, Philosophy and Comparative Literature
19. Deborah Cowen, Geography & Planning
20. Phyllis Creighton, Theology
21. Frank Cunningham, Philosophy and Political Science
22. Lucia Dacome, Institute for the History & Philosophy of Science & Technology
23. Bianca Dahl, Anthropology
24. Girish Daswani, Anthropology
25. Chandler Davis, Mathematics
26. Natalie Zemon Davis, History
27. James Deutsch, Faculty of Medicine
28. Margrit Eichler, FRSC, Social Justice Education, OISE
29. Michael Ekers, Geography & Planning
30. Uzoma Esonwanne, English
31. Mohammad Fadel, Law
32. Matthew Farish, Geography
33. Peter Fitting, French and Cinema Studies
34. Ursula M. Franklin, FRSC, University Professor Emerita, Materials Science & Engineering
35. Donna Gabaccia, History
36. David Galbraith, English
37. Frances Garrett, Study of Religion
38. Rubén Gaztambide-Fernández, Curriculum Teaching and Learning, OISE
39. Kanishka Goonewardena, Geography & Planning
40. Anup Grewal, History
41. Atiqa Hachimi, Historical and Cultural Studies & Linguistics
42. Paul Hamel, Lab. Medicine & Pathobiology
43. Ju Hui Judy Han, Geography & Planning
44. Jens Hanssen, Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations and History
45. Amir Hassanpour, NMC
46. Barbara Havercroft, French and Comparative Literature
47. Grégoire Holtz, French
48. Karolina Hübner, Philosophy
49. Mark Hunter, Human Geography
50. Franca Iacovetta, History
51. Ryan Isakson, International Development Studies
52. Eva-Lynn Jagoe, Comparative Literature
53. Smaro Kamboureli, English
54. Malavika Kasturi, History
55. Ken Kawashima, East Asian Studies
56. Whitney Kemble, Library
57. Katie Kilroy-Marac, Anthropology
58. Paul Kingston, Political Science
59. Martin Klein, History
60. Christopher Krupa, Anthropology
61. Blair Kuntz, Robarts Library
62. Nicole Laliberte, Geography
63. Tong Lam, History
64. Michael Lambek, Anthropology
65. Patricia Landolt, Sociology
66. Katie Larson, English
67. Richard Borshay Lee, Anthropology
68. Victor Li, English and Comparative Literature
69. Agi Lukacs, Transitional Year Programme
70. Jamie Magnusson, Leadership, Higher, and Adult Education, OISE
71. Ruth Marshall, Political Science and Study of Religion
72. D’Arcy Martin, OISE
73. Krista Maxwell, Anthropology
74. Julie MacArthur, History
75. Bonnie McElhinny, Anthropology/WGSI
76. Jeannie Miller, Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
77. Dieter Misgeld, Social Justice Education. OISE
78. Amira Mittermaier, Religion and Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
79. Shahrzad Mojab, OISE
80. Brenda Mori, Physical Therapy
81. Andreas Motsch, French
82. Andrea Muehlebach, Anthropology
83. Kanta Murali, Political Science
84. Michelle Murphy, History
85. Nakanyike Musisi, History
86. Melanie Newton, History
87. Jan Noel, History
88. Linda Northrup, Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
89. John Noyes, German
90. Mary Nyquist, English and Comparative Literature
91. Julian Patrick, English
92. Alejandro Paz, Anthropology
93. Chris Petrakos, Historical Studies
94. Jeffrey Pilcher, History
95. Régis Pomès, Biochemistry
96. Mary-Ann Pouls Wegner, Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
97. Scott Prudham, Geography & Planning
98. Ian Radforth, History
99. Bhavani Raman, History
100. Srilata Raman, Religion
101. Ajay Rao, Religion
102. Stephen Rockel, History
103. Richard Roman, Sociology
104. Peter Rosenthal, Mathematics
105. Natalie Rothman, History
106. Karen Ruffle, Religion
107. Atsuko Sakaki, East Asian Studies and Comparative Literature
108. Rania Salem, Sociology
109. Sara Salih, English
110. Sara Saljoughi, English and Cinema Studies
111. Nicholas Sammond, Cinema Studies Institute
112. Rosa Sarabia, Spanish and Portuguese
113. Dana Seitler, English
114. Jayeeta Sharma, History
115. Susan Sim, Faculty of Information
116. Neera Singh, Geography & Planning
117. Gavin Smith, Anthropology
118. Jesook Song, Anthropology
119. Kirsta Stapelfeldt, UTSC Library
120. Heater Sykes, Curriculum, Teaching & Learning
121. Vannina Sztainbok, Social Justice Education
122. Judith Taylor, Sociology & WGS
123. Neil ten Kortenaar, English and Comparative Literature
124. Laura Thrasher, Equity Studies
125. Miguel Torrens, Library
126. Nhung Tuyet Tran, History
127. D. Alissa Trotz, WGS
128. Mariana Valverde, Centre for Criminology and Sociolegal Studies
129. Karina Vernon, English
130. Rinaldo Walcott, OISE/WGSI
131. Mel Watkins, Economics
132. Jacqueline Whyte Appleby, Library
133. Jessica Wilson, Philosophy
134. Rebecca Wittmann, History
135. Donna Young, Anthropology
136. John Zilcosky, German and Comparative Literature
137. Yurou Zhong, East Asian Studies


One response to “A list of Jew hating U of T faculty

  1. This is ridiculous and offensive. Many of the people you list above are Jewish (including myself). There is a difference between critique of a state and hatred of a people.

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