ZOA: Obama Falsely Blames Israel’s Good Economy for Lack of “Peace”- Not Palestinian Actions

Zionist Organization of America President Morton A. Klein released the following statement:

The Zionist Organization of America criticizes President Obama’s statements at the “Young Leaders of Americas Initiative Town Hall” in Buenos Aires, Argentina (March 23, 2016) where he falsely blames Israel’s good economy, lack of Israeli concessions, and the Israeli Prime Minister’s re-election ambitions for the absence of Middle East peace — when the real culprit is Palestinian Arab leadership’s refusal to negotiate, the rejection of three Palestinian statehood offers, and refusal to cease and desist from their goal of murdering Jews and attempting to destroy Israel.

Obama stated: “Because Israeli society has been so successful economically, it has, I think, from a position of strength been less willing to make concessions,” and “If Netanyahu wants peace, he’s got to make concessions to create a Palestinian state.  But he has to get elected, and he’s thinking to himself, if I make this concession, then somebody in my party, the Likud, may challenge me.”  


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