NY Lawmakers Unite to Confront ‘Students for Justice in Palestine’ on CUNY Campuses

CUNY has long supported the formation of groups that allow students to unite based on religion or ethnicity. The students who have engaged in creating a community based on their common interests has been known to be peaceful and gave administration, faculty and students a clear understanding for their involvement. Many have educated others on their purpose for joining, vision and have been able to host fundraisers that support their various causes. It is not likely to be a qualm between groups but rather mutual respect for others groups. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that one group has been under the microscope for their unacceptable behavior.

Some students who are part of the group Students for Justice in Palestine, have been under private investigation by CUNY officials for allegedly harassing Jewish students. It’s been said that they have been projecting anti-Semitic slurs and boasting of their desire to boycott Israel on four CUNY campuses.

Due to student’s receiving threats and feeling unsafe, 35 state legislators have stepped in to put a stop to the group and are appalled that CUNY hasn’t yet disassembled it.

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