Black Lives Matter Toronto Unmasked

Stupid, racist, hateful morons you already know…


One response to “Black Lives Matter Toronto Unmasked

  1. Daniel Moshe Johnson

    Shalom Shalom

    I write to express a reminder to everyone concerned with the issues that separates humanity, be it soul possession, soul obtaining or soulless!

    As visitors we all should ascribe to become inquisitors in the aquasition of knowledge, knowledge that pertains to the true purpose of our short existence within the context of consensual reality.

    This consensual reality is predicated upon a 60 second, 60 minutes and 24 hour pattern of arrange and categorized time intervals that relate to the system of finance, order, principality and structured control.

    Now to pigment distinctions that are created devices put in a place by a higher planetary commitee to measure human soul ascension from material to spiritual.

    Those inclined to contend with limitations have not really come into the knowledge of interim occupation nor the true purpose of the occupation, which is a carnal confind.

    The universes expansion is far more important than human issues that have been made an issue by a few, who now are invisible as the majority not inclined to the purpose of the deception react!

    Black and white represent shades and all humans have a form of blue eyes which is often changed by toxins within the system.
    All flesh occupancy related to kindred, avatars who are consciously controlling through the subconscious mind, electro-magnetic animation reactions.

    The solution:

    There must be a voice from the upper planetary authority to step in and answer all the questions and voids of this dark pit that planet earth sits in, with only one hope, the rotation of the sun.

    Daniel Moshe Johnson

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