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“It’s not true but it’s important”

The pali cause is a big steaming pile of bullshit. Read here for background.

Toronto city councillor says Muslim-only subsidized housing is acceptable

“We want people to live in a culturally-appropriate setting,” said Councillor Joe Cressy, of Ward 20 Trinity-Spadina.

Doctors Without Borders Refused to Help American ISIS Hostage Kayla Mueller

Even though she was kidnapped by ISIS from a Doctors Without Borders vehicle, and had helped a friend install equipment at a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Syria, the prestigious humanitarian group refused to help negotiate for the freedom of American hostage Kayla Mueller, her parents tell ABC News.

Marsha and Carl Mueller of Prescott, Arizona, said the group refused to speak with them for months and then withheld critical information provided by freed Doctors Without Borders hostages — information that directly concerned their daughter and was needed in order to begin negotiations for her release.

In a phone conversation recorded by the Muellers 10 months after their daughter’s kidnapping and provided to ABC News, they asked the group if it would help negotiate for their daughter. “No,” the senior official replied.

Haaretz is partly owned by a German man who’s father was a Nazi

Of course

New website to buy West Bank goods

The Yesha (“Judea, Samaria and Gaza”) Council intends to soon launch a shopping website to allow consumers to purchase products made in West Bank settlements, including dates, soaps, textiles and prepared foods.

Ottawa Men Plead Guilty To Terror Charges

Three Ottawa men who debated committing a domestic terrorist attack, but instead decided to join the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, pleaded guilty on Friday to terrorism-related offences in Ontario Superior Court.

More Canadians travelling abroad to join ISIS, other terrorist groups, report says

At least 60 people have returned to Canada after spending time fighting in Iraq, Syria