Monthly Archives: September 2016

Barack Hussain Obama is a rabid Jew hater, part #7643265454

White House “corrects” location of Jerusalem on day of Peres’ funeral

Canadian Studies profs hold conference on how to stay critical without Harper around

Canadian Studies professors slammed Stephen Harper’s Conservative government so much that they’re literally holding a conference in Ottawa to discuss how to keep their critical edge now that he’s gone.

Feel good story of the day

“Canadian media ‘crisis’ puts democracy at risk, says Torstar chair John Honderich”.


Pedophilia is a human right in Denmark

Child brides as young as 14 are being reunited with their older, migrant husbands in Denmark after authorities decided that upholding Danish law breached their “human rights”.

The legal minimum age for marriage is 18 in the Nordic nation, yet the exemptions are being made for migrants because separating the couples is said to violate the right to family life guaranteed in the European convention on human rights.

There are 27 migrants under 18 who were known to be married Denmark, and among the influx arriving in the past year were two 14-year-old girls, wed to 24 and 28-year-old men.

UN Watch: Oppose Election of Rapist’s U.N. Apologist

Switzerland has absurdly nominated Jean Ziegler—co-founder & winner of the “Moammar Qaddafi Human Rights Prize”—for the UN Human Rights Council’s advisory committee.

Kapo nazis disavow kapo nazi

Jewish Voice for Peace disavows BDS activist Miko Peled: “No place 4 antisemitism in our movement”

We’re Laughing at the Self-Destruction of the Media Gatekeepers

The media meltdown we are gobbling popcorn to right now is the result of two key phenomena – we normals have grown tired of the media elite’s lies, and today’s technology allows us to ignore the people who would presume to tell us what we can and cannot know. As the walls collapse around the few remaining information gates and we barbarians bypass them, gatekeeper gigs are becoming as rare as jobs for millennials with masters degrees in Feminist Interpretive Dance.

Now you media creeps are finding yourself ignored and irrelevant as America proceeds to do whatever the hell it pleases whether you like it or not. We don’t need you; we can and will get our information by ourselves.