Israel’s Frenemies Sharpen Their Knives In Final Effort To Undermine The Jewish State

The French, with tacit U.S. backing, have once again decided to insert their brand of mischief into the Arab-Israeli dispute. In a final drive to internationalize the conflict, the French are working to undercut Israel by convening an international conference to set broad parameters for a future agreement and extract yet more land concessions from Israel. To cement this nefarious scheme, the formulated plan hatched in Paris would be forwarded to the United Nations Security Council where failed states like Egypt and Venezuela will have their say on the fate of Israel’s future.

In an effort to gain traction for convening an international conference, the French – who are deeply mired with their own domestic problems – have been engaged in a flurry in shuttle diplomacy. France’s Middle East envoy, Pierre Vimont, visited Israel this week and met with two advisers to Prime Minister Netanyahu in Jerusalem in an attempt to secure Israeli approval for the French initiative. He was politely but firmly rebuffed.


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