Toronto City Hall spending machine runs rampant

 Last Thursday, when Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti asked how the city will get the word out to beleaguered seniors about all the new taxes and tolls in store for them, the city manager’s answer was proof of why U.S. voters gravitated to Donald Trump for president.

“With respect and care, there is an already enormous amount of public engagement in a relatively modest set of manoeuvres that won’t take effect for some time,” said Peter Wallace about the tolls, his voice not at all sounding respectful of one of the few councillors at City Hall with backbone these days.

Wallace also told Mammoliti that council already “made a commitment to raise revenue” by voting to expand services. All he’s asking, he said, is for council to “step up” and fulfil that commitment by “making some modest contributions.”

Now one can’t blame Wallace. After all, he came to the city last year after 30 years at Queen’s Park, most recently as cabinet secretary to the taxaholic deficit-plagued Liberal government.

He’s had many years to practice his slick delivery and the bureaucratese that he likes to use to make spending and more taxes sound, well fun.

As I figure, he’s making around $320,000 annually (on top of his government pension one wonders?) based on the $163,000 reported as his income for six months last year.

Why should he worry about a few “modest” set of fee increases?


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