Twilight of Identity Liberalism

Here it is 2017, and inexhaustible black rage, a White House bathed in rainbow colors, glass ceilings and rape culture, Muslim injustice collectors, and weepy charges of white privilege seem so passé. The nation is on the threshold of something new. The hard left is in a state of narrative collapse and this-can’t-be-happening fabulation.

Whatever is to come, some of us feel profound relief that identity liberalism’s death grip on the polity is finally being contested. Many Americans must wonder, why did we put up with the shaming and contempt for so long? An equal number must be surprised they had so many compatriots in the voting booths. They couldn’t talk about it in mixed company, after all.

During the Obama years, the nation’s progressive elites morphed into a high-end religious cult. Full of self-adoration and brimming with faith, estranged from yeoman, paycheck, play-by-the-rules America, they declared doubters anathema.

The 2016 election did not stop the voodoo dead in its tracks. Media cling to fetishes that used to have big juju. But magic incantations like racism, sexism, and homophobia no longer automatically wound or destroy. Progressives are losing their federal imprimatur.


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