Your daily lib

Senior Ontario Liberal cabinet minister Liz Sandals says most of the people who ride on the Go Train don’t have exceptional talent.

Below is exactly what she said, after she was asked by the media Thursday what people who ride the Go Train should think of the massive salary hikes being proposed for senior public sector executives after a five-year wage freeze.

Government agencies like Ontario Power Generation (responsible for nuclear energy), Metrolinx and 24 community colleges have been asking for huge salary increases for senior executives as the freeze lifts.

For example, up to 50% for some community college presidents.

Replied Sandals upon leaving a Liberal cabinet meeting: “When you really stop and think of it, most people sitting on the Go Train probably don’t have high-level nuclear qualifications, or the business qualifications, to run a multi-billion-dollar corporation. The talent is exceptional to be in those exceptional positions.”

Oy vey!

2 responses to “Your daily lib

  1. oh my goodness!  according to this idiot, I probably have a higher I.Q. than Einstein as I have never ever been a passenger on a Go Train   🙂   🙂 Vardit

  2. Everyone knows you have a super high IQ Vardit!

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