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Israeli Scientists Find Mechanism That Causes Cancer Cells to Self-Destruct

Israeli scientists have made an enormous discovery that can help lead to a new treatment for at least two of the most resistant cancers that exist




Haneen Zoabi’s Threat to Nazareth’s Christian Heritage

At first glance, Haneen Zoabi might seem a strange candidate for Israeli efforts to burnish its democratic reputation abroad. Zoabi spends much of her time and energy trying to tear down Israel’s public image, and would have you believe Israel is no democracy at all, but rather an apartheid, fascist state. But that very same behavior is, to many, sufficient to disprove Zoabi’s claims.

That’s because Zoabi makes those claims from her perch as an Arab Muslim member of Israel’s Knesset. She keeps that lofty place in the parliament while doing far more than agitating against Zionism: her actions speak louder than–though still in concert with–her words. In 2010, Zoabi and another Arab legislator were passengers on the infamous Mavi Marmara, the Turkish ship of armed activists attempting to break Israel’s military blockade of Gaza and to help the Hamas government of the Gaza Strip.

Now Zoabi is attempting to make a related career move, though this one would concern Israel’s Christian minority more than its Jewish majority.

Ontario-based relief group linked to Hamas heads to court to get off Canada’s terrorist list

IRFAN-Canada’s troubles with the government began in 2011 when its charity status was revoked after federal auditors concluded it was an “integral part” of the Hamas fundraising network.

In 2012, Justin Trudeau, then a candidate for the Liberal leadership, was criticized for speaking at a Toronto Islamic conference sponsored by the group. Two years later IRFAN-Canada was added to the federal list of terror groups.

According to the Public Safety Canada website, between 2005 and 2009, the non-profit “transferred approximately $14.6 million worth of resources to various organizations with links to Hamas.”

Feel-good story of the day

This should be a daily occurrence:

New details reveal stealthy, professional hit on Hamas terror leader

Today in the longest occupation evah

Israeli students unearth 2000-year-old Jewish town

Your daily lib

Lunatic “journalist” for The Globe & Mail and Maclean’s tried to breastfeed a stranger’s baby without permission.


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