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Billy Bishop Airport removes ad after activists called it ‘insulting’ to cows

Not The Onion


Video: Heated exchange at press conference

A perfectly legitimate question

Major security measures for Ottawa’s Canada 150 bash amid ISIS threat

More than 500,000 revellers are expected to flock to Parliament Hill Saturday to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, and heightened security will be in place across the capital to ensure the party goes off without a hitch.

Heavily armed police and surveillance cameras will be strategically placed throughout the event, and a barricade will be positioned around the party to thwart any attempted attacks by vehicles.

The security measures, which one source described as “unprecedented,” come as a national security memo obtained by CTV News warns that ISIS “explicitly named Canada” and the United States as potential targets after the Manchester attack in May.

According to the memo, ISIS has warned Muslims to avoid markets and public gatherings in Canada, and threatened to use “explosives, vehicles and beheadings to kill crusaders.”

Your daily lib: Hillary Clinton Would Be President If Obama Wasn’t Black

Sherman was somehow able to use anti-black racism as an excuse for why a white woman lost an election. You almost have to admire that.

Inside the Delightful Suicide of Gawker

In the history of giving a hostage to fortune, John Cook, a former editor of the former online poison party known as Gawker, merits a special place. He has this to say about his professional aims: “I wanted to write true things about bad people . . . being bad or obnoxious or cruel or unkind.” When enemies had been so identified, he says, “We could give ’em ‘what fer.’”

Unkind! Gawker saying its mission is to make war with the unkind is like the Queen of England decrying nepotism. Gawker’s very escutcheon was cruelty, obnoxiousness, unkindness. It published stories too nasty and sleazy for tabloids, and wrote them up with sophomoric zeal for vulgarism and profanity. I happily worked at tabloids for many years, but I felt ashamed of myself every time I read Gawker. I can hardly imagine what it must have been like actually to work at such a flatulence farm, a scum ranch, an academy of pus.


Toronto: Muslim takes hostage to protest surveillance by RCMP

I don’t know about the RCMP, but this hostage taking has convinced me this guy is not a danger to the public

Attempted Jew massacre of the day

Army nabs would-be stabber at Bethlehem checkpoint

Video: And now, self-defense training with Antifa

I don’t know if it’s the shorts or the floral cap, but these guys look quite formidable

India slams UN, US inaction on terror safe havens in Pakistan

In one fell swoop, and without once mentioning Pakistan or the US, India yesterday came down heavily on both countries, as well as on the UN, for their collective inaction on safe havens for terrorist groups in Pakistan.


Your daily racist lib: ‘Who Will Clean Their Toilets?’

Surely, “Dreamers” must have bigger dreams than cleaning toilets and driving limos.

Every so often, someone on the radical left turns off their filter and tells us how they really feel.

Choco the Macho Chihuahua is a Sockaholic

Eight princesses from the UAE have been convicted of human trafficking and degrading treatment of their servants by a Brussels court

Slave owners

Anti-bullying activist accused of faking bullying

Nasty bitch no longer with TDSB, charged with public mischief.


Emily Wright


Thanks for the Memories: Why Israel Has No Use for Western Jewish Organizations

Many American Jewish organizations are currently minimizing antisemitism, and arguing that people who hate Israel are not antisemites. In this environment, does it make sense for Israel to keep aligning itself with these groups?

Case in point: A recent panel hosted by the Anti-Defamation League — entitled “Is Delegitimization of Israel Anti-Semitism?” — provided well-known anti-Zionists Jill Jacobs and Jane Eisner a platform to launch into tirades about the evils of the Jewish state. In addition, Jacobs defended the BDS movement against accusations of antisemitism, and criticized the American Jewish community for opposing BDS.

At this point, there’s little to connect the Jewish state to ostensibly centrist American Jewish groups other than mystic chords of memory. The days when such organizations served to bolster Jewish sovereignty by way of a common, non-partisan commitment to the Zionist enterprise are long gone.

In recent years, Israel has actually been the primary source of friction between the Orthodox, secular, Reform and haredi communities in the United States. As a result, donations to Israel are no longer about helping the country’s poor, hungry or otherwise afflicted — nor are they about securing the Jewish state.

Today, it’s all about politics. American Jewish organizations have morphed into appendages of one of the country’s two main political parties. With 70% of American Jews voting for Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, the vast majority of American Jewish groups appear beholden to the Democrats.

And in the aftermath of Clinton’s loss, the Democratic Party may be turning against the Jewish state. Notably, Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison, the front-runner to be the next Democratic National Committee chairman, has a long history of anti-Israel, antisemitic and extremist radical Islamist involvements and positions.

Tellingly, the aforementioned and always vocal Anti-Defamation League suddenly went mute with regards to Ellison’s defamatory remarks and controversial record. But facts are stubborn things: in 2014, Ellison was one of only eight members of Congress to vote against a bipartisan bill to provide $225 million for Israel’s Iron Dome missile system.

And let’s not even talk about his ties to the Jew-baiting Nation of Islam.

So, does this mean that 70% of American Jewry is anti-Israel? No. However, population dynamics in the United States have facilitated a tectonic shift. Monolithic American Jewish support of Israel’s elected leaders, regardless of political orientation, has been replaced by a fractured American Jewish community that is increasingly butting heads over Israeli policies.

And that only takes into account those who feel a connection to Israel. The 2013 Pew Research study on American Jews found that only one in three Jews feels a strong “emotional attachment to Israel.”

Here’s a fast, harsh dose of reality: the vast majority of politically minded American Jews are passionate about gay marriage, the Paris climate agreement, abortion rights, raising the minimum wage and other standard talking points. Assimilation and intermarriage have spawned an American Jewish community that’s increasingly disconnected from Israel. Malcolm Hoenlein, now in his 31st year as executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, has called this the “negative phenomenon of indifference.”

As such, American Jewish groups should embrace this reality and refocus their energies on the domestic issues that large swaths of the American Jewish community care about.

Out with supporting Iron Dome, in with dismantling structural racism.

As for Israel, while breaking up is hard to do, disassociating from American Jewish organizations with political agendas will deny the latter the megaphone they’ve been using to play politics over Israel.

I think it’s safe to say that Israel, which the World Economic Forum’s 2016-2017 Global Competitiveness Report recently ranked as the second most innovative nation on earth, will figure out a way to move on.


Video: 1958 – Nasser mocks the Muslim Brotherhood’s intention to have the veil imposed in Egypt

The Middle East has come a long way…

Maajid Nawaz Tells Bill Maher He’s Suing Southern Poverty Law Center for Defamation


Your daily lib caught on tape: “I’m Glad He (Scalise) Was Shot, I Wish He Was F*cking Dead!”

Not particularly unique

Data Shows Media Covered Gabby Giffords Shooting Twice As Much As Steve Scalise Shooting

Wut bias?

Mark Levin calls for uprising against Left: ‘We have no choice’

In the book, Levin attacks the embrace by the media, politicians and academia of progressive promises of a “utopia” defined by the end of personal freedom and individuality.

He has a grim name for it: “The Final Outcome.” Levin wrote, “They reject history’s lessons and instead are absorbed with their own conceit and aggrandizement in the relentless pursuit of a diabolical project, the final outcome of which is an oppression of mind and soul.”

Levin added, “the equality they envision but dare not honestly proclaim, is life on the hamster wheel, where one individual is indistinguishable from the next.”

Canadian sniper smashes longest shot record by killing ISIS militant two miles away

A member of Joint Task Force 2 killed an ISIS insurgent from a distance of 3,540 metres (more than two miles), the Canadian Armed Forces confirmed on Thursday.

The incredible shot has more than 1,000 metres on the previous record.

Supreme Court clears way to B.C. class-action against Facebook

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that a clause in Facebook’s terms of use is “unenforceable” in this country, clearing the way for a Vancouver woman to sue the social media giant for what she claims was a breach of her privacy.

Deborah Douez brought a lawsuit against Facebook over a now-defunct advertising format that saw her name and profile photo featured in “sponsored stories” from companies she had ‘liked’ on the website.

She alleged her name and profile photo were used without her permission and the ads were sometimes displayed on her friends’ Facebook newsfeeds.
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Facebook had argued that its terms of use include a forum selection and choice-of-law clause that requires disputes be resolved in California, where it’s based, according to California law.

A lower court judge in British Columbia declined to enforce the clause and certified a class-action lawsuit. But that was reversed by the B.C. Court of Appeal.

In a 4-3 decision issued on Friday, the Supreme Court ruled that clause unenforceable in Canada.

Douez’s proposed class-action lawsuit includes all B.C. residents who had their name or picture used in sponsored stories. The estimated size of the class is 1.8 million people. Ultimately, the class-action suit intends to seek damages based on a claim that the format violated B.C.’s Privacy Act.

“Ms. Douez has established strong reasons not to enforce the clause at issue here,” the ruling said.

“The grossly uneven bargaining power between the parties and the importance of adjudicating quasi-constitutional privacy rights in the province are reasons of public policy that are compelling, and when considered together, are decisive in this case.”

Writing on behalf of the dissenting three justices, Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin and Justice Suzanne Cote said they saw no reason to depart from established international law upholding forum selection clauses.

“We agree with the Court of Appeal of British Columbia that strong cause has not been shown and that the action must be tried in California, as the contract requires,” they wrote.

The case now returns to British Columbia for a trial on the merits of the claim.


Mother of Killed Palestinian Terrorist Pulls Out Knife in Interview, Threatens to Carry Out Attack

These people should get a state already

Forced marriage in Canada ‘more prevalent’ than thought: ex-child bride

Samra Zafar was just 16 years old when her mother told her she would be marrying a 28-year-old man in Canada.

Against her wishes, Zafar left her Pakistani family’s home in the United Arab Emirates and started a new life with her husband in Mississauga, Ont.

Over the next decade, she endured “abuse of all kinds” as she raised two daughters and tried desperately to obtain a university education and get out of her marriage. She eventually succeeded and is now speaking out about child brides and forced marriage – a problem she says is prevalent, even in Canada.

Police open probe into Breaking the Silence official after confession

Oh, this is good:

Police opened an assault probe on Thursday against Breaking the Silence spokesman Dean Issacharoff after a video of him describing how he brutally beat an unarmed Palestinian protester in Hebron went viral.

The investigation follows Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked’s request of Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit to investigate the Israeli NGO’s spokesman on suspicion of war crimes.

When Squirrels Attack


Summertime in Washington, D.C., sometimes seems like an exercise in survival. There are swampy heatwaves in a region where the standard dress-code includes a blazer. And a metro that always seems to be catching fire.

But also: squirrel attacks.

In Canada, we allow cannibal serial killers to get married

We’re so fucking humane, aren’t we?

Massive Iranian funding for anti-Israel terror groups revealed

The sums are shocking.

Palestinian Authority Paid Out Over $1 Billion for Terror Over the Past Four Years

The Palestinian Authority has paid out some NIS 4 billion—or $1.12 billion—over the past four years to terrorists and the families of terrorists who were killed while carrying out terror attacks. Anyone who has sat in prison for more than 30 years gets NIS 12,000 ($3,360) per month, nearly 10 times the average salary the PA pays employees. The Palestinians’ own budgetary documents clearly state that these payments to the Terrorists are salaries and not welfare payments. When terrorists are released, they get a grant and are promised a job at the Palestinian Authority. They also receive a military rank that’s determined according to the number of years they’ve served in jail.

People say, “Okay, we know that they pay salaries to terrorists,” but we have not properly understood the scale or significance of this practice. The money that the Palestinian Authority pays to reward terrorists now amounts to seven percent of the PA’s approximately annual $4 billion dollar budget. Over 20 percent of the annual foreign financial aid that the PA receives is now dedicated to the salaries of imprisoned terrorists as well as to the salaries of prisoners who are released from prison. Released Palestinian terrorists continue to receive salaries for terrorism, as do the families of those who died in their “struggle against Zionism.” The total payment was roughly 1.5 billion shekels for fiscal year of 2016.

This is hardly a unique occurrence. Every year, the PA has released a similar sum, roughly over one billion shekels (approx. $320 million dollars) per year for the past four years.

CNN Claims Flint Airport Stabber ‘Said Something In Arabic’


Provincial subsidies to encourage the use of electric vehicles are the most expensive, least effective way to help cut greenhouse gas emissions

“If the governments absolutely want to get to their (emissions) goals faster, the worst way of doing that is a subsidy to electric cars”

30% of Ontarians should be sterilized


Family of Canadian held in North Korea renews calls for help after U.S. student’s death

The death of an American student who was returned home after being detained for 17 months in North Korea has brought renewed calls for political intervention in the case of a Canadian pastor serving a life sentence in that country.

What’s the secret behind the Amazon bestseller about the history of the Palestinians?

Sometimes it’s really important not to judge a book by its cover.

Good news: Canadian screaming “allahu snackbar” stabs cop in the neck at Michigan airport

The FBI is investigating the stabbing of a police officer at Flint, Michigan’s Bishop Airport as a ‘possible act of terror’.

A Canadian man yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’ repeatedly stabbed the officer including in the neck at the airport on Wednesday morning, according to witnesses.

The saying means ‘God is great’ in Arabic, and is often shouted by Islamic terrorists before attacks or suicide bombings.

NGO, students sue San Francisco State University for antisemitism

Oh, yes

Australian deep sea expedition dives into the abyss and discovers sea creatures from your nightmares



Attempted Jew massacre of the day


Sen. Cruz’s Opening Statement at Judiciary Hearing on free speech in universities and colleges

Because nothing says Fight the Patriarchy!™ like wearing lipstick

Feminazis, creating justification for misogyny on a daily basis. Thanks bitches!


BOMBSHELL: New independent report suggests murder of Seth Rich not random or a robbery, possible ‘hired killer’



Your daily libs: American Teen Tortured Into Coma In North Korea Deserved It Because Of His ‘Whiteness’

Revolting and demented, as usual

Two Men Arrested for Terrorist Activities on Behalf of Hizballah’s Islamic Jihad Organization

“Today, we announce serious terrorism charges against two men who allegedly trained with and supported the Islamic Jihad Organization, a component of the foreign terrorist organization Hizballah. Recruited as Hizballah operatives, Samer El Debek and Ali Kourani allegedly received military-style training, including in the use of weapons like rocket-propelled grenade launchers and machine guns for use in support of the group’s terrorist mission. At the direction of his Hizballah handlers, El Debek allegedly conducted missions in Panama to locate the U.S. and Israeli Embassies and to assess the vulnerabilities of the Panama Canal and ships in the Canal. Kourani allegedly conducted surveillance of potential targets in America, including military and law enforcement facilities in New York City.”

Quebec man found guilty of trying to join ISIS

Ismael Habib is the first adult to proceed to trial on charges of attempting to leave Canada to participate in the activities of a terrorist group

WATCH: Feminists At BuzzFeed Paint With Their Own Period Blood

The oppressed feminists over at BuzzFeed came up with a brilliant plan to fight the so-called “period stigma”: collect their own menstrual blood and paint with it!

In one of the most gag-inducing posts to ever be published at the liberal outlet (a truly astounding feat), two BuzzFeed employees, Chantel Houston and Devin Lytle, video tape a period blood paint session, adding their own anti-Trump-twist, of course.

Sort Yourself Out And Make It Manifest In The World

Are Liberals Dying Out?


About the mosque in London that was attacked

Abu Hamza al-Masri, also known as Mustafa Kamel Mustafa or the Hook Hand, is an Egyptian cleric who came to the United Kingdom as a student and later joined the Finsbury Park Mosque as its imam in 1997. In an article in the Telegraph in 2007, Mahmood Hasan, a long-term trustee of the Finsbury mosque is quoted as describing Abu Hamza as someone who initially appeared to be God-sent. He was fluent in his English and Arabic linguistic skills and had adequate theological training. Further, he was willing to take on the role of the cleric at a meagre salary. However, over time the Egyptian Imam slowly revealed his real beliefs.

Hamza’s radical Islamic views soon made the Finsbury mosque a centre with strong links to extremism. From inside the premises of the mosque, Hamza preached a violent theology and attracted disciples both from within and from outside the UK. He opened up the mosque for other extremists to reside. Allegedly, Hamza did not just propagate extremist and violent messages but also trained his followers in the usage of ammunitions. In 2002, intelligence sources had revealed that weapons training using Kalashnikov AK-47s took place inside the Finsbury mosque.

Hamza’s views were supportive of Osama Bin Laden, the Taliban and the 9/11 attacks in the United States. In January 2002, Hamza was quoted as saying, “I ask God to grant long life to Osama Bin Laden.” The previous month, when he was asked if there was an earthly government he admired, he is believed to have replied the “coming Taliban hopefully.” He is also believed to have had links with the Al-Qaeda. Reportedly, he turned the Finsbury mosque into a recruitment centre for the Al-Qaeda, particularly for economic migrants from North Africa and the Middle East, who later travelled to training camps in Afghanistan.

In his lectures, Hamza criticised Muslim youth for enjoying the comforts of British life, while their brothers around the world suffered. He propagated the need for the establishment of a Khilafah or Islamic state and spoke of the need for training in violence to carry out Jihad. Over time he created some well-known names in the history of Islamic terrorism including the shoe bomb terrorist Richard Reid and the July 7 bomber Germaine Lindsay.

In 2003, the British police did a thorough investigation of the mosque and Abu Hamza was jailed in 2006 and later deported to the United States. Following the raid and the closure, the mosque was reopened in 2005 and ever since the trustees have been involved in brushing away the image of extremism that is still firmly attached to the mosque. Sunday’s attack, however, has once again brought to surface a reminder of the mosque’s links to extremism.


Ready for your head to explode?


Norm Macdonald – Kojak & Prostitutes