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Billy Bishop Airport removes ad after activists called it ‘insulting’ to cows

Not The Onion


Video: Heated exchange at press conference

A perfectly legitimate question

Major security measures for Ottawa’s Canada 150 bash amid ISIS threat

More than 500,000 revellers are expected to flock to Parliament Hill Saturday to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, and heightened security will be in place across the capital to ensure the party goes off without a hitch.

Heavily armed police and surveillance cameras will be strategically placed throughout the event, and a barricade will be positioned around the party to thwart any attempted attacks by vehicles.

The security measures, which one source described as “unprecedented,” come as a national security memo obtained by CTV News warns that ISIS “explicitly named Canada” and the United States as potential targets after the Manchester attack in May.

According to the memo, ISIS has warned Muslims to avoid markets and public gatherings in Canada, and threatened to use “explosives, vehicles and beheadings to kill crusaders.”

Your daily lib: Hillary Clinton Would Be President If Obama Wasn’t Black

Sherman was somehow able to use anti-black racism as an excuse for why a white woman lost an election. You almost have to admire that.

Inside the Delightful Suicide of Gawker

In the history of giving a hostage to fortune, John Cook, a former editor of the former online poison party known as Gawker, merits a special place. He has this to say about his professional aims: “I wanted to write true things about bad people . . . being bad or obnoxious or cruel or unkind.” When enemies had been so identified, he says, “We could give ’em ‘what fer.’”

Unkind! Gawker saying its mission is to make war with the unkind is like the Queen of England decrying nepotism. Gawker’s very escutcheon was cruelty, obnoxiousness, unkindness. It published stories too nasty and sleazy for tabloids, and wrote them up with sophomoric zeal for vulgarism and profanity. I happily worked at tabloids for many years, but I felt ashamed of myself every time I read Gawker. I can hardly imagine what it must have been like actually to work at such a flatulence farm, a scum ranch, an academy of pus.


Toronto: Muslim takes hostage to protest surveillance by RCMP

I don’t know about the RCMP, but this hostage taking has convinced me this guy is not a danger to the public

Attempted Jew massacre of the day

Army nabs would-be stabber at Bethlehem checkpoint