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Family of Canadian held in North Korea renews calls for help after U.S. student’s death

The death of an American student who was returned home after being detained for 17 months in North Korea has brought renewed calls for political intervention in the case of a Canadian pastor serving a life sentence in that country.

What’s the secret behind the Amazon bestseller about the history of the Palestinians?

Sometimes it’s really important not to judge a book by its cover.

Good news: Canadian screaming “allahu snackbar” stabs cop in the neck at Michigan airport

The FBI is investigating the stabbing of a police officer at Flint, Michigan’s Bishop Airport as a ‘possible act of terror’.

A Canadian man yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’ repeatedly stabbed the officer including in the neck at the airport on Wednesday morning, according to witnesses.

The saying means ‘God is great’ in Arabic, and is often shouted by Islamic terrorists before attacks or suicide bombings.

NGO, students sue San Francisco State University for antisemitism

Oh, yes

Australian deep sea expedition dives into the abyss and discovers sea creatures from your nightmares



Attempted Jew massacre of the day


Sen. Cruz’s Opening Statement at Judiciary Hearing on free speech in universities and colleges