Ryerson Tells Student Who Was Alleged Victim Of Sexual Assault She Can’t Work For Male Outreach Center, Offers Her Sexual Assault Coloring Book

Recently social work student Kathryn Wallace stopped by her placement coordinator Heather Bain’s office to tell her that she wanted to do her placement at the Canadian Centre for Men and Families (CCMF). CCMF offers support for men dealing with fatherhood, family law, trauma and suicide prevention and is one of the only groups in Toronto for male victims of domestic violence. Wallace herself is a men’s rights activist who personally feels strongly about the issue.

Bain refused to grant her that placement choice. Wallace stated, “Next thing I know she’s telling me it’s problematic because it exists …that the place is an act of violence.” Wallace tried to defend her choice by revealing she was a survivor of sexual assault and domestic violence. She informed Bain that had her father been helped with his own issues, she could have been saved. Wallace said, “I was crying for 45 minutes straight. If there were more support for guys and we really broke down that stigma, there’d be less hurt guys and there there’d be less hurt women.”

So what did Bain offer in return? A sexual assault coloring book.


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