The dark side of the rainbow

“As pride month begins around the world, I am disappointed to admit that even as an openly queer individual, I cannot fully celebrate it with my international LGBT community, as fractions of my community are still fighting against me. From a community that has established itself on the grounds of fighting for equality and acceptance, it baffles me as to how so many of the members of my community can practice the very same bigotry that we are fighting against. And why? Simply because of my nationality.

Being an Israeli secular Jew, half African, half Iraqi and queer, I know oppression all too well. I’ve experienced the challenges of acceptance at every stage of my life. I always fought against LGBT phobia, racism and all other forms of bigotry. Being who I am, I felt like I never had any other option.

But when I was first attacked by members of the international LGBT community for my nationality I was caught off guard. Yes, my own family, of people who know first-hand how difficult it is to be who you are, are joining a campaign to persecute me because of where I born.”



One response to “The dark side of the rainbow

  1. Jew hatred trumps everything the left pretends to believe in.

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