There’s a new counterculture emerging on campuses and free speech is at the front lines

Hallelujah, the pushback has begun.

For a couple of years it seemed like campuses across North America were descending into a fact-free realm of moral and cultural relativism.

Everything was about trigger warnings, owning your privilege and cisgenderism (if you don’t know that last one, trust me, you’re better off for it).

None of it had anything to do with the real world. If you tried to explain the basics of what was happening to anyone uninitiated in this circus you’d be at a loss for words, so unmoored from reality these antics had become.

With all this going on, there was good reason to worry for our future. After all, if the alternate reality invading campuses wasn’t just a fringe element but actually taking over the administration and general mood, it would go on to infect all grads — the very people who’d be running society in a couple of decades.

Bye-bye to the strong and stable post-Second World War world we knew and loved! Hello, socialist dystopia!

Thankfully, reports of the demise of higher learning have been greatly exaggerated. While Gen X and older millennial geezers like me could smell something foul, the stench was clearly even worse for those on campus, in the thick of it.

Because for every nitwit who aspires to smash the busts of Plato and Shakespeare as atonement for their white male privilege, there is now a non-conformist student ready to step up and fight back.


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