It’s Time to Talk About Yves Engler


Yves Engler is an author and former student activist whose writing frequently appears on Rabble, The Huffington Post and Counterpunch. A darling of the far-left, Engler has been heralded as “Canada’s version of Noam Chomsky.”

Engler is also an antisemite. There must be no beating around the bush, no equivocation and no softening of the language: for years, Engler has used “progressive” publications to peddle his own vile brand of antisemitism.

Take Engler’s May 2016 article titled, “Why I am a bit wary when sports networks start speaking for the ‘Holocaust industry.’” It’s his response to a video feature that The Sports Network (TSN) aired the day before Yom HaShoah about Holocaust survivor Hank Rosenbaum’s story of survival — and Rosenbaum’s embrace of hockey in his adopted country of Canada.

Engler argues that this seven-minute video is intended “to defend the status quo and support the powerful against the weak.” He suggests that the video is symptomatic of the “Holocaust industry,” the Jewish establishment’s purported exploitation of the Holocaust “for economic and political gain and to further the interests of Israel.” Engler goes on to link the Rosenbaum feature to Israel advocacy, criticism of the leadership of the UK Labour Party’s Jeremy Corbyn and condemnation of Hugo Chavez’s government.

The entire article reads like the fever dream of a reprobate teenager who just finished reading Henry Ford’s “The International Jew.” Nowhere in the video is there any mention of Israel or Zionism. Not one. The video is completely apolitical.

This begs the question: How does a short video about a Holocaust survivor’s connection to hockey draw conclusions that are so far-fetched and insidious? How is a video that is devoid of any reference to Israel “motivated…by Israeli nationalism”?

Such a warped analysis could only have been crafted by Engler’s diseased antisemitic brain.


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