Was Ryerson University pressured into cancelling Fatah speech?

Curiouser and curiouser: That seems to be the state of affairs on some Canadian campuses over issues of free speech.

Executives with the Canada-India Foundation were dismayed to have had an event cancelled by Ryerson University this week, with no explanation given.

The CIF Speaker Series had booked space at Ryerson to hear a speech from Tarek Fatah, the author and columnist controversial for his statements against Islamist extremism. Fatah, who writes for the Toronto Sun, is an award-winning author and activist who founded the Muslim Canadian Congress after the events of 9/11 — both to fight Islamism and to alleviate Islamophobia. He is the host of the Zee News TV talk show Fatah Ka Fatwa’ and is a sought-after speaker in Canada and India.

He is a champion of free speech. He is also a frequent recipient of death threats.

On Aug. 10 his talk, which will be held at a location to be announced, will address “Ghazwa-e-Hind vs. the Ethos of Hindustan.”

Fatah speculates that Ryerson cancelled the CIF event because of pressure from various groups who would protest his speech, such as AntiFa Toronto or the school’s Muslim Students’ Association.


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