Reminder: B.O./North Korea

Lets refresh our memories on how the Jew-hating fraud of a president dealt with the North Korean lunatics. February, 2012:

The Obama administration has announced a new nuclear agreement with North Korea under its new supreme leader, Kim Jong-un. The administration says that North Korea has agreed to a moratorium on nuclear-weapons and missile-delivery activities at Yongbyon, one of North Korea’s known nuclear-weapons-related facilities, in exchange for the U.S. agreeing to provide food aid. The announced bargain is worse than bad.

Wholly apart from the fact that North Korea has dishonored each and every non-proliferation agreement it has made over the years and can be expected not to comply with this agreement as well, its promise to suspend already-illegal activities in one location leaves it completely free to continue them elsewhere. Making a single-site moratorium on North Korea’s nuclear misconduct the central feature of an agreement is astonishingly foolish, even for an administration like President Obama’s that is naturally supine in foreign affairs.


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