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Toronto is cracking down on little free libraries, for some f*cking reason

A senior citizen who faces $100 in fines for having free books on his Toronto property is the result of “bureaucratic bullcrap,” according to his daughter – and lots of angry people on Facebook agree.



Singing pali nazi coming to Canada


Disgusting: Pharmacies looking to profit off of opioid crisis

A group that represents the largest pharmacy chains in Canada is pushing Ontario to implement a compulsory consultation program for patients prescribed opioids for pain management — one that would initially cost those patients  $75. 

“It’s about preventing new patients from becoming dependant to opioids by identifying the risks before they start taking them,” said Justin Bates, chief executive of the Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada (NPAC).

NPAC lobbies on behalf of more than 6,500 individual stores, and counts Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart and Pharmapix among its members.

The organization claims it can help contain the province’s opioid abuse crisis if the ministry of health updates a program called MedsCheck, which helps some patients manage medication schedules and doses. Currently, only patients who live with diabetes; are on more than three medications or live in a long-term care facility qualify. 

Bates added that the group will also be pushing the federal government to allow pharmacists to renew, modify or reduce prescription doses at their own discretion without consulting the customer’s physician.

Currently, each initial in-store consultation costs $60. The lobby group is asking Ontario to include opioid medications under an expanded MedsCheck program, meaning every person prescribed an opioid would be required to do an in-store, $75 consultation. Each follow-up consultation would cost about $25. 

The program would apply retroactively, so even patients who are already on an opioid would need to do a consultation. 

UK: Facing raw antisemitism at the Labour Party Conference 2017

I have spent all week in Brighton, at the 2017 Labour Party Conference. This was my first visit to the conference. As someone who dislikes the ideological straitjacket of political affiliation, it will probably be my last.

From the suffocating presence of ‘Palestinian solidarity’ to an obvious tolerance for rabid antisemites, this week was deeply unsettling. There were times where the atmosphere was scary.

About that crazy woman who claimed to be allergic to dogs and had to be hauled off a plane

The Los Angeles Times identified the previously unidentified woman as Anila Daulatzai. Harvard University lists her as having been a Visiting Assistant Professor of Women’s Studies and Islamic Studies at Harvard Divinity School. According to Vogue Magazine, she currently teaches at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

B.O. hauls in millions from Wall Street, media don’t say a word

Seriously, it could not be any more hypocritical, or it would just sound made up.

Head of UN Watchdog Highlights Serious Gap in Iran Nuclear Deal Verification

“The IAEA hasn’t caught Iran cheating because they haven’t been able to look where Iran is cheating”


Sick, hateful savages

This sub-human is heading up a Nazi rally in Peterborough on Saturday

Click the image of the filthy pig


Kevin Goudreau

Why Legal Aid Ontario withdrew the funding of the African Canadian Legal Clinic

Legal Aid Ontario funds 76 legal clinics. Every single one of those clinics should be audited. Regularly.

Sudbury woman left in nursing home bed without food for 17 hours

The nursing home horror story of a Sudbury woman was highlighted by Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath at Queen’s Park last week.

Horwath is demanding the Liberal government immediately expand the scope of the Wettlaufer inquiry to include systemic issues in long-term care that families say are devastating seniors in care homes throughout the province — understaffing, underfunding, and a lack of standards of care. 

Stop normalizing Sharia law in Canada

Leftist elites in Canada have launched a campaign to normalize Sharia law – the illiberal and often barbaric set of laws enforced in Islamic dictatorships.

In Ottawa, the Trudeau government is in the middle of what feels like a show-trial designed to make “Islamophobia” illegal – a term the government itself has failed to define.

After the controversial M-103 was passed in Parliament, leftist media and the Trudeau government insisted that the critics were wrong, that it’s just a motion – symbolic! – and that M-103 will have no legislative impact.

When the Heritage Committee began its hearings last week, however, critics who expressed concern over the motion were proven right.

One of the first experts to testify implied police should prosecute Canadians over social media posts that police deem offensive or incorrect. Yes, prosecute.

Ontario poised to reopen shuttered hospital to cope with bed crunch

The root causes of the capacity crunch are a matter of debate.

Brown Antifa Turns On White Antifa


One might think that as a people struggling for statehood and demanding recognition of their own right to self-determination, Palestinians would have backed the Kurds as they held their historic referendum on statehood Monday.

UN council to discuss report calling on Canada to address anti-black racism

The UN Human Rights Council is set to discuss a report on issues affecting African-Canadians that makes recommendations to the federal government, including that it apologize for slavery and consider providing reparations for historical injustices.

A UN working group will submit its final report on the human rights situation of people of African descent in Canada to the council Monday based on its consultations with government officials and interest groups during an October 2016 mission to Ottawa, Toronto, Halifax and Montreal.

A final report released in August raised deep concerns about Canada’s legacy of anti-black racism, which traces its origins to slavery in the 16th century and reverberates into the present day.

Dear North Americans, Europe doesn’t want you

Stop going

Swedish women get hotline to report mansplaining

Unionen said the phone line, which will be staffed by a gender expert and a group of feminist politicians, comedians and scientists, is “about equality”.

Former top cops Fantino, Souccar launch marijuana-services business

Two of Canada’s former top cops – one of them recently a Conservative cabinet minister – are helping launch a new prescription-marijuana business.

Julian Fantino and Raf Souccar are executives with a business that will open a storefront clinic in a strip mall north of Toronto in the coming weeks.

Vaughan-based Aleafia Inc. is not a marijuana dispensary. It aims to be be among a new breed of corporate go-betweens, a “total health” provider that creates treatment plans for prospective medicinal-marijuana users and connects them with cannabis products from licensed growers.

The fact that the business will not grow, sell or handle marijuana itself should not detract from the obvious irony of two former chief cops becoming cannabis middlemen.

The benefits of petting a dog

The integrity of the NFL and its players is impressive

As long as you overlook the killers, woman beaters, animal abusers and 869 arrests


The Berlin-based taz daily is facing withering criticism from German Jews and US and Israeli experts on antisemitism for justifying Palestinian terrorism against Israelis, promoting hatred of the Jewish state, and stoking Nazi conspiracy theories targeting Jews.

Antifa Meeting Infiltrated and Caught on Tape Discussing Protest Tactics

UN Blocks Largest Independent Chinese News Network in US from Covering General Assembly

The largest Chinese news network operating in the United States—and the only global media company producing Chinese-language content independent of the Chinese regime—is being blocked from covering the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York.

IDF: We Are Prepared to ‘Neutralize’ Hezbollah With ‘Overwhelming’ Force in Next War

Despite the raging civil war to Israel’s north and east in Syria, the Jewish state’s northern border has remained precariously quiet over the last decade. But Israeli officials are planning and readying for several worst-case scenarios in the north, as Iran and its terror proxy Hezbollah continue to forge their stranglehold on the region.

If it ever came to war, the Israeli military could launch a “massive and overwhelming” operation that would effectively “neutralize” a significant part of Hezbollah’s military capability, Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, the head of the International Media Branch for the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, told

The IDF’s operation would be based on “very accurate intelligence” collected “relentlessly,” and “would minimize, to the greatest extent possible, harm to non-combatants … by using the most precise guided munitions that strike only at legitimate military targets,” Conricus said.

Striking only Hezbollah targets without collateral damage will be a challenging military feat, however, because Hezbollah has deliberately “deployed [its resources] in order to maximize collateral damage” to civilians, he added.

WATCH: Michael Moore Hosts Roger Waters

We already know Michael Moore is on the wrong side of history, which includes hatred of Israel.

So it comes as no surprise that he would have rock-n-roll BDS-hole Roger Waters as his guest on his Broadway show.

Timeline of Iran’s Malign Behavior

Since the P5+1 (China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States, plus Germany) and Iran concluded a nuclear agreement in July 2015—the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)—Iran has escalated its destabilizing and aggressive regional activities:

IAEA inspectors are searching for Iranian nuclear experts at Iran’s supervised facilities; but they’re not there—they’re in labs in North Korea

If North Korea, according to the images it is published and according to information gathered by Western intelligence agencies, has succeeded in turning fissile material into a nuclear explosive device mounted on a warhead of its self-produced missiles—so can Iran.

For years, North Korea has served as the Iranian missile industry’s active partner and development center. The Shahab-3 missiles are based on the North Korean Nodong missile. The Iranian Khorramshahr missiles, which have a 2,500-kilometer range, are actually a North Korean missile called HS-10.

Intelligence experts who have been monitoring the new Iranian and North Korean missiles point to identical changes in both of them, which are aimed at making them more accurate. This serves as clear evidence that North Korea’s technical ability is a perfect replication of the Iranian ability in the missile area, and in the nuclear area as well no doubt.

8th-Graders Made to Lie in Dark with Wrists Taped, Watching ‘Roots’ at Calif. School

If anyone wonders why homeschooling is becoming more and more popular…

Canada imposes sanctions on key Venezuelan officials

Cyndee Todgham Cherniak, a trade sanctions expert at Toronto law firm LexSage, said although limited in scope, the Canadian measures were symbolic.

Valerie Plame’s Warmongering Jew Tweet

On Thursday, Ex-CIA operative Valerie Plame shared an article titled “America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars” on her Twitter account.

Plame subsequently attempted to back off from the article by playing the “retweets don’t equal endorsements” card — however, her post wasn’t a retweet, she shared it herself with no added commentary. Additionally, in her attempt to walk-back the antisemitic article, she actually flat-out endorsed it by calling the piece “thoughtful” and stating “many neocon hawks ARE Jewish”

It looks like Obama did spy on Trump, just as he apparently did to me

Many in the media are diving deeply into minutiae in order to discredit any notion that President Trump might have been onto something in March when he fired off a series of tweets claiming President Obama had “tapped” “wires” in Trump Tower just before the election.

According to media reports this week, the FBI did indeed “wiretap” the former head of Trump’s campaign, Paul Manafort, both before and after Trump was elected. If Trump officials — or Trump himself — communicated with Manafort during the wiretaps, they would have been recorded, too.

But we’re missing the bigger story.

If these reports are accurate, it means U.S. intelligence agencies secretly surveilled at least a half dozen Trump associates. And those are just the ones we know about.

Besides Manafort, the officials include former Trump advisers Carter Page and Michael Flynn. Last week, we discovered multiple Trump “transition officials” were “incidentally” captured during government surveillance of a foreign official. We know this because former Obama adviser Susan Rice reportedly admitted “unmasking,” or asking to know the identities of, the officials. Spying on U.S. citizens is considered so sensitive, their names are supposed to be hidden or “masked,” even inside the government, to protect their privacy.

In May, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates acknowledged they, too, reviewed communications of political figures, secretly collected under President Obama.

Nobody wants our intel agencies to be used like the Stasi in East Germany; the secret police spying on its own citizens for political purposes. The prospect of our own NSA, CIA and FBI becoming politically weaponized has been shrouded by untruths, accusations and justifications.

You’ll recall DNI Clapper falsely assured Congress in 2013 that the NSA was not collecting “any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans.”

Intel agencies secretly monitored conversations of members of Congress while the Obama administration negotiated the Iran nuclear deal.

In 2014, the CIA got caught spying on Senate Intelligence Committee staffers, though CIA Director John Brennan had explicitly denied that.

There were also wiretaps on then-Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) in 2011 under Obama. The same happened under President George W. Bush to former Congresswoman Jane Harman (D-Calif.).

Journalists have been targeted, too. This internal email, exposed by WikiLeaks, should give everyone chills.

Anti-Semitic 9/11 Article By K-12 Education Giant Sparks Outrage

Newsela is a relatively recently-established educational resource that purportedly specializes in non-fiction content for the nation’s K-12 schools, teachers, and students. It sprung up as a private partner of Common Core, and the service reaches at least 75% of America’s K-12 classrooms.

Newsela recently came under fire for its 9/11 instructional material. Newsela’s 9/11 “Fact Sheet” included reference to Israel’s “long and shady history” and to Israel as belonging, originally, to Muslims. A historical impossibility. Nonetheless, this drivel was published far and wide, and America’s 5th and 6th grade students across the nation were spoon-fed it.

Can you imagine if the Bush admin did this to B.O. or Shrillary?

To say that all hell would be breaking loose right now is an understatement. Watergate Schmatergate.




Desperate Obama cronies had figured out that they could bypass many of the limitations on the conventional investigations of their political opponents by ‘laundering’ them through national security.

Evergreen State College settles claim with embattled professors for $500,000

Weinstein and Heying, both biology professors, had originally sought $3.85 million in their claim, filed July 5. It alleged that the public university “permitted, cultivated and perpetuated a racially hostile and retaliatory work environment.”

“Through a series of decisions made at the highest levels, including to officially support a day of racial segregation, the college has refused to protect its employees from repeated provocative and corrosive verbal and written hostility based on race, as well as threats of physical violence,” the claim alleged.

Back-up documents in the claim, a copy of which was obtained by The College Fix, detail a long and divisive battle between some faculty at the school seeking to install race-based equity plans and conscientious objectors such as Weinstein and Heying who voiced concern about the plans and supported colorblind policies.

The couple, and especially Weinstein, was frequently called racist by peers in emails. Colleagues were upset the couple would not support the plans to elevate faculty on the basis of race, or support the “Day of Absence,” in which white people were asked to remain off campus for one day in April so students and faculty of color could commiserate about oppression and similar topics.

UNRWA will have no money by the end of the month, official says

Hope this is true

ISIS And The Fake Passport Industry

Terror group currently has thousands of blank passports and access to biographical and fingerprint data.

McGill University Ratifies Ruling Rejecting BDS for Promoting Discrimination Based on Nationality

The undergraduate student government at McGill University in Montreal, Canada on Sunday ratified a ruling against the anti-Israel boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement for violating its policy against discrimination based on national origin.

The Judicial Board of the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) initially issued the ruling on June 2016, after anti-Israel activists failed to pass a motion in support of BDS during an online referendum. That vote was the third unsuccessful effort organized by anti-Israel activists at McGill in 18 months.


Sink the boats and let them drown




CBC has published 2 negative stories on East Side Mario’s franchises in the last 11 days

I smell something rotten in the state of Denmark – Hmmmm & Hmmmm

B’nai Brith Canada Presents The Canadian Premiere of “Wish You Weren’t Here”

Click the image


Iran claims to have ‘father of all bombs,’ overshadowing American ‘mother’

A top commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) claims that the country possesses the “father of all bombs” which overshadows the most powerful non-nuclear ordnance of the US.

Israel Seizes Hamas Cash Designated for Reconstruction of Terrorist’s Home

Israeli security forces in a nighttime raid early Thursday seized $13,500 cash donated by the Palestinian terror organization Hamas to rebuild the demolished home of a teenage Palestinian terrorist who murdered an Israeli woman.

The Worst BDS Flash Mob Fails


Supporters of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement may face a dilemma over buying the new iPhone X, because some of its manufacturers are located in Israel.

Apple unveiled its iPhone X last week for a market price of $1,000, along with launching the iPhone 8, and the iPhone 8 Plus. Although the American tech giant is based in California and employs hundreds of sub-suppliers, many of the components found inside Apple’s iPhones and products are built and assembled in Israel.

Report Finds ‘Unambiguous’ Association Between Anti-Israel, Anti-Semitic Views

In other breaking news, groundbreaking study finds water is wet.

Julian Assange Ready to Spill the Beans on DNC in Exchange for Pardon

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) met with White House Chief of Staff John Kelly this week about a potential deal with Julian Assange on the Wikileaks Podesta documents.

Assange has repeatedly said Russia is not linked to the leak of thousands of John Podesta emails before the election.

Canada: No charges against imams who called for the deaths of Jews

Canada has an “anti-Islamophobia” motion, but it doesn’t have any motion against Islamic antisemitism. One may apparently call for the deaths of Jews with impunity, but suggesting that Islam has doctrines of violence could bring the full wrath of the Trudeau government down upon you.