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Million-dollar Salaries and Personal Loans: Perks of Working at Jewish Federations

The Jewish federations in the United States exist to support charitable causes in the Jewish community and in Israel. They indeed redistribute most of the money they raise. But research into their public records shows that many don’t stint with their own executives either. Furthermore, some federations have debatable organizational and financial practices involving executives present and past.

Garden-variety lib: Weinstein tells pals scandal happened so he could ‘change the world’

Talk about a messiah complex.

Philosophy Professor Tells Bisexual Student Who Criticized Islam ‘We’re Not Going to Let You Damage the Program’

A bisexual male student at the University of Texas–San Antonio said during an informal conversation outside class that he was uncomfortable with Islam because people still receive the death penalty for being gay in 10 Muslim-majority countries.

For expressing this thought, the student—Alfred MacDonald, who no longer attends the school—was instructed to meet with the chair of the philosophy department, Eve Browning. Prof. Browning told MacDonald in no uncertain terms that he had committed the crime of “offending” someone, and she warned him that his habit of saying what he thinks could bring down the entire program. She threatened to call the Behavior Intervention Team and refer MacDonald to counseling. She did everything but send him to Room 101.

Unfortunately for Browning, MacDonald secretly recorded their conversation. The transcript, first publicized by Gay Star News, is incredible.

Leak Reveals Soros Network’s List of ‘Reliable Allies’ in EU Parliament

The list, which includes 226 MEPs including former President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz, seven vice-presidents, and a number of committee heads, coordinators, and quaestors, was circulated within the billionaire open borders campaigner’s Open Society Foundations group, and revealed by DCLeaks.

Make Your Own Effigies!

If you can’t actually pummel or set fire to your oppressor, it can be heartening to do so to a surrogate; this is good for morale and helps to make discontent visible.

IDF blows up Gaza attack tunnel, killing 7 Palestinians and wounding 12 inside

Blowed up real good

Racists come in all colours

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