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Iran shuts down social media networks

The decision was taken “to maintain tranquillity and security of society”

‘Sensitivity Readers’ Are the New Thought Police, And They Threaten More Than Novelists

Nobody calls himself a censor anymore in the 21st century. We’ve got better words for it.

Jihadist Group Blows Up Oil Pipeline In Iran, In Midst Of Protests

Overnight Friday a well-known Sunni jihadist group which operates in Iran posted a video to its media accounts purporting to show an attack on an oil pipeline in Iran’s southern Khuzestan province, which has historically been a restive area in which Sunni Arab separatists have been active.

Video posted on Muslims in Calgary site



Time to move on from the Shepherd affair? Hardly

The controversy really turned on a challenge to the academic protectionist racket that rules in the SJW curriculum, the iron bars of political correctness that dictate what is “right” and what is “wrong,” which is determined not by academic inquiry, evidence or scholarship, but by the dogmas and shibboleths of the grievance studies wing that is now flourishing in nearly every first world university.

These studies have fixed the boundaries of what is permissible to say and what is the right attitude to have, and they have predetermined both the subject matter and range of reference. They “contest” every social value of the wider world, and forbid contestation of their own unassailable dogmas and prejudices. They licence themselves to censor everyone else, and all the values of every other system of thought except the doctrines of social justice and equity studies.

And they fight dirty to protect that sacred enclave.

Videos: Iran protests

Iran warns against ‘illegal gatherings’ after protests

The Iranian government warned people against further protests on Saturday after two days of demonstrations sparked by anger over an array of economic problems.

Interview with SWATter before his arrest

Zero remorse

Michael Oren says IDF should ‘shoot to kill’ suspected terrorists

Good thinking

Berlin New Year’s Eve party sets up ‘safe zone’ for women

Organisers of Germany’s biggest New Year’s Eve party at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate are setting up a special “safety zone” for women who have been assaulted or feel threatened.

The move comes two years after hundreds of women were groped, sexually molested and robbed by gangs of men during New Year’s Eve festivities in Cologne.

Hundreds of thousands of revellers are expected to flock to Berlin’s “party mile” on Sunday in front of the Brandenburg Gate in the heart of the city.

The annual open air event with fireworks, live bands and DJs, continues into the early hours of the morning.

Berlin police confirmed that this year women would be able to seek help in an area staffed by the German Red Cross.

“The organisers have set up a safety zone for women who have been victims of a sexual offence or are feeling harassed,” a police statement said.

Anja Marx, a spokeswoman for the event, said there would be a tented area with psychologists on hand.

“We are doing this for the first time,” she said by phone. “The police requested it after they did it at the Munich Oktoberfest this year and it worked out well.“

She said there had not been problems at previous New Year celebrations in Berlin.

A police report described how women were surrounded by gangs of men who sexually assaulted them, often while stealing their wallets and phones.

The violence fuelled criticism of chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to open Germany’s doors to more than a million migrants after it emerged that many of the assaults were carried out by men of North African and Arab appearance.


Puffho editor’s New Year’s resolution

1. Cultivate female friendships
2. Band together to kill all men


Emily McCombs

China: U.S. should curb demand for opioids, not blame us

Yu Haibin of the China National Narcotics Control Commission told reporters there was little evidence showing China was the source of much of the chemicals used in the production of the powerful opioid fentanyl. President Donald Trump in November blamed a “flood of cheap and deadly” fentanyl made in China for the deadliest drug epidemic in U.S. history.

“China doesn’t deny that shipments to the U.S. happen, but there isn’t the proof to show how much — whether it’s 20 percent or 80 percent,” said Yu, adding that U.S. authorities have only sent him information about six shipments from China in the past year.

In October 2016, the AP identified 12 Chinese companies willing to export carfentanil around the world for a few thousand dollars a kilogram (2.2. pounds), no questions asked. Carfentanil is 100 times more powerful than fentanyl and is legally used as an anesthetic for elephants and other large animals.

These Toronto men were charged with beating anti-Erdogan protesters in May. They still haven’t been arrested

The two Toronto men accused in a high-profile U.S. attack on peaceful protesters have not been arrested, and their whereabouts are now unknown.

Ahmet Dereci and Mahmut Sami Ellialti, passionate supporters of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, face assault and hate crime charges related to unprovoked violence against anti-Erdogan demonstrators in Washington, D.C.

Washington’s police chief announced the charges against Dereci and Ellialti, along with Erdogan bodyguards, at a press conference in June. But his force never asked Toronto police for help apprehending the North York residents, according to Toronto police spokesperson Mark Pugash, and the men did not respond to a public request to turn themselves in.

Iran arrests 52 in anti-government protests over economic woes

Tehran officials say suspects detained for using ‘harsh slogans’ against President Hassan Rouhani; demonstrators were heard chanting ‘death to the dictator’

Attempted Jew massacre of the day

Gaza rocket barrage appears to target ceremony for captured soldier

Hundreds protest in Sweden after police told women to ‘stay inside or walk in pairs’ after series of violent gang rapes of teenage girls

No mention of who the suspected rapey Malmo men are, for some reason.

Time to Get CNN Out of the Airports, etc.

Allowing one network the privilege of dominating our public spaces is dangerous to our republic in the extreme, even if, as seems to be the case, the public has growing distrust of that network.  It’s still there and, as some man or woman did say, the lie is going around the world with nothing to contradict it.  By the time the truth puts its boots on, the liars will already be on to the next lie.  We’re all being propagandized, consciously and unconsciously, all the time.

I’m not sure how to end this CNN dominance of those public spaces, but we all should start thinking about it.  Maybe we could begin by asking the people at airports and other venues (very politely) if they could change the channel for  a while — just for balance, of course. If a lot of us do it, who knows?

One thing is for sure.  If such a movement began, CNN would be terrified.  Without their stranglehold on those public venues, hardly anyone would be watching the network  at all.  They might even go out of business.

Profs: farmers’ markets are “insidious “white spaces where the food consumption habits of white people are normalized”

How about we stop normalizing insane profs?

Fitness Coaches Guilty of Perpetuating ‘Fat Oppression,’ Profs Warn

Two professors at Oregon State University (OSU) recently published an academic article warning that personal trainers and gym instructors are guilty of perpetuating “fat oppression” and “anti-fat bias” while on the job.

Published in the journal Fat Studies, the article was written by Vicki Ebbeck, a professor in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences at OSU, alongside Shannon Austin, a graduate teaching assistant at the school.

In their article, Ebbeck and Austin argue that fitness instructors are guilty of fat oppression because they often work with gym-goers to help them become more active. Exercise, they warn, is “often promoted as a way to manage, control, or manipulate body weight.”

There are numerous ways that gym instructors reinforce fat oppression, according to Ebbeck and Austin. For example, some fitness coaches may encourage clients to “burn that fat” during a workout, or believe that normal weight is “important to one’s health.”

A child’s guide to rock throwing

Fatah publishes children’s guide detailing how to effectively stone Jewish passersby.

Socialist Alternative Seattle hilariously, stupidly endorses Amazon

Jackass morons

Lawsuit: Oberlin College sexual assault hearing process rigged, 100% conviction rate

Oberlin College is suffering financially and in enrollment after several years of negative publicity regarding racial, gender, anti-Semitic and social justice activism on campus.

I documented that history in September 2017, Radical fallout: Oberlin College enrollment drops, causing financial problems. Those financial and enrollment problems also more recently received attention at Inside Higher Ed.

Since September, the publicity has only grown worse for Oberlin.

It is embroiled in a bitter town-gown battle with a local bakery targeted by Oberlin students, faculty and administrators for alleged racial profiling of three black students arrested for shoplifting. Those arrests led to protests and a boycott against the bakery that continue despite the three students having pleaded guilty.

The bakery has filed a lawsuit against Oberlin and Meredith Raimondo, Vice President and Dean of Students. The lawsuit received national media attention, and I covered Oberlin’s awkward pushback in Oberlin College lashes out at Gibson’s Bakery, portrays itself as victim.

Additionally, an Oberlin professor recently resigned, according to the student newspaper, “amid multiple accusations of sexual misconduct toward students. One such former student has recently filed a Title IX report against him.”

Now there is another problem.

A male student who was expelled from campus in October 2016 for alleged sexual assault has filed a federal lawsuit against Oberlin. Though the lawsuit was filed in June 2017, it has not received any publicity. Yet the lawsuit contains allegations which, if proven, reflect that Oberlin’s system for adjudicating sexual assault accusations was fundamentally biased against males, at least during the 2015-2016 academic year.

This is a problem at other campuses we have covered dozens of times, the so-called kangaroo courts which serve as rubber stamps under pressure from Obama Education Department Office of Civil rights guidance. It’s a pressure that Betsy DeVos is starting to roll back in favor of protecting due process rights of the accused.

The following documents in John Doe v. Oberlin College, filed in the Northern District of Ohio, are referenced here

Let’s go over this, again

Video: Cornel West and Alan Dershowitz Mideast Debate

Click here for background on the repugnant, crazy Jew hater

Click here for the debate

Norm goes trolling

Those compassionate Californians

Three-minute LiveLeak clip shows the brutal reality of Christmas Day in the underbelly of Downtown LA


Deconstruction: The Lindsay Shepherd Affair

Trailer containing ‘extremely large quantity of veal’ stolen from North York parking lot

Toronto police are on the alert for a 16-metre trailer carrying “an extremely large quantity of veal” that was apparently stolen from a North York parking lot some time on Christmas Day.

The refrigerated trailer wasn’t attached to a cab, so Toronto Police Service spokesperson Allyson Douglas-Cook said they’re “not exactly sure” how the meat thief transported the spoils, valued at about $30,000.

The stolen meat comes encased in packaging from veal wholesaler White Veal Meat Packaging Ltd. The trailer itself is white with the company logo on the side — a blue “W” and the name “White Valley.”

Toronto police don’t often investigate cases of veal theft, Douglas-Cook said.

Trudeau’s unforgivable audience with Joshua Boyle

Canadians have the right to know whether Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is suddenly playing Crazy 8s with a euchre deck.

It’s a legitimate question.

After all, what prime minister in his right mind would meet in his parliamentary office with a man who was once married to Zaynab Khadr, the infamous, jihad-endorsing sister of Guantanamo Bay poster boy and terrorist, Omar Khadr, now a rich former al-Qaeda bombmaker thanks to $10-plus million in taxpayers’ money for Canada not riding to his rescue soon enough?

13 of the biggest health breakthroughs in Israel in 2017

A compound that disables cancer cells, an artificial cornea, the world’s first bone implant: 2017 saw major medical advances. Here are the best.

Ten year-end facts Canadians need to know

As we end 2017, here are 10 year-end facts Canadians should understand and consider as we enter 2018

How the Nazis tried to fool the world by turning a concentration camp into a fake town to convince Red Cross visitors the Holocaust was not happening

It was a place of death and despair that was dressed up to look like a model town in a bid to fool others that one of the greatest atrocities in history did not happen.

Months before the true horrors of the Holocaust were revealed the Nazi regime went to great lengths to try to convince the world they were not running concentration camps.

And the Czech camp Theresienstadt became the location to try out the deception after representatives from the International Red Cross were invited to inspect it, with the cruel camp directors forcing the inmates to build fake homes and shops to con the delegation into thinking it was a town.


MK tells prisoners’ families ‘terrorists belong in the ground’

Hazan, boarded the bus at the Gaza border with video crews in tow. He said on Twitter he told the relatives that the prisoners were “terrorists who belong in the ground.” In a video clip on social media, he shouted at one prisoner’s mother that her son was an “insect” and a “dog.”

First census reveals 174,000 Palestinian refugees in Lebanon

There are just over 174,000 Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, the first census of Palestinians in the country has revealed.

The count was carried out by the government’s Lebanese-Palestinian Dialogue Committee in 12 refugee camps and about 150 informal Palestinian communities.

The census figure of 174,422 is lower than many in Lebanon had believed.

“Some people talked about 400,000, 500,000 or 600,000, and these would be used in politics,” Prime Minister Saad Hariri said on Thursday at the announcement of the census result in Beirut. “The record has been set straight now. Our responsibilities toward our Palestinian brothers living in our land should not be subject to tension, and should not become a point of dispute, either among the Lebanese themselves or between the Lebanese and the Palestinians.

“Lebanon has never renounced its responsibilities, and this should be as clear as the sun. There should be no confusion. No window should be opened for resettlement or any other measures which may contradict the right of return or strip them of their identity, the identity of Palestine.”

The census result is also much lower than the 469,331 people registered in Lebanon with the UN’s Palestinian refugee agency.

“UNRWA does not have a headcount of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. What we have are official registration records for the number of registered Palestine refugees in Lebanon,” spokeswoman Huda Samra said.

“If someone registered with UNRWA in Lebanon decided to live outside Lebanon, they don’t notify us.”

The census found the population split evenly between men and women, and nearly half are 24 or younger. About 7.2 percent are illiterate, but 93.6 percent of children aged between 3 to 13 are enrolled in schools. About 18 percent of the workforce is unemployed.

The census also found that many occupants of the refugee camps were not Palestinian. About half of those in some camps were Syrians displaced by the war, and people of other nationalities also lived there because rents were low.

Hussein Muneimneh, head of the Lebanese-Palestinian Dialogue Committee, told Arab News the census provided “some of the most important indications that will guide the path of Lebanese-Palestinian relations in the future, and showed the possibility of transcending many taboos that have prevailed in the country for a long time.”

Ola Awad, head of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, who came from Ramallah for the launch of the census results, said they were “a real chance to change the life conditions of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon on all levels, and show the international community the real picture of their suffering and the effects of the Israeli occupation on our Palestinian people everywhere.”

Fathi Abu Al-Ardat, a Palestine Liberation Organization official in Lebanon, told Arab News: “The number may rise to 200,000, but the numbers are not important. Rather, refugees in Lebanon should live in dignity and with equal opportunities for employment.”


Israel will join the United States in removing itself and its funding from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

It’s about time.

The decision by the US was precipitated by UNESCO’s decision in 2011 to accept “Palestine” as a full-fledged member, even though there is no such thing as a Palestinian state, only a failed, quasi-political entity that is split between an Islamist enclave ruled by Hamas in Gaza and a corrupt fiefdom controlled by Fatah on the West Bank.

A 1990s-era law prohibits US funding for any UN agencies that recognize Palestine as a state. Former US president Barack Obama failed to convince Congress to change the law and restore funding. The Trump administration, meanwhile, is following through on the spirit of the law.

But the American and Israeli decisions are not just about the acceptance of “Palestine.” Like other UN institutions, UNESCO has in recent years proven to be an organization hijacked by an anti-American, antisemitic agenda that completely disregards concern for individual rights.

The US footed a large portion of UNESCO’s budget – most of which went to the payment of salaries and workers’ expenses – that did nothing to endear America to UNESCO’s functionaries.

Some examples of obscene UNESCO decisions:


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas spent part of Christmas eve on Sunday night meeting with a former senior commander of the al-Aksa Martys Brigades, Fatah’s military wing, recently released from prison for plotting a suicide bombing attack against Israel 16 years ago.

Rafat Jawabra was received in the PA president’s office on Sunday evening. Photos of the meeting were posted on Fatah’s official Facebook page and in the post, Jawabra is referred to as the commander of the al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades, a known terrorist organization.

Haley: We Cut Almost $300 Million From UN Budget

It’s a start

UK: Universities could face fines over ‘no-platforming’

Universities must protect free speech and “open minds, not close them”, Universities Minister Jo Johnson will say in a speech in Birmingham later.

He will say “no-platforming”, the policy of banning controversial speakers, is stifling debate.

From next April, a new regulator – the Office for Students – will have the power to fine universities that fail to uphold free speech.

Universities UK has said it will not allow legitimate debate to be stifled.

In his speech on Tuesday, Mr Johnson will say: “In universities in America and worryingly in the UK, we have seen examples of groups seeking to stifle those who do not agree with them.
“We must not allow this to happen. Young people should have the resilience and confidence to challenge controversial opinions and take part in open, frank and rigorous discussions.”

The Waste Report: Airing of grievances, Festivus 2017

We’ve got a lot of problems with
how our tax dollars are spent!
Happy Festivus! Hard to believe it has been another year
already. Seems like just yesterday our national debt was
inching closer to $20 trillion, and now it’s pushing $21
trillion. And what a year it was!!! Wonder Woman dominated
at the box office. For the first time ever, the Houston
Astros won a World Series, and the world got a new iPhone
(and lost a home button in the process). Yet while our
homes and cars continued to get smarter, the same cannot be
said for our federal government and how it sends and wastes
hardworking Americans’ tax dollars.
For another year, The Waste Report diligently highlighted
$83,405,000 worth of wasteful spending, misplaced
priorities, and bad management. This year, we featured such
follies as building a parking lot at a casino, souping up a
golf course in St. Croux with solar panels in the name of
rural development, improving the taste of tomatoes, and
making digital down markers for football games. Just what
you would expect your tax dollars to go to, right?
Hey, but that’s not all. We kicked off the year with a
series cataloging wasteful, taxpayer-funded endeavors
overseas in WORLDWIDE WASTE: How the Government is Using
and Losing Your Money Abroad. In total, we documented more
than $3 billion of taxpayer money going to such things as
clown school in Argentina, sending motorbikes to Pakistan,
and teaching Kenyan farmers how to use Facebook and Twitter
– #Waste.
So, before the Feats of Strength can begin, there must be
an airing of (spending) grievances.
And now you’re gonna hear about it!

Activists to ‘surprise’ mothers of terrorists

A group of activists are planning to delay on Monday two buses which arrive at the Nafha Prison from Gaza every week and which carry women from Gaza who visit their sons, who are imprisoned in Israel over terror-related activities.

“We are planning to board the buses and explain to them in Arabic the need for reciprocity. It is inconceivable that they can visit their sons, while the families of our missing persons do not know what is happening with them,” Yoel Marshak, one of the organizers of the activity, told Arutz Sheva on Sunday.

“Naturally, they will be angry at the delay and tell us they have no connection to Hamas, but we hope they will send the message to Hamas,” Marshak explained.

“It is inconceivable that they can visit the terrorists in our prison, while the Shaul, Goldin and Mengistu families cannot,” he continued. “According to the Geneva Convention, we are not obligated to allow them to visit their sons, the Red Cross visits them and that is enough. We demand that these visits stop as long as they do not allow us to visit our prisoners.”


Thank you, Guatemala

Let’s show them some appreciation

The Troubling Case of a UK Woman Convicted of ‘Gender Fraud’

The trial of Gayle Newland was an astonishing and miserable saga, seemingly torn from the script of some fantastical legal drama. The case resulted in Newland, now 27, being sent to prison for six years and six months, on three counts of sexual assault and one of fraud. Manchester Crown Court found that the victim, re-named Chloe to protect her anonymity, had consented to sex with a man called Kye Fortune on multiple occasions. However, “he” was actually her friend, Newland, who had summoned Kye into existence via social media, elaborate storytelling and a bizarre disguise including a bright pink strap-on dildo.

The Jewish Joy of Living in America During Christmastime

Once we are through Thanksgiving — one of the two truly unique American holidays –  I take out my considerable collection of Christmas music and devote my listening almost exclusively to this genre.  While recently listening, I spent some time thinking about what a great country I am blessed to live in — particularly as a Jew.

Guide to How Anti-Israel Activists Hijack Christmas

Drawing on the stories of the annunciation of the birth of Jesus, Christmas is viewed as a time of peace and goodwill to all.

But for anti-Israel activists and organizations, the holiday season is a perfect occasion to conduct political warfare against the Jewish state.

Government Of Canada Claims Santa Claus Has Fled The North Pole Because Of Global Warming

Nothing says, “Merry Christmas!” like terrifying children about climate change.

New Film Beautifully Showcases Jerusalem Archaeology to Rebut Historical Revisionism

Pierre Rehov’s beautiful new film, “Unveiling Jerusalem,” shines a spotlight on the city’s architectural wonders and amazing recent archaeological finds. Even more importantly, it exposes why the religious-political conflict over Jerusalem appears to be getting worse instead of better, despite years of a “peace process.” The film provides much-needed moral clarity on what causes violence between Israelis and Palestinians.

UK: Shocking moment antisemitic driver calls Hitler ‘a great man’

REMINDER: Kwanzaa Was Concocted By A Deranged Felon Who Tortured Naked Women With A Karate Baton And A Toaster

Click the image


Top 12 BDS Fails of 2017

How Much More Delusional Can University Students Get?