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U.S. preacher says God told him he needs a $54M private jet

Maybe he wants to be physically closer to heaven or maybe he wants to spread the Gospel at lightning-fast speed…

Or maybe, he just wants a nice jet.

Watch Andrea Horwath defend her Hitler-loving candidate

My God, this woman is a disgusting piece of shit

MSLSD host Joy Reid faces new questions about her old blog

NBC News remained silent on Wednesday about MSNBC host Joy Reid amid new revelations that she once wrote blog posts raising questions about the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks that echo “truther” conspiracy theories.

Reid – a liberal commentator who has been under fire for homophobic comments that have been found on her now-defunct blog – promoted a 9/11 film co-produced by Alex Jones, the far-right media figure who has touted numerous conspiracy theories on his InfoWars website and radio program.

NDP word of the day: Coon

UN Security Council Rejects Condemnation of Hamas

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley excoriated the members of the UN Security Council who opposed a draft American statement on Wednesday that condemned the barrage of rocket attacks on Israel by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza.

In a brief, impassioned speech at an emergency meeting of the Security Council called by the US to condemn the terrorist attacks on Israel, Haley stated, “You might think the rest of the the UN Security Council would join us in condemning Hamas, but because this attack involves Israel, the standard is different.”

The US draft was blocked earlier on Wednesday by Kuwait, depriving American diplomats of the unanimous consent of all 15 members that is required for a Security Council statement to be issued.

There is No Peace Plan That Would Satisfy Palestinians

The Trump administration is well advised to shelve its peace plans indefinitely.

NDP douche of the day

dr-laura-mae-lindo-wilfrid-laurier-university-diversity-directorBy the way, this cheater is one of the Laurier lunatics responsible for the persecution of Lindsay Shepherd: 

A Waterloo Region NDP candidate apologized Monday for talking to candidates outside a polling station.

Laura Mae Lindo, who is running in Kitchener Centre, was seen outside an advance voting station at Stanley Park Mall over the weekend. Elections Ontario stipulates that any material identifying a specific candidate or partty is prohibited from being displayed at “the area around” a polling station.

“This was a mistake and I am sincerely sorry,” Lindo said Monday in a statement.

Asked at a campaign event in Guelph if Lindo’s error was a sign of an inexperienced team, NDP leader Andrea Horwath said “excited” would be a more accurate term.