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Video: “Death to Khameini!”

All hell breaking loose in Iran

UN pissed Canada is legalizing weed

Critics of Trudeau’s marijuana legalization plan have consistently said that the legislation is a violation of several international agreements on drug and narcotics control that Canada has signed.

An Epidemic of Embezzlement Plagues America’s Unions

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2017, 10.7 percent of all wage and salary workers are members of a union. Back in 1983, the first year that union membership statistics were measured by the Bureau, 20.1% of wage and salary workers were members. The Congressional Research Service goes back even further and reports that membership peaked at 34.8% in 1954.

Since 1954, the percentage of wage and salary workers who are members of a union has dropped by a staggering two-thirds. For an organization that funds itself with membership dues, the trend predicts a grim future.

And public sector unions now must contend with the Supreme Court ruling in Janus v. AFSCME.

The Wall Street Journal writes, “Unions, which long have anticipated this day, have been preparing strategies to retain membership, but significant drops in support are likely.” Less support translates to less money coming from members who are no longer compelled to “contribute” their earnings to the union political machine. Jazz Shaw over at Hot Air has a great rundown of exactly how the unions’ political heft is about to be further neutered.

But what is happening to the declining sums of money the unions are taking in as their membership shrinks?

B’nai Brith Canada Defeats Former Green Party Justice Critic in Court

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Dimitri Lascaris addresses the crowd at Toronto’s al-Quds Day rally on June 9, 2018

How Mexican cartels are part of an ‘emerging threat’ of fentanyl flowing into Canada

As fentanyl continues to kill Canadians in record numbers, the RCMP and other agencies have been targeting traffickers mailing the deadly drug to Canada from China.

But a new report from Canada’s Border Services Agency (CBSA) warns a worrying trend has materialized in Canada’s eastern provinces. Smugglers are now using commercial vehicles and private cars to bring the deadly drug into Canada, spawning an “emerging threat” in Canada’s eastern provinces.



On groping allegation, Trudeau ducks the rules he set

We live in an era of zero tolerance and lightning quick justice where careers can be crushed in the time it takes to finish morning coffee.

There is no statute of limitations and denials can simply feed the fire. Things move in warp speed.

So why has a groping allegation against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unspooled in such slow motion?

The prime minister’s laconic response to this, the ‘I can’t remember, so it’ll go away,’ posture has only invited greater scrutiny.

Biggest immigration fraudster in Canadian history left $900K fine unpaid

The man imprisoned for committing the biggest immigration scam in Canadian history was released on early parole even though he had not paid more than $900,000 in fines and “minimized his criminal behaviour,” according to a November 2017 Parole Board of Canada decision obtained by CBC News.

The board also noted Xun (Sunny) Wang had transferred all of his assets to his spouse “to avoid the Canada Revenue Agency fines.”

Despite “concerns,” the parole board was compelled to free Wang after he served one-third of his 7-year sentence, because he’s not at risk of committing a violent offence and his behaviour behind bars was “appropriate.”