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Look at all the cowardly, weak, good-for-nothing bystanders


A Jordanian national who allegedly smuggled six Yemeni citizens across the U.S.- Mexico border was arrested Saturday, according to the Department of Justice.

Moayad Heider Mohammad Aldairi, 31, was given an arrest warrant followed by a criminal complaint on May 29 for the supposed smuggling trips through the Texas border between July 1, 2017 and December 12, 2017, the DOJ reported Monday.

German Police: 126,000 Immigrants Set for Deportation Have ‘Disappeared’

An estimated 126,000 illegal immigrants set for deportation from Germany have slipped through the fingers of immigration authorities, German Federal Police office (BKA) disclosed. German police hope that some of these illegal immigrants may have voluntarily left the country, German newspaper Die Welt reported.

The scenario of illegal immigrants “self-deporting” themselves out of Germany is most unlikely. It is more probable that many of these fugitives have acquired new identities and are drawing welfare from the state. As past Legal Insurrection reports indicate, it is very easy for asylum seekers to get multiple identities in Germany thanks to the bureaucratic chaos resulting from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open door migrant policy.

In addition to illegal immigrants, more than three thousand Islamic radicals have also managed to elude arrests despite outstanding warrants, the Federal Police admitted. A large number of prison escapees are also on the run.



Abedi bombed Manchester Arena, killing 22 people and injuring more than 100 people, just a few days before “intelligence officials were due to review” the risks he posed

A typical Canadian family of four will pay a staggering $12,935 for health care in 2018

Not free

Family of Palestinian Who Killed Israeli Father Expected to Receive $1,600 Grant, Monthly Salary as Reward

Depraved swine

Video: Fists fly, and so does a megaphone, as refugee crisis inflames local politics in Markham

Residents vs. CUPE

The Unserious Face of an Unserious Movement

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the Great Young Hope progressives deserve.

When, last Thursday, she was asked an elementary question about spending, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez struck her best Cobra Kai pose. “I sat down with a Nobel Prize economist last week,” she exclaimed, contorting her face into Jack Nicholson’s and attempting to shoot webs from her fingers. “I can’t believe I can say that,” she added. “It’s really weird!”

Alas, nothing from this brush with greatness appears to have worn off on her. Mere seconds elapsed between the boast and the disaster that followed. Speaking to a friendly Trevor Noah, Ocasio-Cortez revealed that she does not know the difference between a one-year and a ten-year budget; confused the recent increase in defense spending with the entire annual cost of the military; implied that the population of the United States was around 800 million strong; and, having been asked to defend her coveted $15 minimum wage, launched into a rambling and inscrutable diatribe about “private equity” firms that would have been a touch too harsh as a parody on South Park. If anything, she was worse this time than she had been during her appearance on Firing Line a few days earlier, on which newly revamped show she demonstrated her obliviousness to the fact that the United States economy exploded during the 1990s, to the manner in which unemployment numbers are calculated, and to even the most obvious facets of the Israel–Palestine question about which she has assured her supporters she is so passionate.

“It’s really weird!”

It is, yes.

Top 5 Amazing Upcoming Smartphone Features

Video: Saudi student refuses to stand next to Israeli, but ends up ‘worse’

Medalist in International Chemistry Olympiad moves next to flag of arch-rival Iran, stoking jokes and discussions whether he made the right choice

Democratic Virginia Congressional Candidate Accuses Opponent Of Liking Bigfoot Erotica

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This piece of poo steals from seniors

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Sleepy sack of skin planning to keep her job 5 more years

Not like it’s a tough gig that requires energy and clarity of mind or anything




The Israeli legal advocacy organization Shurat HaDin filed a civil action on behalf of American victims of terror attacks against the European Investment Bank (EIB) on the suspicion that the bank maintains financial ties with Iran. 

In the wake of media reports in May that the EIB had come under pressure from European Commissioners to support investments by European companies in Iran, Shurat HaDin is attempting to seize Iranian funds that it suspects are held by the EIB, the European Union’s lending arm that is owned by the bloc’s member states.


Pali journalists – just terrorists who can type

Taking the kids out for enchiladas and a Jordan Peterson talk

Yes, I actually took my children to join the throngs of fascists descending on our downtown. And though a city councillor had warned me about the “far-right” types this event would attract, oddly, we did not encounter anyone wearing brown shirts, black arm bands or jack boots. It was mostly young women and men, dads and moms, in shorts and T-shirts, summer dresses, chinos and jackets. I saw a dentist I know in the men’s room who was there with his kids. I also bumped into a student I taught this year. Overall, it looked more like Saturday afternoon at Canadian Tire than a Rally for Alt-Right Haters.

And though this very newspaper warned me about the “messianic musings” of a crucifix-bearing, promoter of hate and distrust, what greeted the crowd was a slim man in a brown three-piece suit, who walked out onto an empty stage to resounding applause. And what happened for the next two hours was something extraordinary: 

Why Are Elites Disconnected From The People?

About those men who attacked a toddler with acid

Afghan mother of acid attack boy, 3, ‘was tracked down by her violent asylum seeker husband after she appeared in newspaper without her veil’

Happy Birthday NASA: 60 incredible images from NASA to celebrate their 60th birthday

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An Israeli study shows great promise for improving the outcome of spinal-cord injuries

In experiments with mice, scientists from Tel Aviv University found that injecting a potent enzyme hours after spinal injury can put the brakes on a cascade of pathological events responsible for neuronal death, such as inflammation and scarring.

“Primary mechanical damage to spinal-cord tissue kills a certain amount of neuronal cells. But there’s secondary damage due to the release of excess glutamates, which are responsible for additional functional disability,” explained Dr. Yona Goldshmit of TAU’s Sackler Faculty of Medicine and the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute, Monash University.

“The main idea is to reduce the secondary damage as soon as possible — to block the body’s natural reaction to spinal cord trauma. This is the role of the enzyme injection we devised,” he said.

Trudeau On SEVENTH Straight Vacation Day, Despite Danforth Terror Attack. Goes Surfing Instead Of Managing Crisis

The, *ahem*, “personal” days began on Saturday, July 21st, the day before the shooting. He hasn’t come back yet.

SPLC Finally Admits Orlando Shooter Omar Mateen Wasn’t a Right-Wing Terrorist

The SPLC said Mateen was “right-wing” because he “expressed outrage when he saw two men kissing in Miami.” 

Why Israel’s Nation-State Law Matters

Not only do people have rights, but the Jewish people have the right to a state of their own in the Land of Israel. … Individual rights, human rights, civil rights – everyone has those. … But national rights in the State of Israel belong to only one nation: the Jewish people. Israel cannot be a state of all its nationalities – a Jewish, Muslim and Christian state. We returned to Israel in order to establish our one state. In the last three thousand years, there has been no separate political entity in this country, which was not Israeli or Jewish. Within the state, everyone has equal rights – as individuals; not as a nationality. Only in this way will our future be assured. It’s not just right. It is also moral.

Video: How Mexicans are being smuggled into the U.S. at the Quebec border

They are arriving in Canada legally, before sneaking across. U.S. authorities are blaming the increase on Canada’s decision to remove visa requirements for Mexican citizens

Police detonate pipe bomb found in North York park

Toronto police say a pipe bomb was detonated Friday in a North York park.

Officers said city workers discovered the bomb shortly before noon when they were cleaning up after an earlier garbage fire in Queen’s Greenbelt park, near Keele Street and Lawrence Avenue West.

“A person was there cleaning out some garbage bins and discovered a metal pipe that was capped off at both ends,” said spokesman Gary Long. “The person did think it was some sort of explosive device.”

Police confirmed that the item was a pipe bomb.

The bomb squad was called in to detonate it, and there were no injuries.

Police are investigating where the device came from.


Geometries of whiteness

Lewis urges educators to develop a deeper understanding of whiteness. Though previous scholars have conceptualized it as an “experience” or a “feeling,” Lewis suggests that whiteness is better understood if one considers its geometrical dimensions.

Lewis posits that there is a “corporeal geometry of whiteness,” and that what emerges from his analysis “is a description of the aesthetic dimensions of discrimination through the geometric deployment of lines (that maximally extend white bodies into space) and an angle of vision (that constitutes totalized and rigidified racial hierarchies).” 

‘They Spit When I Walked in the Street’: The ‘New Anti-Semitism’ in France

The solemn boulevards and quiet side streets of the 17th Arrondissement in Paris suggest Jewish life in France is vibrant: There is a new profusion of kosher groceries and restaurants, and about 15 synagogues, up from only a handful two decades ago.

But for residents like Joanna Galilli, this area in northwestern Paris represents a tactical retreat. It has become a haven for many Jews who say they have faced harassment in areas with growing Muslim populations. Ms. Galilli, 28, moved to the neighborhood this year from a Parisian suburb where “anti-Semitism is pretty high,” she said, “and you feel it enormously.”

“They spit when I walked in the street,” she said, describing reactions when she wore a Star of David.

China bullies the friendly skies

We’re searching for a description of the Chinese government’s behavior and can’t decide among bullying, extortion or coercion. The White House went with “Orwellian nonsense.” Geopolitical chutzpah also comes to mind.

What Beijing did was demand international airlines — including United, American and Delta — change their websites to pretend Taipei is no longer the capital of Taiwan.

Because China claims Taiwan as Chinese territory, it doesn’t want to see any references contradicting that assertion. Therefore, book a flight on United and Taipei seems to float in space because “Taiwan” has been deleted from the listing. At some foreign airlines, including British Airways and Air France, China’s conquest of Taiwan appears complete. Both carriers list Taipei as a city in “Taiwan, China.”

This is a symbolic power move by China. It has the feel of Cold War-era propaganda, but let’s not dismiss it as simply playing games with maps.

Six Reasons Why Barack Obama Is the Worst President in History

Other than being a Jew hater

At least five killed in shootout near Cancun

In the first half of 2018, 279 people were murdered in the southern Mexican state

Alberta man switches his gender on government ID to get cheaper car insurance

It was only a matter of time, I suppose. Once people realized that the Canadian government had officially abolished—or at least, rendered legally irrelevant—the biological categories of male and female, someone was bound to realize that switching genders in certain circumstances could come with some potential benefits. 

Christie Blatchford: Cutting Toronto city council down to size is a much-needed jolt to democracy

The sound of heads exploding, the righteous pops of indignation, the howls of shock — my good God, I can’t remember a better morning.

I refer, of course, to the surprise announcement Friday from Premier Doug Ford that the Ontario government will soon propose legislation to cut the size of Toronto city council by almost half. Word of the change leaked out Thursday night (a magnificent scoop by Robert Benzie of the Toronto Star), so before Ford had even made it official, Toronto Mayor John Tory and various city councillors, provincial politicians and reporters were showing up on TV screens, sputtering and muttering about the alleged affront to democracy.

Anyone who has suffered the interminable, unbearable nonsense that passes for municipal government in the country’s biggest city knows an affront to democracy when she sees one, and it ain’t what Ford did.

The premier called Toronto City Hall “the most dysfunctional political arena in the country” and right he was.

Canadian soldiers have been buying their own boots, for some fucking reason


All the right people are melting down


A whole bunch of goofy, hysterical sheep had to look up that word today. Now they’re totally informed 🙂

Number of Islamists in Germany Reaches Record High, says Intel Report

Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, or BfV, has reported a significant rise in the number of Islamist extremists living in the country. Officially classified as Salafists, or radicalized Sunni Muslims, their numbers have reached a new all-time high according to the agency’s annual report issued on Tuesday.

The number of Islamists in the country has doubled in the past five years, crossing 10,800 individuals. This significant growth in the Islamist scene can be attributed to more than a million Arab and Muslim migrants taken in by the country since Chancellor Angela Merkel opened borders in the autumn of 2015.

Doug Ford appears to be an actual Conservative

Premier Doug Ford confirmed this morning that he would introduce legislation to reduce the number of councillors in Toronto from 47 to 25

Ontario To Allow Private Stores To Sell Marijuana After Legalization: Report 

Good news: Mentally ill stabber in army recruiting centre attack to be allowed into community

It appears the last mentally ill “lone wolf” who went on a 2016 rampage in Toronto will be free in no time.

In a shocking decision, Ayanle Hassan Ali — a man with schizophrenia found not criminally responsible for the attempted murder of three soldiers at the Canadian Forces recruiting centre in North York — has already been cleared to leave the secure unit of his Hamilton hospital this year on passes into the community, including forays that aren’t even directly supervised.

This follows Ali’s first hearing before the Ontario Review Board earlier this month after a court found him NCR due to his mental disorder, but acquitted him on terrorism charges. The federal Crown is currently appealing that decision, still arguing that a “lone wolf” falls under Canada’s anti-terror laws.

San Francisco Looks To Ban Free Lunches

Having solved crippling homelessness, cleaned its streets, and driven down the cost of housing in the Bay Area, the city of San Francisco has moved to tackle the real challenge facing the tech-centric city: free lunch.

According to CBS News, the city is considering “new legislation to end free lunch,” on the theory that San Francisco restaurants are failing not because tourists and city-dwellers have to step over piles of used needles and 20-pound bags of human feces littering its sidewalks, but because tech companies offer free meals to their employees and thus San Francisco workers don’t patronize local joints on their lunch hour.

Ontario College of Nurses has backlog of reports about problem nurses, Wettlaufer inquiry hears

It takes up to a year to investigate some nurses who have been reported to their regulatory body by their employers or patients, the Wettlaufer inquiry in St. Thomas, Ont., has heard.

Video: Hamas stealing from Gazans

Idiot palis

Boycott This

Israeli Researchers Develop “Smart Probe” to Ensure Doctors Can Find All Cancer Cells

Peer-Reviewed Feminist Journal Says Dog Parks Further ‘Rape Culture’ And ‘Oppressive Patriarchal Norms’

sassglasses3The Leadership Institute’s Campus Reform reportedly exposed a wannabe academic who published an article about “rape culture” at a dog park in Portland, Oregon, in a peer-reviewed feminist academic journal.

The article is titled “Human reactions to rape culture and queer performativity at urban dog parks in Portland, Oregon,” and is based on approximately 1,000 hours of observing dogs and their owners.

At one point the author, Helen Wilson, claims there was “one dog rape/humping incident every 60 minutes.”

To Wilson, dog parks are just the place to observe toxic masculinity and heterosexuality:

“Dog parks are microcosms where hegemonic masculinist norms governing queering behavior and compulsory heterosexuality can be observed in a cross-species environment.” Wilson wrote.

Wilson also calls dog parks “oppressive spaces that lock both humans and animals into hegemonic patterns of gender conformity,” adding, “oppressive patriarchal norms reach zenist in dog parks.”


UN member states, in particular the Arab countries, are quick to speak volumes about the Palestinians, but are suddenly absent when it comes to writing a check

Venezuela to remove five zeroes from ailing currency

Venezuela will remove five zeroes from the bolivar currency rather than the three zeroes originally planned, President Nicolas Maduro said on Wednesday, in an effort to keep up with inflation projected to reach 1 million percent this year.

The OPEC nation’s economy has been steadily collapsing since the 2014 crash of oil prices left it unable to maintain its socialist economic system that for years provided lavish subsidies while enforcing strict price controls.

The bus driver gave children treats laced with his own semen and took cellphone videos of the children eating the treats

2 year recommended sentence for that minor crime

Your daily lib pig

FATAH: Mentally ill? The media or the murderer?

There are questions that remain unanswered – like which mosque Hussain attended, who scrubbed his social media presence and how it was that his name was withheld until the family issued their polished statement.

Meet the spin doctor behind the Hussain family statement

It was provided by Mohammed Hashim, a full-time organizer for the Toronto & York Region Labour Council. Social media accounts belonging to Hashim show him heavily involved in supporting NDP candidates both federally and provincially in Ontario. He’s also described as a driving force behind the National Council of Canadian Muslims.


Eric Weinstein with Ben Shapiro