Peer-Reviewed Feminist Journal Says Dog Parks Further ‘Rape Culture’ And ‘Oppressive Patriarchal Norms’

sassglasses3The Leadership Institute’s Campus Reform reportedly exposed a wannabe academic who published an article about “rape culture” at a dog park in Portland, Oregon, in a peer-reviewed feminist academic journal.

The article is titled “Human reactions to rape culture and queer performativity at urban dog parks in Portland, Oregon,” and is based on approximately 1,000 hours of observing dogs and their owners.

At one point the author, Helen Wilson, claims there was “one dog rape/humping incident every 60 minutes.”

To Wilson, dog parks are just the place to observe toxic masculinity and heterosexuality:

“Dog parks are microcosms where hegemonic masculinist norms governing queering behavior and compulsory heterosexuality can be observed in a cross-species environment.” Wilson wrote.

Wilson also calls dog parks “oppressive spaces that lock both humans and animals into hegemonic patterns of gender conformity,” adding, “oppressive patriarchal norms reach zenist in dog parks.”


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