UK: Mentally Disabled Women Forced into Marriages, Raped for Visas

The Home Office is allowing women with severe mental disabilities to be forcibly married and raped, in both Britain and Pakistan, so that foreign men can obtain a visa and stay in the country.
Migrant and Muslim families reportedly believe that marrying their disabled children to foreigners will secure them a carer — and are being allowed to because authorities are too politically correct to invene, according to critics.

The victims include a woman with the mental age of a 7-year-old allowed to marry in a British registry office to a Pakistani man who had overstayed his student visa, The Times reports.

Authorities had been aware of the case for over ten years and had received warnings the family of the man was paying around £20,000 to the woman’s family because he wanted to stay in the United Kingdom.

The woman had been forced into marriage twice already abroad, beaten, and raped, but council officials allowed the British wedding as they were “concerned about being seen not to have taken into account the cultural background” of those involved, according to court documents.


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