How Scientology And The Nation Of Islam Formed A Bizarre And Dangerous Alliance

The relationship between Scientology and NOI goes back nearly two decades. Farrakhan was introduced to Scientology in the late ’90s. Scientology leader David Miscavige expressed interest in attracting black people, and by 2006, Scientologists honored Farrakhan at the Ebony Awakening Awards.

In 2010, Scientology held a summit near the NOI’s headquarters, according to the NOI’s official publication, “The Final Call.” This was around the same time Farrakhan began having NOI members take courses in Dianetics.

One of Scientology’s most important practices is “Auditing.” A Scientology audit is a therapy session in which an auditor listens to a patient and helps him to eliminate negative emotions and obtain higher levels of consciousness. Some say the auditing sessions are monitored and that the information obtained through these sessions can be used for blackmail.

By 2013, the NOI boasted: “The Nation of Islam has 1,055 Certified Auditors. Among those are 526 auditors who have received their Gold Seal permanent certification, demonstrating consistent proficiency and results.” They also claim “8,500 members of the Nation of Islam have participated in Dianetics seminars.” Farrakhan reportedly personally receives a commission for recruiting NOI members to become Certified Dianetics Auditors.

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