Video: New Jersey Imam: Palestinian cause is ‘Islamic,’ but must be marketed as ‘humanitarian’

American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) held a “Workshop for Palestine” on Nov. 17 at the Islamic Center of Union County, N.J.

Muhammad Habba, a New Jersey-based AMP activist (see MEMRI TV clip 6483), said that he believes Israel will cease to exist in the next 50 years, and praised members of the Democratic Party for supporting boycotts and sanctions against Israel.

Waseem Qana’a, another AMP activist, said that AMP’s focus is cutting U.S. funding for Israeli state-sponsored terrorism. During the Q&A session, one of the audience members said that peaceful measures are not enough and that the “military option” should not be taken off the table, and Qana’a answered that BDS is the biggest threat to Zionist supremacy.

A statement by another audience member that the Palestinian cause is “100 percent Islamic and 0 percent humanitarian” developed into a debate. ICUCNJ’s imam Sa’id Elkasaby said that even though he agreed that the Palestinian cause is an Islamic cause, it must be marketed to the West as humanitarian so that Jews, Christians, and others will support it as well. An unedited video of the presentation was uploaded to the Islamic Center’s (ICUCNJ) YouTube channel on Nov. 17, and it was taken down soon after being uploaded.

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