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Today in the longest occupation

Archaeologists Find Woman’s Ring in Jerusalem Ritual Bath after 2,000 Years

Muslim Doctor Fired From Ohio Clinic After Claiming She Will Purposely Give Jewish Patients Wrong Medication

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UK Welcomes Extremists, Bans Critics of Extremists

The British government’s idea of who is — and who is not — a legitimate asylum seeker becomes stranger by the month.

In November it was reported that the Pakistani Christian mother of five, Asia Bibi, was unlikely to be offered asylum by the British government due to concerns about “community” relations in the UK. What this means is that the UK government was worried that Muslims of Pakistani origin in Britain may object to the presence in the UK of a Christian woman who has spent most of the last decade on death row in Pakistan, before being officially declared innocent of a trumped-up charge of “blasphemy”.

Yet, as Asia Bibi – surely one of the people in the world most needful of asylum in a safe country – continues to fear for her life in her country of origin, Britain’s idea of who should be allowed to travel to the country (and stay) looks ever more perverse.

VIDEO: Abbas advisor: It’s OK for husbands, fathers and brothers to beat disobedient women

Abbas’ advisor and top PA religious figure explained on TV exactly when, how and why husbands, fathers and brothers are allowed to beat women

Bernie alumni seek meeting to address ‘sexual violence’ on ’16 campaign

More than two dozen women and men who worked on Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign are seeking a meeting with the senator and his top political advisers to “discuss the issue of sexual violence and harassment on the 2016 campaign, for the purpose of planning to mitigate the issue in the upcoming presidential cycle,” according to a copy of letter obtained by POLITICO.

This Week in Media Bias History: Admiring Obama’s ‘Chiseled Pecs’


The Anti-American Dream


A Palestinian Authority court in Ramallah on Monday sentenced a Palestinian American citizen to life in prison with hard labor for his involvement in the sale of properties to Israeli Jews.

The man, Isaam Akel, was arrested by the PA last October despite holding an Israeli ID card in his capacity as a resident of east Jerusalem.

Leftist group blames “Zionists” for gentrifying San Francisco. Now, what can that mean?

The only bigots here happen to be gay and black

Professor Attempts to Show Alice Walker Not Antisemitic….By Pointing to Her Poem About Zionist Nazis

Demented kapo of the day

Free speech policy mandatory on campuses in new year

Premier Doug Ford promised during the spring provincial election campaign that he would require every publicly-funded post secondary institution adopt a free speech policy or face funding cuts.

There is no such thing as Trump Derangement Syndrome

Jeremy Corbyn was TOO UPSET to address Labour’s antisemitism crisis

Emily Thornberry has revealed Jeremy Corbyn was ‘too upset’ to address the Labour party’s antisemitism crisis.

The Shadow Education Secretary was jeered and laughed at as she attempted to defend Corbyn at a Jewish charity event on Thursday.

The Islington South MP said: ‘When people accused Jeremy of being an antisemite, he was so upset, and as a result he has found it difficult to deal with the problem.

‘He hasn’t dealt with it properly, but to call him antisemitic is wrong.’

Ms Thornberry was also mocked when she told the audience that there ‘isn’t a racist or antisemitic bone in Jeremy’s body’, Jewish News reported.

It comes after it was revealed handling of the antisemitism crisis has been ranked forth in a list of the world’s biggest threats to Jews last year by a leading human rights organisation.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center ranked him three spots below the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooter, Neo-Nazi Robert Bowers, and warned the Labour leader posed an ‘existential threat to Jews in the UK’.

What is taking so long with Toronto Danforth mass shooting investigation?

One wouldn’t imagine this was a great mystery requiring months and months of investigation cloaked in secrecy

The Intellectual Dishonesty of ‘I’m Just Criticizing Israel’

For the zillionth time, anti-zionism is anti-semitism

Toronto progressives want more daycare spaces — just not in their neighbourhood

Why You Should Be a Nationalist

VIDEO: Transgender Man Goes Full Roid Rage after Being ‘Misgendered’ in GameStop

The most disturbing aspect of this incident is watching everyone cower to this nasty thug

Calif. organizers cancel Women’s March for being too white

Your daily libs

Outrage After Swedish TV Downplays Gruesome ISIS Beheadings, Threatens Prison For Sharing Video

During a Christmas Eve report on the murders SVT made no mention of the fact that one of the women was beheaded, nor the ISIS link, called their injuries “knife damage,” yet warned viewers of the legal risks of sharing the video of the incident.

Jason Kenney’s party accuses Alberta non-profit of diverting money from Tides to NDP

In a letter sent to election commissioner Lorne Gibson on Dec. 20, Olds-Didsbury-Three Hills UCP MLA Nathan Cooper alleged that Progress Alberta receives the foreign cash, then recycles it back into an account to pay for political advertising.

To do so would be in contravention of Alberta’s third-party finance rules.

“It’s widely accepted that Progress Alberta speaks on behalf of the NDP,” Cooper said, adding it would be “extremely disturbing if they’re taking money from a foundation that’s working against our energy industry.”


Today’s innocent victims of the religion of pieces

German woman charged in death of ‘slave’ child under Islamic State rule

German prosecutors have indicted a woman alleged to have belonged to the Islamic State group’s “morality police” in Iraq and to have let a small girl she and her husband held as a slave die of thirst.

The suspect, a 27-year-old German identified only as Jennifer W. in line with local privacy rules, was deported from Turkey to Germany in 2016. She was arrested in June and is now charged with murder and committing a war crime.

United Jew hating Nations

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Another, bigger migrant caravan is set to leave from Honduras next month

Another migrant caravan — this one estimated at 15,000 people — is preparing to leave Honduras on Jan. 15, according to migrant rights advocates and Spanish-language media.

“They say they are even bigger and stronger than the last caravan,” said Irma Garrido, a member of the migrant advocacy group Reactiva Tijuana Foundation.

Meanwhile, thousands of Central American migrants from a caravan that left Honduras in October remain stranded at the U.S.-Mexico border and languishing in crowded Tijuana shelters while they wait out a lengthy process to file asylum requests with the United States.

Coordinators who helped direct the migrants on the 2,000-mile trek with bullhorns, arranging for buses and giving advice along the way, have mostly vanished.

Cone of silence surrounds Danforth shooting

It was one investigation Toronto police chief Mark Saunders seemed unwilling to address Thursday.

In fact, for the most part the whole mass tragedy appears to be shrouded under a cone of silence.

Asked whether his force is any closer to understanding what may have motivated the man who killed two females and wounded 13 in a horrific mass shooting on the Danforth in July, at first Saunders completely ignored the question, indicating their frontline officers were on scene in three minutes and 30 seconds.

Then he claimed he doesn’t want to “get into the minutiae (of the investigation) right now” — that there are still “some more things” that need to be looked at before they come to any conclusions.

Today in the longest occupation

Archaeologists uncovered a unique stone inscription dating back to the Second Temple Period with ‘Jerusalem’ written in full in modern Hebrew script – the first such discovery ever.

Archaeologists discovered the inscription this past winter near the Jerusalem International Convention Center during a dig carried out in the area prior to the construction of a new road, where the foundations of a Roman structure were exposed. The most significant part was a stone column drum, reused in the Roman structure, upon which the Aramaic inscription appears, written in Hebrew letters typical of the Second Temple Period.

The inscription reads “Hananiah son of / Dodalos / of Jerusalem” in three lines.


Shocked, I tell you

French Police Launch Search for ‘Yellow Vest’ Protesters Who Accosted Elderly Jewish Woman on Paris Metro

The incident involving the 74-year-old Jewish woman — named in the French press as “Agnes” — occurred following Saturday’s protests. According to Thibaut Chevillard, a journalist for the outlet 20 Minutes who was traveling in the same subway carriage, three inebriated men wearing yellow vests began chanting for the resignation of French President Emmanuel Macron while making the quenelle salute. On seeing this, Agnes rose from her seat and challenged the men, explaining that the salute was an antisemitic gesture and informing them that her own father had been deported to the Auschwitz death camp during World War II.

Chevillard said that no passengers came to the defense of Agnes as the three men berated her, demanding that she get off the train while mockingly denying the existence of the Nazi gas chambers.

The NGOs and Funders Behind Airbnb’s BDS Policy

On November 19, 2018, Airbnb issued a press release announcing it was “removing listings” in “Israeli settlements in the Occupied West Bank.” The company provided no details as to how it defines “Israeli settlements” or the “Occupied West Bank” and whether its decision relates to Jerusalem, and in particular, the Jewish Quarter of the Old City. This change in policy was a clear result of a coordinated and well-financed campaign targeting the company by NGOs involved in BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions) campaigns against Israel, led by Human Rights Watch (HRW) and Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), in concert with the UN Human Rights Council (HRC), at least three Israeli groups, and the Palestinian Authority. The funders responsible for this campaign include a number of European governments as well as the US-based Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

Jewish Forward Editor Gets Ripped for Claiming They Were All Over Antisemitism in Women’s March

Jane Eisner, editor-in-chief of the Jewish Forward, did not seem happy that her publication was not mentioned in this New York Times article about antisemitism in the Women’s March (while Tablet magazine was) – judging by her ensuing Twitter rant.

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A League of Democracies: Dusting Off an Old Idea

During a recent interview, Ambassador Ron Dermer, Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, suggested that a “League of Democracies” would help freedom-loving states survive the challenge to democratic values presented by authoritarian states and extremist ideologies.

Bombshell: New Info Says Khashoggi Was A Foreign Influence Agent

The Washington Post has caused itself a major scandal since it has come to light they and their martyred “reformer” Jamal Khashoggi were publishing anti-Saudi propaganda for Qatar. They tried to bury this in a pre-Christmas Saturday news dump, but that can’t stop the damage this will do to their reputation.

“Text messages between Khashoggi and an executive at Qatar Foundation International show that the executive, Maggie Mitchell Salem, at times shaped the columns he submitted to The Washington Post, proposing topics, drafting material and prodding him to take a harder line against the Saudi government,” the Post wrote December 21.

The Post says they were unaware of this, although Khashoggi’s Qatar connections were well known. They will have to answer for what is either incompetence in connecting these dots or simply not caring as Khashoggi’s attacks on President Trump and the Saudis fit right in with their narrative. The Qatar Foundation denies they were paying him to produce the anti-Saudi material.

But during Security Studies Group research for our report on the information operation after his death, we heard from reliable sources familiar with the investigation that documents showing wire transfers from Qatar were found in his apartment in Turkey. They were immediately put out of reach by Turkish security services, so they did not show the collusion between Khashoggi, Qatar, and Turkey prior to his death. We have published a new, unredacted set of findings about the case. It is damning to Qatar, Turkey, and the Washington Post.

Go ahead and boycott Sodastream now

Sodastream CEO: We are setting up a factory in Gaza

Linda Sarsour’s Monumental Christmas Screw-up

In a Merry Christmas message on Facebook to her followers, Israel-hater Linda Sarsour seems to have messed up. Big time.

Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour denies meeting Farrakhan despite speaking at 2015 rally

Linda Sarsour’s latest effort to distance the Women’s March leadership from Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan may have backfired.

A Women’s March national co-chair, Ms. Sarsour met with heavy skepticism after insisting that she has never met Mr. Farrakhan — or attended a Farrakhan speech — even though they both spoke at a rally he hosted in 2015.

“I for one, have NEVER EVER met the Minister but facts don’t matter and people want to throw the baby out with the bath water,” Ms. Sarsour said in a Saturday post on Facebook. “Discarding People is not how we transform hearts and eradicate antisemitism.”

As sharp-eyed social-media critics quickly pointed out, Ms. Sarsour spoke at Justice or Else, an October 2015 event at the National Mall organized by Mr. Farrakhan marking the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March.

“So how can we believe the Women’s March when they say they are truly sorry for how they have hurt Jewish people when keep lying about their affiliation with Farrakhan?” said the Twitter account (((kweansmom))).

‘Kick Them Out’: Syrian Women Tell Europe to Send Men Home to Rebuild Country

Syrian women are complaining that there are not enough men to rebuild the county, and have told Europe and other Western countries that have absorbed their young men to “kick them out” and send them home.

Journalist at Swedish public broadcaster SVT Johan-Mathias Sommarström travelled to Damascus, Syria, and spoke to some of the students at the University of Damascus, 70 per cent of whom he observed are women.

“Look around, you just see women. The university, on the street, in cafes, just women,” students Safaa and Sheima told Sommarström.

Another student, Lina, also noted the disproportion of the country’s population, shattering the liberal illusion that the migrant waves of 2015 were comprised of women and children fleeing war.

To solve the problem, the young student said that the Syrian government should issue an amnesty to men who left the country to avoid military service so that they can help rebuild the country, pointing the finger at Western nations that took in all the young male Syrians.

“The solution is to kick them out and get them to Syria where they can start building the country again,” said Lina.


Video: Canadian imam: Saying ‘Merry Christmas’ is worse than murder

A Canadian imam has said Muslims who congratulate Christians for the Christmas holiday are committing crimes worse than adultery and murder.

During a sermon at the Muslim Youth of Victoria in British Columbia, Sheikh Younus Kathrada said he viewed with “great sadness” his fellow Muslims’ casual treatment of the “false holiday.”

And he asserted that Muslims “must be offended” by Christians’ beliefs, in a video of his sermon provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

“There are those who will say to them “Merry Christmas.” What are you congratulating them on?” he asked. “Congratulations on the birth of your Lord? Is that acceptable to a Muslim? Are you now approving of their beliefs? By saying that you are approving of it.”

He then claimed that “If a person were to commit every major sin — committing adultery, dealing with interest, lying, murder… If a person were to do all of those major sins, they are nothing compared to the sin of congratulating and greeting the non-Muslims on their false festivals.”

Kathrada was quick to note that he did not mean Muslims should “treat the non-Muslims in a bad way or that we deal with them unjustly.

“I’m not saying, and I’ve never said, go out and just kill them, and do this to them… No! Because Allah tells us not to allow the enmity that may exist between you and a people to cause you to be unjust towards them. Rather, be just.”

Well, as long as he’s being reasonable about it.


Why were 19 people arrested for the murder of 2 Scandinavian women in Morocco?

“Lone wolves”

Christians at risk of extinction in land where Christmas began



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Vanessa Wruble, co-founder of the 2017 Women’s March, says she was sidelined by the 2018 Women’s March on Washington leadership because she is Jewish.

Wruble told the The New York Times that she was inspired to become a part of the first protest in January 2017 because her Jewish heritage taught her what it was like to be dispossessed and oppressed. But she was quickly rebuked by march leaders Tamika Mallory, who is black, and Carmen Perez, a Latina, who told her that Jews were part of America’s alleged systemic racism.

A frightening parallel between German antisemites in the 1920s and BDS activists today

An eyewitness writing in 1920 described the effect in Germany of the publication of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion:

In Berlin I attended several meetings which were entirely devoted to the Protocols. The speaker was usually a professor, a teacher, an editor, a lawyer or someone of that kind. The audience consisted of members of the educated class, civil servants, tradesmen, former officers, ladies, above all students …. Passions were whipped up to the boiling point. There, in front of one, in the flesh, was the cause of all ills – those who had made the war and brought about the defeat and engineered the revolution, those who had conjured up all our suffering …. I observed the students. A few hours earlier they had perhaps been exerting all their mental energy in a seminar under the guidance of a world-famous scholar. … Now young blood was boiling, eyes flashed, fists clenched, hoarse voices roared applause or vengeance. (W. K. Timmermann – Incitement in international criminal law)

Imagine the scene. Authority figures – often academics – riling up groups of people, often students, with lies that are meant to do only one thing: to incite the audience into hating Jews. And their methods worked – they seemed to gather “incontrovertible facts” that fed into the people’s need to find a scapegoat, to find a symbol that they can channel all their hate into.

This happens, today, too.

What are BDS meetings all about, anyway? They are meant to incite the audience with lies (in this case, the Protocols are replaced with heavily edited videos and fabricated news stories) in order to get them to hate Israel, and Zionist Jews.

Like the German antisemites of the 1920s, today’s Israel-bashers work hard to ensure that any information about their avowed enemies that is not wholly negative get censored, stopped, or drowned out with protests. The entire concept of accusations of “pinkwashing” and “artwashing” is meant to say that even when Israelis do something that aligns with modern liberal and moral values, it is really a nefarious plot to hide their unspeakable crimes. When Israeli Jews do something seemingly bad it is horrendous, when they do something good even that is bad. There is no room in their discourse for truth or honesty. And like then, there are enough idiots who are more than willing to fully adapt a simplistic theory of Jewish/Zionist evil to explain all the ills of the world (today including things like US police brutality, racism, colonialism, slavery, stealing organs, poisoning water, economic woes, and so forth.)

Musical Interlude

LeBron James Posts Song Lyrics About Getting ‘Jewish Money’ on Social Media

The irony of Lebron posting a song this weekend with these lyrics, cannot be overstated.

The Palestinian pioneering spirit

I have tried hard to find any valuable contribution the Palestinian Arabs have made to mankind. Sadly, I have to admit that I failed. If you can think of anything beneficial they have given us, please let me know. Because, quite frankly, I couldn’t come up with a thing.

The Palestinian Hall of Contributions to Mankind is as empty as the recently opened Palestine History Museum in Ramallah, an impressive building lacking historic content.

You would think that millions of people in search of statehood would make their mark in something other than death and destruction.

But they haven’t, and there is no sign they will do so any day soon.

Sen. Cruz Introduces the End Palestinian Terror Salaries Act of 2018

“Palestinian terrorists have wounded or killed more than a dozen Israelis over the last few months, including 45-year old American-Israeli Ari Fuld,” Sen. Cruz said “The Palestinian government continues to provide hundreds of millions of dollars each year rewarding such terrorists and their families, providing an incentive for ever more violence. It’s past time for Congress to impose direct costs on the Palestinian officials who manage the programs that provide these rewards.”

Saudi Arabia and UAE sending troops to help Kurds in Syria

There have been some intriguing developments related to Syria that are now being reported in the wake of President Trump’s announcement of the withdrawal of U.S. troops.

To begin with, it appears that the Kurds will be getting support from America’s regional allies.

Furthermore, a Jordanian official reports that Russian forces currently in Syria will take action to restrain Hezbollah and Iranian activity there, according to understandings reached by the U.S., Israel, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Belgian soccer fans sing chant about burning Jews

Soccer fans in Belgium chanted about burning Jews during a match in the city of Bruges, Belgian media reported.

La Derniere Heure published footage from the August 26 match on Wednesday. It shows dozens of fans celebrating their local team’s victory over Brussels’ Anderlecht team that day by singing in Flemish: “My father was in the commandos, my mother was in the SS, together they burned Jews ’cause Jews burn the best.”

Putin Goads Anti-Brexiteers: ‘Someone Disliked the Result, so Repeat It over and over? Is this Democracy?’

Out of the mouths of dictators….