French Police Launch Search for ‘Yellow Vest’ Protesters Who Accosted Elderly Jewish Woman on Paris Metro

The incident involving the 74-year-old Jewish woman — named in the French press as “Agnes” — occurred following Saturday’s protests. According to Thibaut Chevillard, a journalist for the outlet 20 Minutes who was traveling in the same subway carriage, three inebriated men wearing yellow vests began chanting for the resignation of French President Emmanuel Macron while making the quenelle salute. On seeing this, Agnes rose from her seat and challenged the men, explaining that the salute was an antisemitic gesture and informing them that her own father had been deported to the Auschwitz death camp during World War II.

Chevillard said that no passengers came to the defense of Agnes as the three men berated her, demanding that she get off the train while mockingly denying the existence of the Nazi gas chambers.

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