Jeremy Corbyn was TOO UPSET to address Labour’s antisemitism crisis

Emily Thornberry has revealed Jeremy Corbyn was ‘too upset’ to address the Labour party’s antisemitism crisis.

The Shadow Education Secretary was jeered and laughed at as she attempted to defend Corbyn at a Jewish charity event on Thursday.

The Islington South MP said: ‘When people accused Jeremy of being an antisemite, he was so upset, and as a result he has found it difficult to deal with the problem.

‘He hasn’t dealt with it properly, but to call him antisemitic is wrong.’

Ms Thornberry was also mocked when she told the audience that there ‘isn’t a racist or antisemitic bone in Jeremy’s body’, Jewish News reported.

It comes after it was revealed handling of the antisemitism crisis has been ranked forth in a list of the world’s biggest threats to Jews last year by a leading human rights organisation.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center ranked him three spots below the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooter, Neo-Nazi Robert Bowers, and warned the Labour leader posed an ‘existential threat to Jews in the UK’.

One response to “Jeremy Corbyn was TOO UPSET to address Labour’s antisemitism crisis

  1. Even Lewis Carroll couldn’t make this stuff up.

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