Time for TCHC to turf troublemakers

It would have been about five minutes, the tenant guessed.

Three-hundred seconds to infinity.

Toronto cops say Joel Newby, 23, got on an elevator at 40 Gordonridge Pl.

Along for the ride was Joshua Bewley, 27.

One man got off the elevator at the TCHC building. The other did not.

That was April 21, 2018.

Newby was stabbed to death that Saturday morning.

“Five minutes later and my 10-year-old niece would have been in the elevator,” the building resident, a 31-year-old woman, told The Toronto Sun.

Bewley was picked up in Vancouver and charged with murder.

Death came calling again last weekend as the city marked its first homicide of 2019.

His name was Ian Dyer.

He too was stabbed to death in what police sources say may have been a game of Scrabble that came off the rails in a 12th floor apartment.

Dyer was 36.

Leigh Ming, 34, a familiar face at the building and a frequent flier in the courts is charged with first-degree murder.

Life in a TCHC building is one frequently fraught with danger, bedbugs, dope dealers and hookers.

Tenants — most of whom are hard-working and decent — are fed up.

They want the dealers gone. Now.

They want their halls and lobby’s back.

They want to move up the economic ladder without fear.

Everyone agrees that the system is shattered. What to do with it is another thing.

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