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‘I Fear for My Life’: Inside the Overnight Drama to Rescue the Hebron Businessmen from the PA

A fast-paced drama unfolded late Friday night in Hebron as members of the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) security services set out to arrest several businessmen who participated in the US-sponsored Peace to Prosperity workshop in Manama, Bahrain.

Man Celebrates Pothole’s Birthday: ‘He Seemed Thrilled with the Idea’

A Kansas City, Missouri, resident is celebrating a pothole’s three-month existence by throwing it a birthday party.

Frank Sereno is drawing attention to treacherous road conditions on his street through humor in hopes of gaining the attention of city officials.

“I’m going to have a celebration for Pothole,” Sereno told reporters. “I got some cake, lit a candle and had a little birthday party for Pothole. He seemed thrilled with the idea.”

However, Sereno said he did not sing “Happy Birthday” to the pothole, but only because “it was too hot out.”




Islamophobia, like much Muslim discourse, is based on an appropriation and inversion of Jewish experience and precepts

The Islamists invented “Islamophobia” because they wanted to gain what they (wrongly) thought were the benefits to the Jews of anti-Semitism – protection from criticism. That’s why they claim an equivalence between the two.

But the great difference is that anti-Semitism is true prejudice because the Jews are innocent of the grotesque misdeeds attributed to them. By contrast, while many Muslims are decent people who wouldn’t harm a fly, Islam is an all-too real, historic source of oppression, fanatical violence and colonialist wars.

Time and again, Muslim thinking appropriates and inverts Jewish experience in order to demonize Israel and the Jews.

Canada updated its terror list – and still hasn’t added the IRGC

It was a dramatic scene in the House of Commons just over one year ago. The Conservatives had put forward a motion to designate Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist entity. The IRGC is an ideologically-driven branch of Iran’s armed forces, created after the 1979 revolution, that has seen its power expand to envelop more and more of Iranian society. It plays a leading role in everything that is wrong with the troubled regime today.

Nobody expected the Liberal government to back the motion. After all, Trudeau had campaigned on growing relations with Iran and the Liberals had knocked down a similar motion by a Conservative Senator just weeks before.

But something strange happened when House of Commons Speaker Geoff Regan began taking the tally on the motion. He asked for all “yeas” to speak up, turning to the Conservatives to register their support for the motion. Then he asked for the “nays”, pivoting to the other side under the assumption that the Liberals would all vote against. Then there were rumblings. The “yeas” weren’t over.

There were others who wanted to vote for the motion – those on the other side of the bench. The first one to rise – remarkably – was Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The PM was standing to support a Conservative motion about getting tough on Iran. The Conservatives were elated. Social media lit up. American media even took notice.

A year later though, it still hasn’t happened.

Video released of suspect in alleged sexual assault of 14-year-old girl in Aurora

Suspect was reportedly carrying a gun during alleged sexual assault of 14-year-old girl

Revenge of the Right: Why Break Up YouTube, Google and Facebook