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3rd CAMH patient to go missing this month has history of sex offences

A man who has become at least the third detained patient to disappear from a Toronto mental health treatment centre in the past month has a long history of sexual offences against strangers and is considered a risk to the public, documents on his case show.


Somali Refugees and ISIS Supporters Arrested This Week Joined a Gym So They Could Do Beheadings

Those heads aren’t going to lop themselves off

Jerusalem as a Muslim holy city is the oldest Fake News in history

12 Comcast/NBC Execs Funded Harris Campaign Before Debate

Not only did NBC debate moderators give California Sen. Kamala Harris extra time during its June debate, it turns out twelve executives from NBC Universal and parent company Comcast gave her campaign cash too.

NBC was ready to crown Harris the victor after its two-night, Democratic debates June 26 and 27. In various programming the network heaped praise on the “breakout star,” calling her “brave” and “powerful.”

But NBC’s moderators broke their own debate rules by giving Harris more time than she was supposed to get, some of which she used to attack former Vice President Joe Biden and accuse him. The resulting exchange caused MSNBC host Chris Matthews to wonder if Biden could survive Harris’ “amazing night in history.”

Now, recently released Federal Election Commission data revealed Harris had another kind of help from NBC.


ACLU Stumps for the New Transgender Patriarchy

The ACLU wants you to sign a pledge showing support for your neighbor’s son to have the right to dominate your daughter in sports.

How woke of them.

Illegal Immigrant Bought Baby For $80 In Guatemala To Get Priority Release In US

Children are being rented, bought, recycled, and kidnapped so that single adults, mostly men from Central America, can gain quick release into the United States after crossing the border illegally.

The cost of renting a child varies.

“We’ve had indications … that it could cost anywhere from a few hundred—or even in some cases, less than $100—up to $1,000 or more,” said Kevin McAleenan, acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), during a congressional hearing on July 18.

McAleenan said in one case, a 51-year-old illegal alien had purchased a 6-month-old baby for $80 in Guatemala so that he could easily get into the United States. The man, a Honduran national, confessed to border agents when he was faced with a DNA test.

“We’ve seen all manner of smuggling organizations communicating to potential customers and to those crossing the border how to bring a child with them to be allowed to stay in the United States,” McAleenan said. “They’ve been active in advertising, literally on Facebook and on the radio in Central America.”

Homeland Security Investigations, a division of ICE, sent 400 agents to El Paso and Rio Grande Valley, Texas, in mid-April to interview families that Border Patrol suspected were fake. In the last eight weeks, HSI special agents have identified 5,500 fraudulent families—about 15 percent of all cases referred.

McAleenan said agents have uncovered 921 fake documents and 615 individuals have been prosecuted for trafficking or smuggling a child.

“That tells me that we might be scratching the surface of this problem and the number of children being put at risk might be even higher,” he said.

“Everybody knows that if they bring a child, they’ll be allowed to stay in the United States—they call it a ‘passport for migration.’ I heard that directly from a gentleman from Huehuetenango, the western-most province of Guatemala.”

He said almost every summary of the cases he has seen mentions the same thing:

“The subject stated that he made the attempt because he heard in his hometown that anyone traveling to the United States with a child will be released.”

The southern border has become so overwhelmed that most illegal aliens don’t even claim credible fear for asylum anymore, knowing they’ll still be released expeditiously into the United States—especially if they have a child.