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Families of British jihadis are plotting to smuggle them back to the UK

British families are plotting to smuggle relatives who joined Islamic State out of Syria amid a Cabinet row over the issue, intelligence sources claim.

Pot stores in the Ottawa Valley are selling illicit cannabis vape pens

Illicit vape pens and refill cartridges were for sale at four of the six cannabis stores visited by the Citizen at Pikwakanagan First Nation on the shores of Golden Lake, about 150 km west of Ottawa.

Hamilton police investigating after senior blocked from entering Maxime Bernier event

Hamilton police say they are investigating whether charges will be laid after a senior was physically blocked by protesters from entering a political event on Sunday where People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier was speaking.

About 100 demonstrators wearing bandannas or balaclavas to cover their faces entered Mohawk College McIntyre Performing Arts Centre ahead of the political event that evening. The demonstrators chanted “Nazi scum, off our streets” and held signs that read “white supremacy is terrorism.”

According to a news release issued Monday, police were made aware of an incident that was occurring “out of view from officers.” An elderly woman with a walker was being prevented by some of the demonstrators from entering the event.

“Once police became aware, officers intervened and escorted the woman and her companion into the venue,” investigators said. “Hamilton police are in the process of collecting video evidence and further charges may be pending. Investigators will be reviewing video and speaking to witnesses to determine if reasonable grounds exist to charge individuals with criminal code offences.”

Police also said that four people had been arrested for breaching the piece after a fight broke out near the entrance of one of the halls. All four people were later released and no injuries were reported.



Church Of Sweden Announced Greta Thunberg ‘Successor’ Of Jesus

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Turkey’s $27 Billion Plan to Resettle Northeast Syria

Its goal is to demographically change the area from a historically Kurdish region to one housing Turkish-supported Arab refugees in settlement-style towns, unconnected to the indigenous people and dependent on Turkey for support.


PuffHo whore, Althia Raj



The filth Bernie Farber is in bed with wishes Antifa would be “media aware” when terrorizing old women


MUST WATCH VIDEO: Antifa harass senior woman in walker outside of Rubin & Bernier event

In a shocking display, Antifa protestors blocked and bullied a senior woman with a walker while outside of tonight’s Maxime Bernier and David Rubin People’s Party event in Hamilton, Ontario.

In the video, three masked Antifa members are seen screaming “Nazi scum off our streets!” at a senior woman trying to get by at a crosswalk in a walker.


German court in the southern city of Augsburg on Wednesday sentenced a radical Islamist Palestinian asylum seeker to a 10 year  prison term for attempting to murder judges and prosectors. Haidar A, the extremist Palestinian, had previously been sentenced in 2017 for attempting to behead a refugee.

“It’s amazing how a young man can be so caught up in hate, anger and blind rage,” said presiding judge Sandra Mayer, ” reported the local paper Augsburger Allgemeine.  She added that “Haidar A. is caught in almost medieval ways of thinking and the court has little hope that he will develop for the better.”

The court sentenced the 26-year-old Haidar for six  attempted murders on Wednesday. Haidar sought during the judicial process in the Summer of 2017 to take the weapon of a police office in the courtroom. He was, according to the Augsburger Allgemeine, upset that the court sentenced him to a lengthy prison term for attempting to behead a asylum seeker with a knife in the town of Hurlach–a municipality in the district of Landsberg in the southern German state of Bavaria .
Haider also spat in the direction of the judge’s bench and screamed: “To hell with you and those who created you.”

Haidar wanted to behead the refugee because he “insulted his religious feelings,” according to the paper’s report. The court sentenced him to  12 years and nine months in prison. When the prison sentence was announced, Haidar tossed his shoe in the direction of the judge and attempted to secure the firearm of a police officer. The combined sentences from 2017 and Wednesday likely mean that Haidar could serve a prison term longer than 20 years.

Haidar wrote in a letter to cousins that judge is a “whore” and the other judges are her “pimps.” He wrote in the letter that he wants to kill the judges.  Haidar also admitted in a letter that he sent to the court that he wanted to carry out a campaign of bloody revenge on Germans and Christians. The German Bild paper reported that he wrote the panel of judges overseeing his case:

“I promise, if I get a pig from your worshipers of the cross in the hands, I will drink his blood. I’ll spit  at you and your cross. “

Venezuela’s Maduro regime set to win seat on UN’s top human rights body

It’s official: Venezuela has submitted its candidacy for a seat on the UN’s highest human rights body, and barring an unexpected shift, the Maduro regime — despite being accused of gross and systematic human rights abuses — will be elected by a vote in the UN general assembly on October 16th, according to UN Watch, a non-governmental human rights organization based in Geneva. (See Venezuela’s human rights pledges below.)

The voting will also confer council membership on at least three other countries – Libya, Mauritania, and Sudan – that independent human rights groups also judge to be unqualified by reason of their chronic human rights abuses and negative voting record on rights issues.

York Centre NDP candidate working with Jew hating lunatic Shiite who’s been terrorizing the North York Jewish community

How thousands of illegals turned Roxham Road into a de facto border crossing

Half-way up Roxham Road in upstate New York, a Dead End sign warns that the pavement peters out just ahead at the U.S.-Canada border.

But this once-quiet country road is not a dead end at all. It picks up again on the Quebec side, and this route has evolved into a throughway for migrants from all over the world seeking a new beginning in Canada.

Close to 50,000 have come into Canada in just two years at Roxham Road, stepping across the border at the unauthorized crossing.

It’s posing a complicated and intractable problem for the Canadian government.

“They don’t bother anybody, they just keep on their way … go out, cross the border,” says a bare-chested Tony Hogle, sitting astride a riding-lawnmower. He’s lived on the U.S. side of the road for 57 years.

“They’re doing a good thing; get the hell out of Dodge,” he says, referring to Donald Trump’s America, which he adds is, “you know, cracking down on these people all over.”

But the majority of those who come here to Plattsburgh, N.Y., by bus, train or plane have spent little time in the U.S., arriving on tourist visas with the intent of treading the footpath to Canada.

When CBC News visited the crossing recently, in one day we met families and single travellers from Pakistan, Turkey, Yemen, Lebanon, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Eritrea, as well as a Palestinian family from the occupied territories. Some arrived with what appeared to be fresh baggage tags from overseas flights into New York. Others had made their way north from Mexico, South and Central America.

In three months this summer, authorities say 5,083 crossed at Roxham Road, averaging 60 a day. That’s up from 4,397 over the same period the previous summer.

They often prearrange taxis in Plattsburgh for the half-hour ride to the border. Since 2017, the route has become so normalized that taxi companies are branding themselves as border shuttles. A sign on one taxi van brazenly reads “Refugee Border.” Another reads “Roxham Border – LaColle Border” and advertises a group rate, with each ride costing between $60 and $80 US, a lucrative and steady business.


Child Rape Suspects Released In New York & New Jersey After Local Jails Refuse To Hold Men For ICE

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Captured Canadian ISIS fighter wants to come home — but not if he will be judged by Canadian law

Before he was captured by Syrian Kurdish forces in February, Canadian Mohammed Khalifa went from being a cog in the ranks of ISIS to its English language voice. 

Khalifa, 35, who goes by his ISIS nom de guerre Abu Ridwan, says he would like to return to Canada provided he can bring his non-Canadian wife and their three children.

“This area is no doubt a dangerous area. I’d want to take my family out of there,” Abu Ridwan told The Fifth Estate in an interview from a prison in northern Syria.

But if his return means he will likely face justice in a Canadian court, Abu Ridwan said he would rather remain locked up where he is.

“In terms of going back to be judged, then no.”

Cannabis vaping — not nicotine — is primary cause of lung illness, CDC finally says

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finally acknowledged Friday that a vast majority of the mysterious, vaping-related lung illnesses are linked to cannabis products — not nicotine.

Iqra Khalid Reappears with Radical Activist Despite Past Apology

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VIDEO: Australian PM Blasts Those Who Exploit Children’s Anxiety On Climate Change

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison slammed those who “exploit” children’s “anxiety” over climate change to push their political agendas in a speech he gave this week to the United Nations.

“We must respect and harness the passion and aspiration of our younger generations, we must guard against others who would seek to compound or, worse, facelessly exploit their anxiety for their own agendas,” Morrison said. “We must similarly not allow their concerns to be dismissed or diminished as this can also increase their anxiety.”

“Above all, we should let our children be children, let our kids be kids, let our teenagers be teenagers,” Morrison continued, adding, “while we work positively together to deliver the practical solutions for them and their future.”


The Poles continue to be a lovely people

Hundreds of Chained Men and Boys Rescued From Islamic School

More than 300 captives, most of them children and many in chains, have been rescued from a building in the northern Nigerian city of Kaduna, a police spokesman said on Friday.

All the children seen by a Reuters reporter at the scene were boys aged from around five to their late teens. Some had their ankles manacled together and others were chained by their legs to large metal hubcaps.

Police said the building housed an Islamic school and that seven people had been arrested in the raid on Thursday. It was not clear how long the children had been held there.

“The state government is currently providing food to the children who are between the ages of five and above,” said Yakubu Sabo, the Kaduna police spokesman.

“We have identified two of the children to have come from Burkina Faso, while most of them were brought by their parents from across mostly northern Nigerian states,” he added.

He said those arrested were teachers at the school.

Reports carried by local media said the captives had been tortured, starved and sexually abused. Reuters was not immediately able to confirm those reports, though sores that appeared consistent with injuries inflicted by a whip were visible on one boy’s back.

Islamic schools, known as Almajiris, are common across the mostly Muslim north of Nigeria – a country that is roughly evenly split between followers of Christianity and Islam.

Parents in northern Nigeria, the poorest part of a country in which most people live on less than $2 a day, often opt to leave their children to board at the schools.

The children have been moved to a temporary camp at a stadium in Kaduna, and would later be moved to another camp in a suburb of the city while attempts are made to find their parents, police said.

Some parents who had already been contacted went to the school to retrieve their children.

“We do not know that they will be put to this kind of harsh condition,” one parent told Reuters.

Islamic schools in Nigeria have for years been dogged by allegations of abuse and accusations that some children have been forced to beg on the streets of northern Nigerian cities.

Earlier this year, the government of President Muhammadu Buhari, himself a Muslim, said it planned to eventually ban the schools, but would not do so immediately. It followed a number of reports in the Nigerian media that the government planned to outlaw such schools.


Canada’s plastic recycling dumped and burned overseas

‘Canadians would be … shocked,’ expert says as Marketplace poses as fake company to expose illegal recycling

B’nai Brith Investigation: Radical Syrian Group Uses Canadian Politicians as Propaganda Tools

Three of this country’s elected officials have attended events associated with the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP), B’nai Brith Canada has learned. 


Today in Bernie Farber works with sniveling, pathetic weasels because he is one


AJ+ Is Al Jazeera

UN chief warns of a world divided between US and China

If only

Religious Freedom Envoy Dismayed Islamic Countries Won’t Condemn China’s Abuse of Uighur Muslims

“Well, the Chinese play rougher than you guys do.”

Turkey is now a haven for terrorists and an enabler of terrorism

On Monday, four children of an American and his Israeli wife killed by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas in 2015 filed suit against Turkey’s Kuveyt Turk Bank in a New York court. They charge that the bank helps Hamas finance its terrorist attacks, allegations the firm is almost certain to deny.

The lawsuit against this Shariah-compliant bank, which counts the Turkish government as a shareholder, comes two weeks after the US Treasury sanctioned 11 Turkey-linked entities and individuals for supporting Hamas and other jihadist outfits. The evidence keeps mounting: Turkey has become a haven for regional baddies.

Under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey has become a permissive jurisdiction for rogue regimes and their illicit bankers. Between 2012 and 2015, Tehran relied on Turkish banks and a dual Iranian-Turkish gold trader to circumvent US sanctions at the height of Washington’s efforts to thwart the Islamic Republic’s nuclear ambitions. It was the biggest sanctions-evasions scheme in recent history.

Similarly, Venezula’s Maduro regime has been using Turkish-based companies in a money-laundering network involving the sale of Venezuelan gold. The US government sanctioned that network in July.

Reports suggest that a Treasury-sanctioned money man for the ­Assad regime in Syria owns an extensive network of companies in Turkey, thus enabling Syria to circumvent US sanctions.

Turkey has also proved a forgiving host to terrorists. In April, Treasury sanctioned six individuals and a Turkish money exchange for their role in bankrolling Islamic State. The action underscored how Islamic State terrorists continued to operate from Turkish territory well into 2018.

Turkish law enforcement is known to turn a blind eye to jihadists, while the country’s courts treat them leniently, often releasing them pending trial or granting them parole — in stark contrast to harsh treatment meted out to secular and pro-democracy dissidents.

After their ouster from Egypt in 2013, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood established new institutions in Turkey. In addition to Islamist propaganda, the movement’s television stations have broadcast death threats against Egyptian officials and foreign nationals in Egypt. Ironically, the Turkish government defends the Muslim Brotherhood’s “freedom of expression” even as Erdogan has silenced Turkey’s domestic opposition.

Turkey stalks and prosecutes dissident groups with zeal, branding them terrorists, while allowing actual terrorists from Hamas to operate freely on Turkish soil. Saleh Arouri, the Hamas military commander responsible for the 2014 kidnapping and killing of three teens in the West Bank, spearheaded that operation from Turkish soil. The US Treasury designated Arouri as a terrorist in September 2015 and subsequently issued a “Rewards for Justice” bounty for information leading to his arrest or capture.

But Arouri is just one of many Hamas operatives who have operated in Turkey. In 2011, 10 Hamas operatives Israel released as part of a prisoner exchange arrived in Turkey, and many remain active there. Imad al-Alami, Hamas’ long-serving envoy to Iran and a US-designated terrorist since 2003, received medical treatment in Turkey in 2014 and continued his work there while he convalesced.

The New York lawsuit against the Kuveyt Turk Bank has the potential to check Turkey’s impunity. In 2016, the nonprofit St. Francis of Assisi filed a complaint in California against Kuveyt Turk Bank and its parent company, Kuwait Finance House, for allegedly processing donations to Islamic State. A federal judge dismissed the case because it couldn’t be proved that a US person had been harmed.

By contrast, Monday’s complaint against Kuveyt Turk has plaintiffs with ties to the United States. The plaintiffs also argue that the bank is subject to jurisdiction in New York for using its correspondent bank accounts in the Empire State to facilitate US-dollar-denominated transfers for Hamas’ benefit.

It’s already clear that Erdogan’s Turkey has become a permissive jurisdiction for illicit and terror finance. But this new case on behalf of an American victim of terrorism and members of his family could finally begin to hold the regime in Turkey responsible.



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Conservative journalist blocked by Trudeau campaign, detained and questioned by police

“I was accredited by the government of Canada for an event two months ago. The federal government and the British government think I’m accredited media; The British courts think I’m accredited media; The Canadian courts think I’m accredited media. But the Liberal Party of Canada says I’m not. ”

Family Charged For Abandoning Adopted Ukrainian Child Who Turned Out To Be Crazed Adult Dwarf

The Barnetts adopted Natalia, a Ukrainian suffering from dwarfism, in 2010. After she exhibited a pattern of strange behavior, medical tests were performed which ultimately resulted in the Marion County Superior Court in Indianapolis to legally declare in 2012 that Natalia was actually born in 1989. Despite this, the Barnetts are now being charged with abandonment of a dependent after they moved to Canada without Natalia.

While Natalia was living with the Barnetts, the adoptee allegedly attempted to kill members of the family. “I saw her putting chemicals, bleach, Windex something like that, in my coffee” Kristine told the Daily Mail. “I asked her, what are you doing? She [Natalia] said, ‘I am trying to poison you.’”

Kristine says that Natalia used to be found “standing over people in the middle of the night” and stashed knives around the house. She would also “make statements and draw pictures saying she wanted to kill family members, roll them up in a blanket and put them in the backyard,” Kristine told the Daily Mail.

After Natalia tried to push her adoptive mother into an electric fence in 2012, she was committed to a state-run mental institution. At that facility, she confessed to faking her childhood, the Daily Mail reports.


Poll: 46% of French Muslims believe Sharia law should be applied in country

At least 46% of foreign-born Muslims in France want to adopt Sharia law into the country’s legal system, reveals a poll conducted by IFOP (French Institute for Public Opinions) for Le Point magazine.

The survey also indicates that among French-born Muslims, 18% believe that sharia should prevail.

That percentage rises to 46% among French Muslims coming from abroad, the study discovered.

“This claim of a supremacy of Sharia is therefore first carried by newcomers who come from countries where the imprint of Islam is very strong,”director of opinion and corporate strategies at IFOP Jerome Fourquet told Le Point.

The IFOP survey also reveals that “41% of Muslims believe that Islam must be practiced and integrated into French customs.”

Éric Ciotti, Member of the French National Assembly since 2007, responded to the survey by taking to social media and called for a return to “assimilation.”

“In the face of Islamist communitarianism, which is growing and threatening the (French) republic, we must stop immigration and rediscover assimilation as the core of our integration policy,” Ciotti posted to Twitter.


Why did the Trudeau government approve Bashar Assad’s man in Montreal?

Waseem Ramli is a well-to-do Montreal businessman who harbours an infamously unapologetic loyalty to the blood-soaked Baathist regime in Damascus. He’s often seen driving the streets of the city in his bright red Humvee, with its 1SYRIA custom licence plates, and its rear window emblazoned with the flag of the Syrian Arab Republic and the country’s Hawk of Quraish coat of arms. A side window is obscured with a portrait of Syrian mass murderer Bashar Assad.

Among the thousands of Syrian refugees who have settled in Montreal since 2015, the Kuwaiti-born Ramli is a notorious character. To many, his Humvee is an unsettling, menacing sight. Even so, Ramli, the director of his own management consultancy and proprietor of the popular Cocktail Hawaii restaurant on Rue Maisonneuve, has held little sway over Montreal’s Syrian community.

Until now.

Britain, France, Germany blame Iran for Saudi attack

France, Britain and Germany said on Monday it is clear Iran was responsible for an attack on Saudi oil facilities on Sept. 14

Jewish cult asks for political asylum in Iran

The appeal to Iran was made in 2018. In it the sect leaders called for cooperation and help to counter what it called Zionist dominance in the Holy Land.

Lev Tahor was founded in Jerusalem in the 1990s by charismatic leader Rabbi Shlomo Hebrans and is estimated to number less than 300 members.

The cult was based in The United States, Canada, Mexico and recently in Guatemala.

Allegations of mistreatment of its children including abuse and child marriages were made against them in every location, though they have so far successfully avoided prosecution.

After the death of Lev Tahor’s leader in a reported drowning accident in Mexico, his brother and son have been leading the sect.

At least six members of its leadership have now been indicted in the United States, on various charges including kidnapping, identity theft (use of false passports), conspiracy to defraud the United States and international parental kidnapping.

Andrew Sullivan: Gay, Lesbian Kids Are Being Consumed by Transgender Propaganda

Gay and lesbian youths are being consumed by the transgender ideology, says Andrew Sullivan, the gay New York writer who helped start the gay marriage movement.

“Increasingly, girly boys and tomboys are being told that gender trumps sex, and if a boy is effeminate or bookish or freaked out by team sports, he may actually be a girl, and if a girl is rough and tumble, sporty, and plays with boys, she may actually be a boy,” Sullivan wrote September 20 for New York Magazine.

The cost of that pro-transgender propaganda may be huge, Sullivan wrote:

I don’t have children, but I sure worry about gay kids in this context. I remember being taunted by some other kids when I was young — they suggested that because I was mildly gender-nonconforming, I must be a girl. If my teachers and parents and doctors had adopted this new ideology, I might never have found the happiness of being gay and comfort in being male. How many gay kids, I wonder, are now being led into permanent physical damage or surgery that may be life-saving for many, but catastrophic for others, who come to realize they made a mistake. And what are gay adults doing to protect them? Nothing. Only a few ornery feminists, God bless them, are querying this.

In some ways, the extremism of the new transgender ideology also risks becoming homophobic. Instead of seeing effeminate men as one kind of masculinity, as legitimate as any other, transgenderism insists that girliness requires being a biological girl. Similarly, a tomboy is not allowed to expand the bandwidth of what being female can mean, but must be put into the category of male. In my view, this is not progressive; it’s deeply regressive. There’s a reason why Iran is a world leader in sex-reassignment surgery, and why the mullahs pay for it. Homosexuality in Iran is so anathema that gay boys must be turned into girls, and lesbian girls into boys, to conform to heterosexual norms. Sound a little too familiar?

Sullivan backs up his concerns by noting that the teenage sex-change treatment seems to be very hazardous to the physical health of the children:

In the case of merely confused or less informed kids, the consequences of [sex-change] treatment can be permanent. Many of these prepubescent trans-identifying children are put on puberty blockers, drugs that suppress a child’s normal hormonal development, and were originally designed for prostate cancer and premature puberty. The use of these drugs for gender dysphoria is off-labelunapproved by the FDA; there have been no long-term trials to gauge the safety or effectiveness of them for gender dysphoria, and the evidence we have of the side effects of these drugs in FDA-approved treatment is horrifying. Among adults, the FDA has received 24,000 reports of adverse reactions, over half of which it deemed serious. Parents are pressured into giving these drugs to their kids on the grounds that the alternative could be their child’s suicide. Imagine the toll of making a decision about your child like that?


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Do we see reality as it is?

German Study Finds 40% of Migrants Claiming to be Children are Actually Adults

Hairy situation


Video showing hundreds of shackled, blindfolded prisoners in China is ‘genuine’

Online footage purporting to show hundreds of blindfolded and shackled prisoners in a mostly Muslim region of China is believed to be authentic, a European security source has told Sky News.

The detainees are thought to be from China’s minority Uighur Muslims, the source said on Friday.

Human rights organisations accuse China of holding one million people, mostly ethnic Uighurs, at sprawling detention camps in Xinjiang province – a charge Beijing strongly denies.

The footage, posted anonymously on Tuesday on Twitter and YouTube, shows lines of men, heads shaved, hands bound behind their back, sitting in lines on the floor or being moved by guards at a station in the city of Korla in Xinjiang, northwest China.

The European security source said: “We’ve examined the footage and believe it to be genuine.

The bizarre world of tax-exempt pedophiles

For many, charitable status is a legitimizing factor taken into consideration when choosing what organization or foundation to donate to. Government recognition that an entity’s work is valid enough to exempt them from taxes is often a good indicator of the work’s importance.

However, there are always exceptions.



What was previously believed to be the result of acoustic attacks on US and Canadian diplomats in Cuba, the so-called “Havana Syndrome,” is now thought to be the result of pesticides, according to a new study.

Mississauga doctor charged with voyeurism now in Woodstock


Dr. Fady Ghaly

A Mississauga doctor previously charged with two counts of voyeurism is now at a Woodstock clinic.

Dr. Fady Ghaly was charged in 2017 by the Peel Regional Police with two counts of voyeurism, though he later pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of mischief and served a conditional sentence.

When reached at Trusty Care Clinic, and later, at his request, on his cellphone, Ghaly declined to comment when asked about his practice in Woodstock, his criminal record and the ongoing College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario investigation.

“I prefer not to speak with the media about that. It is something related to the college, and it is something between me and the college and I prefer to do that a different way, rather than the media,” Ghaly said.

Ghaly repeatedly refused to confirm he was working at or seeing patients in Woodstock, despite being reached at the city’s new Trusty Care clinic.

Shae Greenfield, a communications adviser for the College of Physicians and Surgeons, confirmed the ongoing college investigation into Ghaly but said, due to privacy regulations, little else could be confirmed.

In most cases, Greenfield said the college will not even confirm an ongoing investigation, but said this case met standards for there being a “compelling public interest” in the disclosure.

Online, the college has flagged Ghaly and there is a listing of the criminal charges, but no indication of an investigation – again, due to privacy regulations. Greenfield said the college can confirm the investigation but can’t list it publicly.

“We are able to confirm because of the determination of compelling public interest (in the investigation). We don’t post that on the profile … because it is not something we are permitted to do in most cases. It is not included on the registry,” Greenfield said.

In most cases, there is nothing to prohibit a doctor from practising while under investigation, Greenfield added.

An interim restriction could be applied to a doctor’s licence to immediately stop them from practising, but Greenfield said that is only done in “rare” circumstances if there is a risk of imminent harm to the public.

The decision to place a restriction is also subject to judicial review.

Greenfield said there is no indication as to how long the investigation into Ghaly may take. It could result in disciplinary action.

According to prior news reports, Ghaly was practising in Mississauga in 2017 when two women came forward alleging a camera was found in the women’s employee washroom. Ghaly was arrested and charged with two counts of voyeurism.

Ghaly was arrested and charged with two counts of voyeurism.

In 2018, he pleaded guilty to a mischief charge, and served a six-month conditional sentence and 18 months of probation.

Ghaly then practised in Guelph at the Arkell Clinic. In August, after news stories about his practice in Guelph broke, media reports noted the Guelph clinic purged all traces of Ghaly from its website. The clinic confirmed Thursday Ghaly no longer works there.

The Trusty Care Clinic and connected pharmacy in Woodstock announced their opening at the end of August. There is no mention of Ghaly on any of the clinic’s websites or social media, though a receptionist and a pharmacist both confirmed Ghaly was available at the clinic Thursday in Woodstock.

Posts on social media about Ghaly’s practice in Woodstock have received dozens of comments and shares. One woman confirmed her son had seen the doctor, and Ghaly’s name was on the prescription bottle. Many people expressed disbelief the doctor would be allowed to practice despite an investigation and previous criminal charges.

On Facebook, Trusty Care Pharmacy lists its clinic as opening on Aug. 27.


Hezbollah-linked bank, sanctioned by US last month, closes down

The US Treasury said the bank was used for enabling several of the Shiite militant group’s financial activities, “including sending payments to families of suicide bombers.”

BDS Co-Founder Omar Barghouti Barred from UK

This is coming barely 5 months after he was barred from entering the US to spread his hatred.


The human rights organization Simon Wiesenthal Center’s chief Nazi-hunter, Dr. Efraim Zuroff, on Wednesday accused German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her administration of placating Iran’s regime by promoting business with Tehran in Berlin.

Zuroff told The Jerusalem Post that the German government’s foreign policy recalls “Shades of Munich 1938, only this time it’s the Germans who think that they can achieve ‘Peace in our times,’ by appeasing a totalitarian, fundamentalist regime intent on genocide of Jews. The participation of German ministry officials in an event to encourage business with the mullahs makes  the pronouncements by Chancellor Merkel [‘Israel’s security is a national interest of the Federal Republic’] and Foreign Minister Heiko Maas [‘I entered politics because of Auschwitz’] ring embarrassingly hollow.”


The US Justice Department (DoJ) announced Thursday that a New Jersey man, Alexei Saab, is charged with a nine-count indictment for offenses related to his support for Hezbollah and separate marriage-fraud offenses.

“Saab allegedly was trained by Hezbollah’s external terrorist operations component in bomb-making and conducted intelligence-gathering in New York City and elsewhere in support of Hezbollah’s attack-planning efforts,” the DoJ said in a statement.

B’nai Brith Demands NDP Drop Candidate Who Defaced Store Products

B’nai Brith Canada is deeply disturbed by the New Democratic Party’s nomination of a candidate who was filmed affixing “warning” labels to Israeli products on Canadian store shelves and encouraging Canadians to boycott them.


Miranda Gallo

Just Justin Trudeau in blackface WITH A BANANA DOWN HIS PANTS

Good Lord


The International Judo Federation (IJF) on Wednesday suspended Iran from competing in any future judo competition due to the fact that Iranian judoka “Saeid Mollaei has been instructed by the Iranian authorities and the Iran Judo Federation to withdraw from competing to avoid a potential contest against an Israeli athlete…Sagi Muki,” the IJF notice read.

Upon Mollaei’s loss at his semi-final bout at the Judo World Championship in Tokyo last month, he was rushed by members of the IJF to Germany, where he revealed that he was instructed to throw his battles to avoid competing against Muki.

Airline Mechanic Accused of Sabotaging Plane Had ISIS Video on His Phone

Prosecutors in federal court on Wednesday allege that Alani had downloaded an ISIS propaganda video to his cellphone, which he sent to other unnamed individuals. Prosecutors also alleged during the Wednesday bond hearing that Alani confided to coworkers that his brother was involved in ISIS.

The U.S. attorney further stated that Alani had traveled to Iraq earlier this year, a fact which he had confided to his roommate, because his brother had been kidnapped. He also reportedly transferred $700 to an unidentified recipient in Iraq this past July. Alani’s phone is said to contain a news article about Lion Air Flight 610, which crashed off the coast of Indonesia in October 2018, killing all 189 on board.

The article about the crash contained specific data about the flight’s airspeed control system, which was the target of Alani’s tampering.