Heartwarming Story Of Cop Adopting Homeless Drug Addict’s Baby

In a heartwarming highlight of night two of the Republican National Convention, an Albuquerque police officer discussed the opioid crisis and the moving circumstances that led him to ultimately adopt a homeless heroin addict’s baby while helping her get sober.

Ryan Holets described responding to a call in 2017 about drug use, when he saw a couple preparing to use heroin. Upon noticing that the woman, named Crystal, was visibly pregnant, he asked her if she was aware of the harm she was doing to her baby through her drug use, causing her to begin weeping.

He told the RNC, “Two worlds collided as I knelt down beside her: a police officer and a homeless drug addict, brought together by forces outside our control. As we talked, our humanity, distinct from our stations in life, was made abundantly clear.”

Holets described his reaction to Crystal expressing the love she felt for her unborn baby, stating “In that moment, I saw her the way all of you who know and love an addict see them. As fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, children, cousins, and friends. As human beings, full of value and dignity, but robbed of their potential from this disease.”

When Crystal confided in Holets her desire to find a family to adopt her unborn child, he suddenly knew he was meant to welcome the baby into his family. He and his wife adopted Crystal’s baby, who they aptly named Hope. He also helped Crystal and her partner, Tom, get clean and sober. Holets shared that his daughter is healthy and happy, and Crystal is approaching three years of sobriety.

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