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Critics mock PolitiFact’s ‘unintentional honesty’ for job opening on its ‘misinformation team’

‘The most accurate thing Politifact has ever tweeted’

Mask-free Sweden nears zero daily Covid deaths as chief epidemiologist warns against ‘far-reaching conclusions’ about Delta strain

Reviled by the media for refusing to impose harsh lockdowns, Sweden’s less draconian approach to the health crisis appears to be paying off

NYT Reporter Resigns After Writing Glowing Profile on Michael Phelps Without Disclosing Book Deal With Swimmer

Your daily “journalist”

Karen Crouse

Biden Team Reaches Out to News Outlets Over ‘Irresponsible’ Delta Coverage Being Done for Ratings — And Hurting Vaccine Effort

Mediaite has learned that President Joe Biden’s administration is reaching out to news outlets to get them to “dial back” their overheated and “irresponsible” coverage of the Delta Covid variant, which they believe is being done “for eyeballs” at the expense of the crucial vaccination effort.

Several news outlets have already faced stiff public backlash over reckless framing of things like the number of breakthrough Covid cases (which is vanishingly small as a percentage of vaccinated people), the susceptibility of vaccinated people to the Delta variant (which is very very low), and the rate at which vaccinated people can transmit the variant.

COVID-19 ‘Panic Porn’ is Back and the Media is Loving It

They never want COVID to go away.

The dark side of transgenderism: Moral monsters are mutilating children without parental involvement

The Left’s long-standing effort to substitute government power for parental authority is picking up ominous strength, as signified by the trend toward state-ordered mutilation of minor children through sex-change surgeries, even over parental objections.

Progressives’ New Racialism Isn’t Just Repulsive. It’s Dangerous

This week, a bipartisan group of Senators came to an agreement over a new infrastructure bill that totals $550 billion, offering some hope to Americans that excessive partisanship won’t doom the legislation America needs to repair ailing roads, bridges, and other key infrastructure.

But the deal has frustrated some progressives on Capitol Hill, who were counting on Congress to also pass a separate $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill along partisan lines. The Republicans opposing that bill were aided recently by Arizona Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema, who helped negotiate the bipartisan compromise and who wants a smaller reconciliation bill. And rather than making the case against the deal on the merits, progressives instead took aim at the people negotiating it—specifically, at their race.

Get Ready for the ‘No-Buy’ List

First Big Tech censored speech. Now they want to shut deplorables out of the financial system.

The Nanny State Meets the Marquis de Sade

Using social justice totems to worship state power—all in the name of ‘public health’—is the acme of pandemic-era journalism

Critical race theory mutilates centuries-old legacy of interracial cooperation

Critical Race Theory is a religion without forgiveness. CRT promotes the evil, despicable Big Lie that whites are — everywhere and forever — the permanent oppressors of Black people. No matter how much some Caucasians try to do right by Blacks, whites just can’t stop being cruel bigots, much as fish can’t stop breathing underwater.

For Blacks, conversely, CRT is a prison without parole: It preaches that Blacks are permanent, benighted victims of white hate, not victors who can and do succeed — however they choose to excel.

Because it judges people solely on skin color, CRT epitomizes racial prejudice.

Meet the Censored: Hitler

Can history itself violate community standards?

VIDEO: New Rule: The Woke Olympics

Gates Foundation Is Longtime Partner Of Chinese Communist Group Which Funded Military-Linked Coronavirus Research At Wuhan Lab

The National Natural Science Foundation of China, which has extensive ties to China’s military and the Wuhan Institute of Virology, has partnered with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on scientific research for over five years.

Federal online harms bill would allow secret hearings and raises Charter concerns

The Liberal government’s online harms bill would create a new regulator for illegal content with sweeping powers that critics say raise concerns about secret proceedings and Canadians’ charter rights.

The Digital Safety Commissioner of Canada would be in charge of enforcing rules requiring online platforms to remove illegal content. Its authority would include the ability to send inspectors into workplaces and homes in search for documents, software, and information such as computer algorithms. Inspectors would need a warrant or consent to go into homes.

“This looks like a possible section 8, right against unreasonable search and seizure violation,” said Joanna Baron, executive director of the Canadian Constitution Foundation.

“Leaving aside questions of constitutionality, I’m not sure if raids on Facebook offices are going to yield the desired result,” said University of Ottawa law professor Vivek Krishnamurthy.

The commissioner, along with an appeals tribunal called the Digital Recourse Council of Canada, would be able to conduct in-camera, non-public hearings in cases where “a public hearing would not be in the public interest,” such as those involving privacy, national security, international relations, national defence or confidential commercial interests.

“It’s hard to think of a case that you couldn’t make the claim would be covered by those interests, and so this is giving very broad latitude to order in-camera hearings, which normally should be exceptional, should be like state secrets,” Baron said.

Krishnamurthy said “the open court principle is a very important principle in our laws. The Supreme Court has said that repeatedly.” He noted the government’s proposal also specifies the regulator wouldn’t publish the names of those who made the online posts or those who flagged them, and both provisions are “at least potentially problematic.”

He said there are cases where it’s appropriate to withhold names, such as those involving sharing of intimate content. But the presumption overall should be that the decisions are public, Krishnamurthy said. “This is a body that’s going to be passing judgment on, essentially, the legality of content.”

The details of the bill, which the government said would be introduced in the fall of 2021, were outlined in discussion and technical papers released Thursday. The government will consult on its proposed approach over the next eight weeks, before the bill is finalized.

University of Ottawa law professor Michael Geist said the proposals “pick up where Bill C-10 left off, treating freedom of expression as a danger to be constrained through regulations and the creation of a bureaucratic super-structure.”

CUNY Professor Claims Muslims Will ‘Erase This Filth Called Israel’ in Anti-Semitic Sermon

Islamonazi prof of the day

VIDEO: Workers and seniors hit with another inflation tax in June


HRW Pretends Hamas Doesn’t Exist in Gaza

Consistent with its usual shoddy research methodology and baseless legal standards, HRW’s “analysis” relies heavily on “eyewitness testimony” to claim that no Hamas or Islamic Jihad personnel, weaponry, or infrastructure was present at these sites allegedly struck by Israel. HRW does not identify how its witnesses were selected, nor does it clarify whether or how it investigated witness affiliations to Palestinian armed groups. Similarly, it does not specify how it verified claims regarding the presence of combat activity or military infrastructure.

In addition, HRW ignores the reality in Gaza, where Hamas threatens retaliation against residents who implicate the terror group.

Only 34% of Democrats believe in biology

The liberal Pew Research Center polled Americans and found 56% believe biology determines a person’s sex. Among Democrats, only 34% do.

81% of Republicans believe in biology.

This shows the power of propaganda. Schools and the media have confused people to the point where they believe there are more than two sexes (there are not) and that sex is a social constraint (it is not).
The young and the liberal are gullible enough to fall for the propaganda

NY Times Op-Ed Reveals Endgame of Border Crisis: Let Illegals Vote

“it’s time for Democrats to radically expand the electorate”

A Fresh Reminder of Russiagate’s Failed Guardian(s) of Integrity

The rush to promote unsupported allegations and ignore countervailing facts shows that U.S. officials and their media allies have obsessively accused Russia of what they have in fact carried out themselves: a massive, divisive disinformation campaign aimed squarely at the Western public. Accordingly, every piece of content that advances the Russiagate narrative is an iteration of the “propaganda” and “disinformation” that it purports to document or challenge.

The City of Anarchy: Calling Chicago “Chiraq” is now an insult to Iraq

Every Monday in the city of anarchy, on what Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot once called “Accountability Mondays” without irony, the media tallies the number of the weekend murdered dead and the wounded.

And the Democrat politicians point fingers at each other.

More than 70 people were shot this past weekend, with 12 dead. Over the July 4 weekend, more than 100 people were shot, among them more than a dozen children, and 19 were killed. And so on, weekend after weekend, weekday after weekday.

Violence, the fear of violence and its after-effects are the top issues in Chicago.

More than 2,000 people have been shot this year, more than a 60 percent increase compared to 2019. The crime website, puts the number at 2,064 shot and wounded so far, reporting that 428 have been shot and killed.

“Another bloody weekend,” tweeted my friend Tom Bevan, co-founder of Real Clear Politics “Calling the city Chiraq is now an insult to Iraq.”

He did provide the headline to this column. But let’s understand why it is an insult to Iraq. Chicago’s crime statistics, as bad as they are, don’t tell the full story. There were 970 murders in 1974—a record year for homicides—but Chicago’s population then was more than 3 million and half the city was considered middle class.

In the nearly 50 years since then, Chicago has continued to shrink and decay—beset by woefully inept governance and poisonous policies that ground down all but the most connected of the politically connected.

Hundreds of thousands have left town since then. Chicago’s middle class is all but gone. The working classes of all races and ethnicities, which gave this city its defining character for toughness and endurance, have been decimated. Many make plans to leave. Many more are just stuck.

So, what we’re witnessing in Chicago is not simply a return to some abstract high-crime statistic which could be debated ad nauseum by the sophists and excuse makers.

We’re seeing something else: the symptoms of death. And of civic anarchy, a breakdown and fragmentation, and literal chaos at the most fundamental levels of a once-great city, the most American of all American cities.

The Democratic elite which has controlled this town and state for almost 100 years—with support of eager Republican handmaidens in what I’ve long called The Combine–don’t have a clue on how to fix it. And they most likely wouldn’t be able to recognize a solution if it slapped them in the face.

Instead, they keep following the same policies year after year, indulging themselves in the rhetoric of race, all the while clinging to an ideological prism that offers them comfort and plaudits from the national party but blinds them to the realities on the ground.

In this they are very much like the tinkerers and architects of American foreign policy in Afghanistan and Iraq, which for decades was sustained by fantasy. And that fantasy fed death and ruin to American soldiers and to the Afghan and Iraqi peoples.

Wedded to their ideology and their partisanship, they don’t dare to question Democratic policies that have that have led Chicago and much of urban America to decay and despair.

Child Rape Gang Police Whistleblower: Child Sex Abuse is ‘Going on Everywhere’ in the UK

Former detective turned grooming gang whistleblower Maggie Oliver said that the apologies offered in the latest review to child rape victims in Bradford are “pointless” and that the scourge of rape gangs persists “everywhere” in the UK.

Murderapolis: City At Center Of George Floyd Protests Hits All-Time High Murder Record

Minnesota, where George Floyd was killed last May, set a state record for murders in 2020 after officials from across the state called for the defunding of police departments, according to new data.

You better not say anything that “undermines Canada’s social cohesion”

Fuck off, libs

Postal workers’ union opposes Biden’s plan to mandate vaccines for federal employees

Ahead of President Joe Biden’s expected announcement of a new requirement for federal employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19, the AFL-CIO-affiliated American Postal Workers Union said Wednesday it opposes vaccine mandates.

Kamala Harris: We Can’t Secure The Border Until We Transform Central America Into A Paradise

In just five months, it seems Vice President Kamala Harris has managed to crack the code on illegal immigration. All we have to do to ensure that Central Americans stop illegally crossing our border is to transform the Northern Triangle countries of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador into stable, prosperous democracies. That’s it! That’s the answer!

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Compares Greta Thunberg to Biblical Prophet

Yes, really.

Mom arrested after her 12-year-old daughter gives birth

Oklahoma police arrested a woman after her 12-year-old daughter gave birth – and the family welcomed the child’s rapist to a baby shower.

Tulsa police said mom Desiree Castaneda and other family members knew about the victim’s relationship with 24-year-old Juan Miranda-Jara, who was reportedly surprised when he was arrested July 14 as he accompanied the 12-year-old to the hospital where she delivered.

Seeking a Caliphate Instead of the Commons

In preparation for the National Summit on so-called Islamophobia last Thursday, the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) released a series of recommendations that reveal an agenda of separation, not integration.

As its report rightly states, Canadian Muslims are not a monolithic group. However, there was little presence of any diversity that makes up the Canadian Muslim community. Voices of Kurdish, Iranian, Baloch and anti-Taliban Afghans were absent as were those of North African Francophone Muslims largely settled in Quebec.

It was a jamboree of victimhood-seeking Islamists who have always desired Sharia law in Canada over the decades. In contrast, Muslims who have escaped the tyranny of Sharia and have integrated into mainstream Canadian society were rebuffed. Those who seek a worldwide caliphate over the skeleton of Western civilization were celebrated by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party’s vote-bank machine.

This love affair between the Liberal party (Conservatives and the NDP being no exception) and Canada’s Islamists did not go unchallenged.

The Montreal-based Association Québécoise des Nord-Africains pour la laïcité (AQNAL), led by University of Montreal Prof. Nadia El-Mabrouk, issued a scathing critique of Muslims who seek to influence public policy by playing the victim card of Islamophobia.

In a statement AQNAL said, as Canadian citizens of Muslim culture or religion, we welcome all initiatives to combat hatred and intolerance and to foster social cohesion and understanding among citizens. “However, not only do we not see any social cohesion in the NCCM recommendations,” the largely North African Quebecois Muslims said they “consider the NCCM report as only exacerbating tensions that accentuate anti-Muslim feelings.”

Wrestler Navid Afkari could have been representing Iran in Tokyo this week. Instead his country hanged him for protesting against its rulers

Pure evil

‘It’s criminal to sit on data in a pandemic’: Experts demand CDC reveal the science behind mask U-turn after Fauci claimed vaccinated people infected with Delta variant have SAME viral loads as unvaccinated

Experts are calling on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to release the data underlying its recent backtrack on mask recommendations for vaccinated Americans.

Recently, the nation’s top infectious disease expert says the Indian ‘Delta’ Covid variant has the same viral levels in vaccinated people who have breakthrough infections as in those who are unvaccinated, citing unreleased data.

Dr Anthony Fauci told MSNBC on Wednesday that means vaccinated people can spread Delta, backing up the recent guidance change.

Previous research has indicated that people infected with Delta have 1,000 times more copies of the coronavirus in their respiratory tracts compared to those infected with older strains of the virus.

But the CDC has yet to publicly share new research on Delta transmission among the vaccinated that would back up its new mask guidance and outside experts are calling for the agency to show them the data.

Hollywood Assistants Erupt over Low Pay, Grueling Hours as Their Woke Bosses Push Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

For decades, Hollywood assistants have endured low pay, grueling hours, and degrading treatment in the hopes of one day landing a cushy studio job or a seat at the writers table of a hit show. But resentment is growing as their wealthy, left-wing bosses increasingly promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in public while keeping their underlings in a form of modern-day servitude.

The Daily Beast interviewed 17 current and former assistants who expressed anger and exasperation at their economic predicament. Among their grievances is the glaring hypocrisy of Hollywood’s elite class, who virtue-signal to the media while benefiting from cheap labor.

ICE Arrests 302 Non-Citizen Sex Offenders

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency announced on Monday that it had arrested 302 non-citizen sex offenders so far as part of its Sex Offender Arrest and Removal program, popularly known as Operation SOAR.

VIDEO: The Great Thomas Sowell

Masters of the Universe: Google Advertising Revenue Balloons 70% in Second Quarter

Google, which has a stranglehold on the internet advertising market along with Facebook, reported that its online ad revenue for the second quarter jumped 70 percent to $50.44 billion. Google’s video platform YouTube enjoyed an ad revenue jump of 83 percent last quarter, passing $7 billion.

China: U.S. ‘Poisoned the World’ by Letting Americans Travel

Common leftist tactic – accusing others of what they’re guilty of themselves.

VIDEO: “The adolescent egos of the woke university crowd is not an alternative governing philosophy for any society”

Trans scholar writes essay threatening violence against women, gets featured by prominent university

Your daily lib

Iran’s secret cyber files

Classified documents, allegedly from Iran, reveal secret research into how a cyber attack could be used to sink a cargo ship or blow up a fuel pump at a petrol station.

The internal files, obtained by Sky News, also include information on satellite communication devices used by the global shipping industry as well as a computer-based system that controls things like lights, heating and ventilation in smart buildings across the world.

The papers appear to reveal a particular interest in researching companies and activities in western countries, including the UK, France and the United States.

A security source with knowledge of the 57-page bundle of five research reports said it was compiled by a secret, offensive cyber unit called Shahid Kaveh, which is part of Iran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ (IRGC) cyber command.

The source said he believed the work is evidence of efforts by Iran to collect intelligence on civilian infrastructure that could be used to identify targets for future cyber attacks.

“They are creating a target bank to be used whenever they see fit,” said the source, who requested anonymity to be able to talk about the documents.

NYC Brain Computer Startup Announces FDA Trial Before Elon Musk

A brain-computer interface company is entering clinical trials for its implants in the U.S., a big step toward getting the futuristic devices into more skulls to help treat conditions like paralysis.

Med Schools Are Now Denying Biological Sex

During a recent endocrinology course at a top medical school in the University of California system, a professor stopped mid-lecture to apologize for something he’d said at the beginning of class.

“I don’t want you to think that I am in any way trying to imply anything, and if you can summon some generosity to forgive me, I would really appreciate it,” the physician says in a recording provided by a student in the class (whom I’ll call Lauren). “Again, I’m very sorry for that. It was certainly not my intention to offend anyone. The worst thing that I can do as a human being is be offensive.” 

His offense: using the term “pregnant women.” 

“I said ‘when a woman is pregnant,’ which implies that only women can get pregnant and I most sincerely apologize to all of you.”

It wasn’t the first time Lauren had heard an instructor apologize for using language that, to most Americans, would seem utterly inoffensive. Words like “male” and “female.”

Why would medical school professors apologize for referring to a patient’s biological sex? Because, Lauren explains, in the context of her medical school “acknowledging biological sex can be considered transphobic.”

When sex is acknowledged by her instructors, it’s sometimes portrayed as a social construct, not a biological reality, she says. In a lecture on transgender health, an instructor declared: “Biological sex, sexual orientation, and gender are all constructs. These are all constructs that we have created.” 

In other words, some of the country’s top medical students are being taught that humans are not, like other mammals, a species comprising two sexes. The notion of sex, they are learning, is just a man-made creation. 

The idea that sex is a social construct may be interesting debate fodder in an anthropology class. But in medicine, the material reality of sex really matters, in part because the refusal to acknowledge sex can have devastating effects on patient outcomes. 

UK: Labour spends millions on legal action over antisemitism

The Labour Party is reportedly experiencing serious financial difficulty having spent millions of pounds defending itself over lawsuits related to antisemitism.

According to The Times, the party is believed to have forked out £2 million on antisemitism-related legal cases, as well as an extra £1 million to deal with a backlog of complaints.

Alongside legal costs, the party is struggling with a significant drop in membership numbers and fees.

Last week Labour’s ruling body, the National Executive Committee, were told membership figures have dropped from 550,000 in April last year to 430,000.

However, the worst is possibly still to come for the party

Winning judo silver in Tokyo, Iranian defector Mollaei dedicates medal to Israel

Saeid Mollaei, a former Iranian judoka now representing Mongolia, took home the silver medal in the men’s 81-kilogram division, losing the gold to Takanori Nagase of Japan.

It was the first Olympic medal for Mollaei, two years after he left his native Iran, revealing that his national team coaches had ordered him to lose in the semifinals of the 2019 World Championships in Tokyo to avoid facing Israel’s Sagi Muki in the final. Mollaei subsequently moved to Germany and then acquired Mongolian citizenship.

Mollaei told the Israeli Sports Channel that he was thankful for the support he’s received from Israel over the years.

“Thank you to Israel for the good energy. This medal is dedicated also to Israel,” he told the network. “I hope the Israelis are happy with this win.”

He added in Hebrew: “Todah” (thank you).

Saeid Mollaei of Mongolia celebrates with his silver medal during the award ceremony for the men -81kg judo match at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, Tuesday, July 27, 2021. (AP Photo/Vincent Thian)

Why is the U.S. Selling Farmland to China?


Al Sharpton’s 2004 presidential campaign still owes $925K in debts

It includes a $208,000 penalty to the FEC for accepting ‘prohibited’ contributions

“That’s Not Happening and It’s Good That It Is”

A quick and dirty guide to regime propaganda

VIDEO: Asian dude coldcocks man screaming ‘go back to China’

Your feel-good video of the day

Michael Morgenthau – Filthy Canadian Kapo of the day

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Time to Put the United Church of Christ on Trial for Jew Hatred

Earlier this month, the United Church of Christ (UCC)’s General Synod passed a “peacemaking” resolution that declared Israel guilty of sins against the Palestinian people. The resolution repeats the narrative offered about the evils of the Jewish state broadcast by Palestinian Christians in the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem, who have been demonizing Israel for decades.

Predictably enough, the resolution, which was passed with 462 yeas, 78 nays, and 18 abstentions in an online vote, made no mention of any sins perpetrated by the Palestinians or their leaders in the Gaza Strip or West Bank.