Third-Grade Lesson On Virginia State Education Website Appears To Glorify Communism

A lesson plan on a website registered to the Virginia Department of Education has third graders learn that police hate black men and watch a video that appears to glorify communism.

The typo-ridden lesson plan, provided for use by any teacher in the state, is credited to five teachers, including Chesapeake Public Schools teachers Candice Anthony-Cazenave and Jamie Marquitz, and has children watch a video of someone reading the book “A Is For Activist.”

The book calls for students to become “abolitionists” and blends indoctrination with learning to read. “C is for Co-Op. Cooperating Cultures. Creative Counter to Corporate Vultures. Oh, and cats. Can you find the cats?” it says.

Allusions to communism continue throughout the book. “‘Radical Reds!’ the headlines said,” one page mocks. “M stands for May Day,” it says, referring to the holiday created by the Marxist International Socialist Congress.

It appears to criticize the Democratic Party as too tame and liken Republicans to dictators, showing a picture of a red elephant and a blue donkey and saying: “Dictators Detest it. Donkeys Don’t get it.”

“U is for Union. Union yes!” and “Z is for Zapitista of course,” referring to the Zapatista National Liberation Front, a group of violent, masked socialist rebels in Mexico.

It tells children that the purpose of education is to “agitate,” not to learn to do well on tests: “Open minds Operate best. Critical thinking Over tests. Wisdom can’t be memorized. Educate! Agitate! Organize!”

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