Canada’s national humiliation in Afghanistan

Having done too little to prepare, despite several months’ advance notice of U.S. plans to depart and plenty of warnings of the situation that would ensue, Ottawa’s predicament once again highlights how little clout Canada wields at international tables after six years of Liberal rule. The Liberal timetable was dictated by Washington, and while President Joe Biden spoke personally to leaders from Britain, Germany, France and Italy before a virtual meeting of G7 leaders this week, Trudeau was not consulted. The prime minister hasn’t spoken to the president in three weeks and Canadian pleas to extend the Aug. 31 U.S. departure deadline were rejected.

Foreign Affairs Minister Marc Garneau, once a proud member of the military, conceded Canada’s departure will leave thousands of people to fend for themselves. It’s beyond question that many will suffer at the hands of their country’s harsh new masters. Justin Trudeau offers evasion and excuses in response, while he gets on with seeking a majority in an election called largely for personal vanity. He has brought shame on Canada, and a stain that may never be erased.

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