The CDC Says Cloth Masks Don’t Work. Rand Paul Got Suspended from YouTube for Saying the Same Thing

In August, Sen. Rand Paul told top White House doctor Anthony Fauci that cloth masks were ineffective in stopping the spread of COVID-19. He repeated this in a video, which led to his suspension from YouTube.

ABC News reported, “YouTube has suspended Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky from uploading content for one week after he posted a video claiming most masks are ineffective in combatting COVID-19…”

“Public health experts have said masks, even cloth masks, which Paul took particular issue with, offer protection against COVID-19 transmission, which in turn prevents infection” ABC News continued. “But Paul claimed in the video, ‘cloth masks don’t work,’ and that most over-the-counter masks ‘don’t prevent infection,’ according to YouTube, which it said violated its policies against spreading COVID-19 medical misinformation…”

But it turns out, according to the CDC itself, that Sen. Paul was right all along about cloth masks being relatively ineffective.

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