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Disney bashes Florida’s parental rights bill but offers cruise to countries where homosexuality is illegal

Disney is still doing business with multiple countries that discriminate against LGBTQ people. Disney Cruise Lines, a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company, offers a 9-night Southern Caribbean cruise, starting at $3,870 per person, which sails this July to Antigua, Dominica and St. Maarten.

In Antigua, same-sex sexual activity carries a penalty of up to 15 years in prison. Same-sex marriage is also illegal, and there are no laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

In Dominica, same-sex sexual activity is also illegal and carries a penalty of up to 10 years in prison. Same-sex marriages are also illegal on the island, and there are no laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

In St. Maarten, a constituent country of the Netherlands, performing same-sex marriages on the island is illegal, and it is prohibited to change one’s legal gender.

A key inflation gauge sets 40-year high as gas and food soar

An inflation gauge that is closely monitored by the Federal Reserve jumped 6.4% in February compared with a year ago, with sharply higher prices for food, gasoline and other necessities squeezing Americans’ finances.

Moment Jada Pinkett Smith LAUGHED when Will Smith assaulted Chris Rock

Nasty bitch

Putin threatens to turn off Europe’s gas supplies TOMORROW if countries refuse to pay in roubles, saying ‘We get nothing free of charge and we are not going to engage in charity either’

The European Union gets 30 per cent of its oil usage from Moscow and relies on Russia for 40 per cent of its gas consumption, costing the bloc £340million (€400million) a day.

Video: Transphobic horses

Fight back

Video: Maxine Waters telling a group of homeless people to “go home” to which somebody replies “we ain’t got no home.”

Video: Valedictorians attempt to rob gun store

They found out

Fake hate crime of the day

Black students responsible for racist death threat at Sacramento High School

Calgary Police Commission directs Calgary Police Service to remove the thin blue line patch

As of today, on-duty Calgary police officers will not be permitted to wear Canadian flag patches with a thin blue line through them following direction from the Calgary Police Commission.

“I know how much the thin blue line patch means to the members of the Calgary Police Service and their families,” said Chief Constable Mark Neufeld, “while I understand there has been valid community concern over the use of the patch and its roots in colonialism and its more recent co-opting by White Supremacy organizations, I can confidently say that not a single member who put that patch on their uniform meant anything other than to show pride in their profession, and to honour the fallen.”

Daily Wire launches kids programming to rival Disney

The Daily Wire has launched DW Kids, giving parents an alternative to the woke children’s programming offered by others in the entertainment industry.

Biden’s Use Of Cheat Sheets To Answer Media Questions Should Terrify America

Just how out of it is President Biden?

On Monday, the president finally deemed it appropriate to answer some questions from the media.

After all, there is a major war taking place in Europe, so maybe the commander in chief should, say, tell the world what he meant when he said Russian President Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power.”

And America’s going down the tube at the fastest pace in decades, so maybe the top elected official in the nation should, you know, explain how he’s going to get a grip on inflation and open up supply chains.

And crime is exploding in U.S. cities — run by liberals — so maybe, just maybe, the titular head of the Democratic Party that wants to defund police should tell us what he meant when he said he didn’t want to defund police.

Biden’s handlers had also armed him with more than the usual list of pre-approved (read: friendly) reporters on whom to call: cheat sheets. And Biden’s so out of it that at several points, he held the cards up so photographers could snap pictures of them.

White House: ‘Early’ Trans Surgeries, Hormones Are ‘Crucial’ For Kids, Teens Who Identify As Trans

Pure evil

Stacey Abrams – filthy lib of the day

Stacey Abrams dark money group hauled in $62 million following 2018 election loss

King County banned white staff from workshop and tried to cover it up

A King County agency hosted a radical seminar that claimed dieting and traditional concepts of health are racist. But it was the rules for who could attend that were racist: it purposefully excluded white people.

In fact, when a white person showed up, he was banned from the meeting. And county officials tried to cover this controversy up.

The King County Department of Human Resources announced the remote workshop, “Anti-Blackness and Diet Culture,” in an all-staff email newsletter. It was part of the county’s Balanced You program, which focuses on staff wellness. Tacoma-based Liberating Jasper, which conducted the workshop, claims dieting is harmful to black people, and that “Western ideals of attractiveness and health are steeped in whiteness.” It even implies that obesity can be healthy.

Despite claims to the contrary, the workshop intentionally excluded white people. Indeed, the event was promoted both publicly and privately for “BIPOC employees only.”

King County Executive Dow Constantine’s office claimed the discriminatory description of the event was in error. But scores of emails obtained by the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH reveal the intention was, in fact, to exclude white people.

Inside the Progressive Left’s Secretive and Massive Social Media Army for the 2022 Elections

No one knows who’s behind it.

In Canada, we pay to meet imaginary climate targets

The latest Liberal climate change plan released by Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault on Tuesday is a manifesto of pretending to act.

Trudeau tables Bill C-11 to regulate online news in Canada

On March 30 at 2:00 p.m., the Canadian government will table Bill C-11, the Online Streaming Act, which, if passed, will enable the government to further control what media Canadians see on social media.

Iran condemns Western sanctions on Russia

The head of Iranian diplomacy held a meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov on Wednesday, at which time both officials advocated for the development of the trade cooperation

Video: A robot apparently enforcing lockdown in Shanghai

The Scottish Government Just Prosecuted a Man for Sending a Rude Tweet

The government defended its prosecution on the grounds that the man being posthumously insulted “had become known as a national hero, who stood for the resilience of the people of a country struggling with a pandemic and the services trying to protect them.”

What a nice and creepy message. One might even say fascist.

Biden’s Deputies: 500,000 Migrants Per Month Expected at Border

Border chief Alejandro Mayorkas and his progressive deputies are warning Americans to expect a huge inflow of economic migrants if the Title 42 border barrier is dropped.

“Homeland security officials on Tuesday described contingency plans for managing as many as 18,000 encounters a day at the border, regardless of the cause,” reported the New York Times.

New CNN+ streaming services TANKS, layoffs may happen as soon as May

CNN’s attempt to enter the streaming scene has not gone according to plan, with some warning that low subscriptions could lead to layoffs.

Brampton employee paid $288,000 last year hasn’t worked for city hall since 2018

Brampton chief administrative officer (CAO) Harry Schlange was at the top of the salary pyramid for 2021 despite not working for the City of Brampton in over three years.

Harry Schlange

New York Times Columnist Roxane Gay: Jada Pinkett Smith Shouldn’t Have to Tolerate Jokes at Her Expense, Nor Should You

New York Times contributor Roxane Gay has penned a column in defense of humorlessness in which she argues that black women like actress Jada Pinkett Smith shouldn’t have to tolerate jokes made at their expense like the one Chris Rock told at the Oscars on Sunday.

Roxane Gay

Klaus Schwab Tells Global Leaders to Collaborate for World Governance

The time has come for world governments to unite as one and tackle global problems such as climate change, trade, and economic disruption without hinderance or delay, World Economic Forum (WEF) founder and executive chairman Klaus Schwab announced Wednesday.

The unelected globalist issued his demand during a keynote speech on the opening day of the World Government Summit (WGS2022) in Dubai, saying the world can only be improved by more government cooperation at more levels.

Schwab, who called on policymakers for “a great reset” during the coronavirus pandemic, said the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” has arrived and enduring change is on the way.

Video: Jon Stewart Interviewed a Complete Lunatic and Agreed with Her

Are you a White woman racked with racial guilt and too much disposable income? Fret not. For a cool $2,500, you can enlist the services of something called Race2Dinner, whose helpful grifters employees will come to your house, eat your food, and tell you how racist you are.

No, this isn’t a story out of The Babylon Bee. It is indeed a real thing.

“Race2Dinner experiences include two hours with Regina Jackson and Saira Rao for 8 white women,” the business’ website states. “Participants also receive pre-dinner support and post-dinner consulting with our Resident White Woman, Lisa Bond.”

Dinner attendees can expect to be asked questions such as, “What was a racist thing you did recently?”

One of the goals is to get White people to understand that “as a white person in America, you are an active participant in upholding white supremacy.”

As batty and fringe as all that sounds, for some reason the aforementioned Lisa Bond appeared on a recent episode of The Problem with Jon Stewart, where the host sided with her during an argument with Andrew Sullivan.

Time for parents to quit Disney

Until wokeness overtook it, Disney could be counted on for safely age-appropriate entertainment. But why should parents continue to trust a company that is putting this kind of brainwashing into children’s entertainment? Why should kids be getting any sort of gender-identity lesson in school or at a theme park?

And why should Disney be in the business of sexualizing kids in any direction?

Antifa/BLM pig who threw Molotov cocktails at police sentenced to 10 years in prison

Malik Muhammed pleaded guilty this week to 14 felony charges related to the Portland rioting and will have to pay $200,000 in restitution along with serving 10 years in prison

Inside Hunter Biden’s multimillion-dollar deals with a Chinese energy company

Over the course of 14 months, the Chinese energy conglomerate and its executives paid $4.8 million to entities controlled by Hunter Biden and his uncle, according to government records, court documents and newly disclosed bank statements, as well as emails contained on a copy of a laptop hard drive that purportedly once belonged to Hunter Biden.

How Google and Amazon bankrolled a ‘grassroots’ activist group of small business owners to lobby against Big Tech oversight

The Connected Commerce Council, which pitches itself as a grassroots movement representing small business owners, is actually a well-financed advocacy group funded by tech heavy hitters Google and Amazon.

Political persecution in Canada

A Durham Regional Police officer is facing multiple disciplinary charges after she posted a video online praising members of the “Freedom Convoy 2022.”

On January 24, Const. Erin Howard took to Twitter to shout out all the truckers involved in the anti-COVID-19 vaccine mandate protest.

“I think what you guys are doing is incredible. You’re fighting for our rights and freedoms, and right now, it feels like we’re a little bit at war, and it feels like those rights and freedoms are at stake,” Howard says in the video.

“You guys are honestly true heroes. What you’re doing is just incredible.”

Howard claimed she would travel to Ottawa to show support for the convoy and its members. Durham Regional Police issued a statement shortly after confirming that investigators were looking into Howard’s video.

On Tuesday, the DRPS confirmed that Howard faces several charges, including two counts of discreditable conduct, two counts of insubordination and two counts of a breach of confidence.

$1.4 billion

Video: Liberal melts down that his transgender nephew can’t play women’s basketball at Plano city council

Will Smith Was Asked to Leave Oscars After Slap But Refused, Academy Says as It Considers Disciplinary Action

The shock waves from Will Smith‘s slap of Chris Rock at Sunday’s Oscars ceremony continue to reverberate, as the Academy now reveals that Smith was asked to leave the event, but he refused.

Trudeau Liberals’ ‘expert advisory group on online safety’ includes known misinformation spreader Bernie Farber

Farber has been known to spread disinformation on social media, including a viral incident that occurred during the Freedom Convoy in February.

“Woke” Activists Blame Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock On “White Supremacy”

“White outrage about Will Smith’s slap is rooted in anti-Blackness. It’s inequality in plain sight.”

O.J. Simpson weighs in on Will Smith

‘Look, I Understood The Feeling’: O.J. Simpson Sympathizes With Will Smith Wanting To Lash Out

261 Days Later: NBC Finally Mentions Hunter Biden’s Name


Video: Weasley lib of the day

Poilievre says crypto should be ‘kept legal and let it thrive’

“Government is ruining the Canadian dollar, so Canadians should have the freedom to use other money, such as Bitcoin,” he said.

Kychelle Del Rosario, a fourth year medical student at Wake Forest, posted to Twitter that a patient was so disrespecting of her pronouns that she intentionally injured the patient during a medical procedure

Your daily vile lib

PICTURES: Palestinians Celebrate, Hand out Candy After Terror Attack that Killed 5 in Tel Aviv

Palestinians in multiple cities came out in droves to celebrate a shooting attack by a terrorist in a Tel Aviv suburb on Tuesday evening that killed five people.

How One Progressive Prosecutor Paved the Way for an East Coast Shooting Spree

A gunman suspected of killing two homeless men and wounding others in two East Coast cities in March would have been in prison at the time of the shootings if not for the work of one progressive Virginia prosecutor.

The office of Fairfax County commonwealth’s attorney Steve Descano (D.) in December 2020 charged the shooter, Gerald Brevard III, with three felonies related to his attempt to abduct a hotel housekeeper and later break into a nearby apartment. The felonies—abduction with attempt to defileburglary, and possession of burglarious tools—together would carry a minimum of 26 years in prison and up to a life sentence.

But six months later in June 2021 Brevard was a free man. Descano’s office reduced the first two felonies to misdemeanors, and dropped the third entirely, the case file shows, allowing him to leave prison after just five months. Less than a year later in March, Brevard opened fire on the first victim of his shooting spree. In the course of the nine-day spree, he is alleged to have killed two homeless men and wounded three others in Washington, D.C., and New York City.

Steve Descano

Pro-Palestinian social media celebrates murder of Ukrainians in terror attack – analysis

The murders in Bnei Barak have an Arabic hashtag: Operation Bnei Barak. In the hashtag, they post videos of the killing and decorate the images of the perpetrator with flowers.

‘Wear Warmer Sweaters’ – Government Minister Advice To Germans Coping With Soaring Energy Costs

The German Tenants’ Association responded strongly to the comments, asserting that elderly people are at risk of death if they don’t keep their homes sufficiently warm.

Palestinian terrorist kills five in Bnei Brak shooting spree

The third deadly terror incident in a week

White House omitted light Jackson child porn sentence in document given to senators, GOP says: ‘Cover-up’

Republicans say the White House did not include in materials given to the Judiciary Committee a grisly child porn case in which Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson departed significantly below probation office recommendation – and are raising questions of whether the White House “intentionally left it out,” which the White House disputes.

Video: ‘Hollywood is Just Spineless’: Jim Carrey ‘Sickened’ By Oscars Crowd Giving Will Smith a Standing Ovation

“I was sickened,” Carrey told CBS’ Gayle King of the instantly viral slap. “I was sickened by the standing ovation. Hollywood is just spineless en masse, and it really felt like this is a really clear indication that we aren’t the cool club anymore.”