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Ukraine Applies For NATO Membership

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced on Friday that his nation has formally applied to become a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Khomeinist agents are spying on Iranian-Canadians, but Trudeau is doing nothing

Not a single Iranian torturer or kleptocrat has been named under Canada’s Magnitsky law, and the regime’s elites come and go as they please

Video: Conservative Deputy Leader Melissa Lantsman says her party supports calls for regime change by Iranian protesters

Bill C-11 Goes Off The Rails Amid Charges of Witness Intimidation and Bullying by Government MPs

The Senate Bill C-11 hearings have provided a model for the much-needed, engaged, non-partisan inquiry that was largely missing from the House committee’s theatrics in which the government cut off debate on over 150 amendments. But this week those hearings attracted attention for another reason: serious charges of witness intimidation and bullying by government MPs, most notably Canadian Heritage Parliamentary Secretary Chris Bittle (yes, the same Bittle who last month suggested I was a racist and a bully for raising concerns about Minister Pablo Rodriguez silence over Canadian Heritage funding of an anti-semite as part of its anti-hate program).  

The Globe and Mail reported late on Tuesday night that Bittle – together with his colleague, Liberal MP Lisa Hepfner – had sent a letter to the Lobbying Commissioner to seek an investigation into the funding of Digital First Canada, a group representing digital first creators. The letter may have been shopped around to other MPs as Liberal MP Anthony Housefather has told the Globe he did not sign it. DFC’s Executive Director, Scott Benzie, had appeared before the Heritage committee months ago and Bittle used his time to focus on the organization’s funding. Leaving aside the fact that government MPs reserve these kinds of questions only for critics of Bill C-11 (there were no similar questions this week from Ms. Hepfner to the Director of Digital Content Next, whose organization supports Bill C-18 and counts Fox News among its members), the timing of Globe story was incredibly troubling. The Lobbyist Commissioner letter was apparently filed nearly two months ago and Benzie had been assured that he was compliant with the law. Yet the story was presumably leaked to coincide with Benzie’s appearance before the Senate committee last night. 

The letter and leak smacked of witness intimidation and bullying with the government seeking to undermine critics of the legislation hours before a Senate appearance. Indeed, the entire tactic felt like the policy equivalent of a SLAPP suit, which are used to intimidate and silence critics through litigation. By the end of the day, the tactic had clearly backfired on Bittle and the government. Conservative MP John Nater filed a point of privilege in the House of Commons, arguing that Bittle had attempted to intimidate a Senate witness.

I rise on a question of privilege, for which I gave notice earlier this same day, regarding the conduct of the member for St. Catharines, who attempted to intimidate Scott Benzie, a witness appearing before a committee of the Senate studying Bill C-11, an act to amend the Broadcasting Act and to make related and consequential amendments to other acts, as reported yesterday by the Globe and Mail.

While I appreciate that this attempt to intimidate relates to proceedings of a Senate committee currently studying Bill C-11, the culprit in this case is a member of the House, and that same witness appeared before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage during its deliberations on Bill C-11, an appearance where Mr. Benzie, no doubt, first established himself as an undesirable witness for the government on the merits of Bill C-11.

The government response was surprisingly muted with MP Mark Gerretsen simply asking for a couple of days to formulate a response, perhaps recognizing that defending Bittle would mean defending the indefensible.

The matter escalated further at the Senate committee, where multiple Senators raised the issue, including Senator Housakos who expressed concern with witness intimidation and Senator Don Plett, who said he was “disgusted” by what Chris Bittle had done. There were no attempts to defend Bittle at the committee. Indeed, the only real question now is whether there will be any consequences for the witness intimidation and bullying (which as noted comes on top of previous claims of racism and bullying). For the government to give this a pass would rightly be regarded by many as failing to take a stand against the very conduct it claims to want to address. Moreover, while Bittle and Hepfner placed their names on the letter, it seems virtually certain that Rodriguez’s office would have granted their approval to the complaint and likely have been the source of the leak. 

If so, it culminates a remarkable first year as Heritage Minister for Rodriguez, who has managed to:

Video: Just a shark swimming in the streets of Fort Myers

Outsourced censorship: Feds used private entity to target millions of social posts in 2020

Biden administration gave millions in tax dollars to groups after election, records show. Election Integrity Partnership says it had 35% success rate getting tech platforms to label, remove or restrict content.

Drug company ordered to cut price of life-saving medication after 3,000% jump

A pharmaceutical company that jacked up the price of a live-saving medication is charging too much and must lower it, says Canada’s drug price agency.

In a rare decision this week, the Patented Medicines Prices Review Board (PMPRB) said the price of Horizon Pharma’s Procysbi “was and is excessive.”

Procysbi contains the same active ingredient, cysteamine bitartrate, as Cystagon, which was brought to market by another company. The new drug has a special coating that delays absorption so it is released more slowly into the body; it doesn’t need to be taken as often.

Both treat nephropathic cystinosis, a rare genetic disease in children that can destroy the kidneys. Cystagon was never fully approved in Canada, but was available through a special program. Procysbi was approved by Health Canada in 2017.

But parents of young patients were stunned when the annual price from one to the other jumped some 3,000 per cent in 2018, from about $10,000 to more than $300,000.

Video: 1.5 billion a year

Berkeley Develops Jewish-Free Zones

If it wasn’t so frightening, one might be able to recognize the irony in the sight of campus progressives trying so hard to signal progressive virtue that they fall victim to a deeper moral shame.

Nine different law student groups at the University of California at Berkeley’s School of Law, my own alma mater, have begun this new academic year by amending bylaws to ensure that they will never invite any speakers that support Israel or Zionism. And these are not groups that represent only a small percentage of the student population. They include Women of Berkeley Law, Asian Pacific American Law Students Association, Middle Eastern and North African Law Students Association, Law Students of African Descent and the Queer Caucus. Berkeley Law’s Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, a progressive Zionist, has observed that he himself would be banned under this standard, as would 90% of his Jewish students.

Meet Snakey McCrocface

A bizarre prehistoric seabeast with a neck longer than a giraffe’s, and a crocodile-like head has been uncovered 70 million years after it stalked the oceans.

Video Flashback: January 2022

Luke’s shirts stretch well

Let school money follow students

Funding all schools, not just government-run schools, closes the gap between rich and poor

The Politics of Contempt

Today’s progressives are the real-life version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Sometimes they act like McCarthyite authoritarians. Insisting they alone are on “the right side of history” they silence, cancel, and shame those who question their narratives or disagree with their desires. Other times they act like radical libertarians. Refusing to condemn even the most dangerous and self-destructive behavior, they allow violent crime and drug use to overwhelm the cities they run.

This bad cop/no cop routine has become a defining force in American society, as part of the population lives in constant fear that their lives might be ruined by a single misstep, while others perpetrate vicious acts with the confidence of impunity.

While much of our national discourse centers on the bitter fruits of this seeming contradiction – the rise of the woke police state amidst calls to defund the police – its two sides are almost always examined in isolation. Discussions either focus on the left’s McCarthyite illiberalism or its laissez-faire social policies.

But just as Jekyll and Hyde were, in fact, the same man, these two faces become one when we consider the unifying spirit of modern progressivism – a spirit captured in a single word: contempt.

Donor-driven Journalism

The headline of a recent New York Post editorial — ”Associated Press Turns Prostitute” — decried the AP’s admission that it had taken more than $8 million from organizations to publish articles about climate change. The donations allowed the AP to employ more than two dozen journalists around the world to cover climate issues.

The AP is not alone: Many large media institutions take money directly from foundations to fund particular areas of coverage. Others publish works from organizations like ProPublica, which are entirely funded by philanthropic dollars. As the news business has hemorrhaged subscribers and advertisers in recent years, many newspapers, magazines, and websites have looked to such organizations for financial support. Some of that support is helping struggling publications survive in areas where there might otherwise be a “news desert.” But much of it is linked to a particular set of ideological goals.

Canadian journalists continue to do an amazing job at raising awareness about the amazingness of journalists

Russell Brand Video: So, YouTube Took Our Video Down

Video: Italy’s new PM eviscerates Macron and French imperialism in Africa

Election fraud is real

Video: Iranian ambassador to UK surrounded by angry mob in London

YouTube Removes Giorgia Meloni’s Viral 2019 Speech

Google-owned YouTube removed the video of a 2019 speech from incoming Prime Minister of Italy Giorgia Meloni which had been going viral across numerous platforms. The internet giant claims the video “breached” its community guidelines, a transgression that apparently took several years and a successful election for it to notice.

Beijing is allegedly opening police stations on Canadian soil

The People’s Republic of China has opened at least three police stations on Canadian soil as part of an alleged attempt by the country’s security state to keep an eye on the Chinese-Canadian diaspora.

Three addresses in Toronto are known to be registered as “service stations” operated by the Fuzhou Public Security Bureau, a police force active in the Chinese metropolis of Fuzhou.

The revelations were contained in a newly published report by the Asian human rights group Safeguard Defenders.

China maintains that the stations exist simply to assist expats in completing administrative tasks such as renewing driver’s licences.

Liberal, female and minority: America’s new gun owners aren’t who you’d think

Several times a week you can hear gunfire echoing from Brandi Joseph’s scenic Southern California property. A licensed firearms instructor and dealer, Joseph decided to open Fortune Firearms in December to serve a growing and rapidly changing clientele.

“There is a huge uptick in female owners,” Joseph said. “Women are getting trained; women are carrying… liberal and conservative.”

WATCH: Gun battle in Jenin, terrorist shot by IDF sniper

Israeli forces had surrounded a building in Jenin in order to arrest two suspects who were involved in recent shooting attacks.

Iran protests: Death toll rises to 76

Hundreds of people have also been arrested, 20 of them journalists.

Big Pharma Company Pays $900 Million Settlement For Allegedly Bribing Doctors

Biogen, a Massachusetts-based pharmaceutical company, will pay $900 million to settle allegations that it bribed doctors to prescribe the company’s multiple sclerosis drugs, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced Monday evening.

Here’s one

Why would Russia destroy Nordstream?

Video: Vice tried to make a sympathy piece about reintegrating sex offenders into society and it ended with this

What the actual fuck?

Russia blew up their own pipeline but NOT the Norway-EU pipeline that’s right next to it and just opened today?

This is a vice-principal in Peel

Video: Really curious what’s being planned for International Holocaust Remembrance Day

What Western feminazis can learn from Iran

Meanwhile, in the West, where feminism has proved more successful than anywhere else, anti-male grievance dominates the mainstream, with solidarity between men and women replaced by a desire for polarising identity politics. As America’s feminist movement collapses under the weight of it its own divisiveness, I can’t help but find its Iranian counterpart far more inspiring: men and women standing together, speaking up for each other’s rights. How much better this is than the violently woman-hating Taliban or the petulant privilege of so many Western feminists.

In March 1979, just as the Ayatollah Khomeini came to power, the American feminist Kate Millett travelled to Iran to join a protest against his plan to make hijabs compulsory for women. The demonstration ultimately proved unsuccessful. Millett was arrested and expelled from the country; Iranian women were turned into second-class citizens. Yet, as we are now discovering, their revolutionary spirit was not extinguished. Iranian feminism has stood the test of time; it hasn’t been corrupted. If only the same could be said for the West.

U.S. Blew Up Russian Gas Pipelines Nord Stream 1 & 2, Says Former Polish Defense Minister

A former Polish Defense Minister, Radek Sikorski, has attributed to the United States the sabotage of two pipelines, Nord Stream 1 and 2, which carry natural gas from Russia to Germany. “Thank you, USA,” Sikorski wrote on Twitter. Sikorski was Minister of National Defense from 2005 – 2007 and served as Deputy Minister of National Defense and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, previously. He is currently an elected member of the European parliament.

Video Flashback: Joe Biden threatening to take out Nord Stream 2 pipeline back in February

Occupy Democrats founders CALLED OUT for allegedly funnelling money from PAC to personal business

Since its founding in 2021, Occupy Democrats has consistently ranked among the least credible sources of political information in the United States. Nevertheless, its simple, reactionary posts have earned it a massive following of over 10 million, many of whom donate to the group’s political action committee.

It has since been revealed that over a quarter of the money raised in 2021-2022 was allegedly deposited directly into a company owned and directed by Occupy Democrats founders Omar and Rafael Rivero.

Imagine being the Harvard dean who has to write this rejection letter

Video: Shiite pigs beating the crap out of a girl

Today’s winner of the Wheel of Victims

A Muslim inmate must be exempt from strip searches by a female prison guard who identifies as a transgender man, a federal appeals court has ruled.

According to the prisoner, being strip-searched by a guard “whose biological sex is observably female” not only violated Sharia law but also state regulations against cross-sex strip-searches. A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit agreed and ordered that the Green Bay Correctional Institution violated the inmate’s religious rights by not accommodating his religious beliefs, which dictate that he is forbidden from exposing his naked body to any woman but his wife.

You just described the government

UK Labour party racist of the day

Labour MP Rupa Huq has been suspended by the party after being recorded describing Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng as ‘superficially’ black.

The Ealing Central and Acton MP, 50, was recorded making the ‘vile’ remark at a fringe event at Labour’s party conference in Liverpool.

In a recording published by the Guido Fawkes website, Ms Huq is heard speaking about Britain’s first black Chancellor in the wake of his tax-cutting mini-Budget last week.

‘Superficially he is a black man,’ she said, adding that people listening to Mr Kwarteng during radio interviews ‘wouldn’t know he is black’.

Video: Who Wants Peace in the Middle East?

Attempted Jew massacre of the day

Arab Israeli man held after apparent attempt to derail a train in northern Israel

Muslim Brotherhood’s Qaradawi dead

Egyptian-born cleric, 96, exiled to Qatar, was considered movement’s spiritual leader; helped grant legitimacy to Hamas terror campaign, justified killing Israeli women, children

Iranian support vital for Hamas after ties restored with Syria

Ten years ago, Hamas, the Palestinian movement that rules the Gaza Strip, publicly came out in support of the uprising against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

“I salute all the nations of the Arab Spring and I salute the heroic people of Syria who are striving for freedom, democracy and reform,” Ismail Haniya, one of Hamas leaders, announced at Friday prayers at Al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo.

“The Syrian revolution is an Arab revolution,” worshippers chanted back, as Hamas’s break with the Syrian government, which used to host its leaders, became evident.

But now, a decade on, Hamas has reversed its position, and ties have been restored.

Iran warns the West over protests as international backlash grows

Iran has accused Western leaders of trying to “violate its sovereignty” by making comments supporting protesters angry over the death of a young woman who had been detained by the country’s morality police.

“In the recent riots, the political leaders of America and Europe, their media, exploited a tragic incident under investigation and with the slogan of supporting the rights of the Iranian nation,” an Instagram statement by an Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson read Monday. “They did all they could to support the riots.”

“Attempts to violate Iran’s sovereignty will not go unanswered,” Nasser Kanani’s post added.

The Flood of Political Violence the Press Refuses to Cover

If we were to listen to the lectures from the media, we are on the cusp of an outbreak of violence set to explode from the right side of the political spectrum. President Biden has enthusiastically pushed this agenda, positioning MAGA Nation as a violent faction orchestrating an uprising of democracy-threatening actions any day now. At Biden’s direction, “fascist” has become the left’s new knee-jerk accusation since “racist” has become a played-out charge. 

There is one disqualifier; the actual acts that we have recently seen that fall under this heading are emanating from the left.

Fentanyl crisis is an international attack on America

China Mexico China Mexico China Mexico

Gavin Newsom’s laughable gripe about conservative media bias

You have to admire the chutzpah of California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who ludicrously claimed last weekend that Democrats were at a disadvantage because conservative media controls the story. Really!