Camille Paglia: Is this the End of Men?

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The self-described “rogue journalist” who wished John McCain dead on Monday explains to Breitbart News that she sticks by her story in the aftermath of the Arizona senator publicizing his brain-cancer diagnosis on Wednesday.
“I stand by what I wrote,” Caitlin Johnstone tells Breitbart News.

The Australian writer posted a piece called “Please Just F—ing Die Already” on on Monday.

The former prisoner of war underwent surgery to remove a blood clot from behind his left eye three days earlier on Friday. On Wednesday, McCain revealed a brain-tumor diagnosis. Glioblastoma, the specific type of cancer, kills about 96 percent of the men between 55 and 64 that it afflicts within five years. John McCain turns 81 in late August.

Johnstone maintains that her prolonged social-media silence that followed news of the grim diagnosis came as a coincidence.

“I was on a day trip with my husband,” she explains. “As you know I’m in Australia, and by the time we got home and read the news most of the Americans were asleep.”

She followed up the uncharacteristic hush with a bombastic die-real-soon convalescence card. “John McCain has cancer,” she wrote Thursday. “Good.”

The words followed a GIF showing the munchkins from The Wizard of Oz singing “Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead.”

Sound familiar?

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Palestinian Authority’s 2017 Budget Shows ‘Huge Increase’ in Funding for Terror Payments

According to Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), the amount of money allocated by the PA for payments to terrorists jailed in Israel rose 13% this year to $158 million — compared to $135 million in 2016. During the same time frame, disbursements for family members of dead terrorists increased by 4% — to $197 million from $183 million.

Overall, PMW said, the PA is spending $355 million this year on the direct funding of terrorism.

Two Canadian Women Reported Captured Fighting For ISIS In Mosul

If two female ISIL fighters from Canada have been captured in the rubble of Mosul, as unconfirmed reports suggest, they would be part of a bizarre Canadian export to the terrorist organization.

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Stolen bomb detonates in truck, setting 4 people on fire in Winnipeg

“It’s reasonable to assume that when someone has gone to all the trouble to make an explosive device of this power, that there’s some back story. But I don’t have the luxury of being able to share it at this point.”