Monthly Archives: February 2011

UN set to adopt report that praises Libya’s human-rights record

The UN Human Rights Council is set to adopt a major report hailing Libya’s human rights record — despite moving to suspend the Arab country’s council membership amid an international outcry over attacks on civilians.

The report shows countries applauding and commending Libya as they note “with appreciation the country’s commitment to upholding human rights on the ground.”

Iran says London 2012 logo racist

Iran has protested against the already controversial logo for the 2012 Olympic Games, saying the emblem is racist and spells the word ‘Zion,’ the ILNA news agency reported on Monday.

Palestinians endure horrific suffering in Israeli prisons

One terrorist gets a pre-law degree while another celebrates an engagement.  Oh, the humanity.

The Rise of the Adolescent Mind

We live in a therapeutic age, one in which the old tragic view of our ancestors has been replaced by prolonged adolescence.

Rosie O’Donnell Offers ‘Giant Hug’ to Helen Thomas

As she [Thomas] exited the studio with her entourage, including me, a CNN assistant came up and said, “There’s somebody here who wants to meet you.” When we got to the green room, O’Donnell burst through the door from the other side and with an irrepressible enthusiasm and fervor charged at Thomas to give her a giant hug.

It was an extraordinary moment, totally authentic with no cameras or recorders running. It was an unforgettable, spontaneous encounter of two of the most important women leaders and role models of our time.

Hey, maybe we should get Beyonce to smooth things over with the Gaddafi family

A cool 2 million should get her on board, unless her fee has gone up in the last year.

The Vacuum After Qaddafi

The worst-case scenario should the rebellion topple him, and one that concerns American counterterrorism officials, is that of Afghanistan or Somalia — a failed state where Al Qaeda or other radical groups could exploit the chaos and operate with impunity.