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‘Flagpoling’: How immigrants leave Canada to stay in Canada

Flagpoling occurs when temporary residents of Canada cross the border, then immediately turn around to receive immigration services at a port of entry

CBC’s fake news checker kept misinformation up after being corrected

tpIOlF4y_400x400A CBC journalist has spread misinformation online and kept it up for days after being corrected. That journalist is CBC’s fake news spotter, Jeff Yates.

Yates tweeted on Tuesday in response to a post about TPM editor-at-large Andy Ngo being suspended from Twitter: “[Andy Ngo] was suspended for 12 hours and the fact you were able to tag him in this tweet means you know his account is back online.”

The problem? Virtually no part of the tweet by Yates was truthful.

Jewish student targeted by McGill student government in alleged anti-Semitic bullying

Jordyn Wright, a Jewish student and part of the Student Society of McGill University’s (SSMU) Board of Directors, was targetted by her university’s student government over her decision to attend a trip to Israel sponsored by Hillel Montreal.

“This winter break, I have decided to participate in a trip called Face to Face that is being offered by Hillel Montreal, an organization that I have been involved with since I first arrived at McGill. The trip entails visiting Israel and the Palestinian territories to meet with politicians, journalists, and locals from all sides to better understand a very nuanced geopolitical conflict,” says Jordyn in her Facebook post.

“As a Jew, my connection to Israel is a core aspect of my identity, and I hoped that this trip would help me to experience Israel through a new lens,” she added.

Jordyn said that because of her decision to attend this trip, SSMU targetted her. “The SSMU President personally singled me out, and actively encouraged others to attack me.”

The trip’s controversy came to light when the McGill Daily, an on-campus newspaper infamous for its anti-Semitism, reported on it in their article.

Jordyn further says that only she was targetted, “despite the fact that another non-Jewish Councillor will also be joining me on the trip.”

“I am outraged and disgusted, but not surprised. This is not the first time that Jewish students at McGill have been bullied out of student government,” she added.

The motion that was presented in SSMU’s council meeting on November 28th explicitly singles out Jordyn. Furthermore, the SSMU President Bryan Buraga also introduced amendments that only pertain to Jordyn and none of the other BoD going on the trip.

She was also interrogated by the university’s Sciences General Council for two hours.

The Science Executive committee also stated that she either withdraw from the trip or resign from her position.

“If I do not resign, I am being implicitly threatened with impeachment upon my return,” said Jordyn. “I have been the subject of thinly-veiled and blatant anti-Semitism.”

She ended her statement on Facebook by saying that she will not resign. She received a flurry of support.


Jew hating punk Bryan Buraga

Ronan Farrow Says Hillary Clinton Gave Him The Cold Shoulder When He Exposed Weinstein

“Hillary Clinton had scheduled an interview while it was at the height of the Weinstein reporting and her folks got in touch and said, ‘We hear you’re working on a big story.’ [They] sounded very concerned and tried to cancel that interview,” he explained.

London Islamist Stabber Usman Khan Was a Guest Lecturer at Cambridge U on “Prisoner Rehabilitation”

Moments before the attack, in an ironic twist of events, he was thought to be due to share his story of “prisoner rehabilitation” at an event sponsored by Cambridge University. 

Some Countries Are Just Prone To Scientific Fraud. So Are Their Immigrants To The West

Scientific fraud—falsifying scientific data or manipulating the scientific evaluation process—has become a serious problem. At best, it is a threat to public confidence in science. At worst, if the fraud is not revealed, then public policy could be shaped by bogus data. This problem is universal. But there are distinct national patterns. In particular, fraud is endemic in non-Western countries—and among non-Western scientists who immigrate here.

1913: When Hitler, Trotsky, Tito, Freud and Stalin all lived in the same place

A century ago, one section of Vienna played host to Adolf Hitler, Leon Trotsky, Joseph Tito, Sigmund Freud and Joseph Stalin.

Second seniors home owned by Beijing-based Anbang subsidiary taken over by Island Health officials

For the second time in two months, health officials have taken control of a Retirement Concepts seniors home on Vancouver Island amid concerns about chronic staffing shortages and neglect of residents. 

Retirement Concepts was purchased by Beijing-based Anbang Insurance Group in 2017. The physical properties are owned by Cedar Tree Investment Canada, an Anbang subsidiary.

Marxist University of Alberta prof denies Ukranian genocide


Dougal MacDonald

Lianna Makuch’s grandmother was a Holodomor survivor. Before she died this summer, the 96-year-old shared horror stories from a time when the Soviet Union starved millions of Ukrainians through a man-made famine from 1932 to 1933.

Anna Maryn survived because her father, risking execution, dug up horses buried by Soviet forces and boiled their meat for food. It wasn’t enough to save her younger brother.

Holodomor was imposed by Joseph Stalin’s regime on Soviet Ukraine. As many as eight million people died.

Makuch has a deep personal connection to the events of Holodomor, so she was appalled when Facebook posts surfaced this week in which a University of Alberta lecturer denied its existence.

“For somebody to deny this experience is extremely painful for my family,” said Makuch, a U of A alumnus. “It dishonours [my grandmother’s] memory, her lived experience.”

Images, first shared online by the Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union, show a post by Dougal MacDonald with the title “The Myth of the Holodomor,” which claims the event was a Nazi fabrication.

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress, the Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union and the local Ukrainian Students’ Society are calling for MacDonald to be terminated from the university.

A statement posted to the Jewish Federation of Edmonton Facebook page calls it “irresponsible and deeply dishonest” to deny the existence of Holodomor. Premier Jason Kenney responded through Twitter, saying it was “deeply disturbing to see a university professor of elementary education and former Communist candidate engaged in genocide denial.”

MacDonald is listed as an assistant lecturer within the department of elementary education in the faculty of education. In the 2019 federal election, he was a candidate for the Marxist-Leninist Party in Edmonton Strathcona.

Supreme Court awards $20K to woman fined for refusing to hold escalator handrail

That this woman had to go all the way to the Supreme Court for this is beyond outrageous

VIDEO: British police confirm London Bridge attack was terror-related

Ian Balfour – Jew hating York U prof of the day

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French prosecutors drop murder charges against Jewish kindergarten teacher Sarah Halimi’s killer

A French prosecutor has dropped charges against the killer of Jewish kindergarten teacher Sarah Halimi after experts ruled he had suffered a massive psychotic episode by smoking cannabis.

Ms Halimi, who was Orthodox, was killed after Kobili Traoré broke into her council flat in eastern Paris on April 4 2017.

Witnesses said the 65-year-old was beaten and called a “demon” by her attacker, who recited Koranic verses as he threw her off her balcony.

In an appeals court hearing on Wednesday Traoré admitted killing Ms Halimi, saying he was not aware of his actions on the night of the murder and did not recognise when he broke in.

“I felt persecuted. When I saw the Torah and a chandelier in her home I felt oppressed. I saw her face transforming,” he said.

But in a rare turn of events, French prosecutors were divided on how to proceed.

Local prosecutors in Paris initially argued that Kobili Traoré should be put on trial for his actions. But they were opposed by the more senior procureur général, which argued Traoré should be hospitalised.

The different opinions come after separate panels of psychiatrists concluded Mr Traoré had suffered a psychotic episode after a massive use of cannabis, but disagreed over whether he was partially aware of his actions.

During an earlier hearing, Halimi family lawyer Gilles-William Goldnadel asked Traoré: “Do you think you should be tried? And get a sentence for what you have done?”

Traoré answered “yes”, but his lawyer Thomas Bidnic responded: “Since when does the accused decide if he should be tried?”

Witnesses told Wednesday’s hearing that shortly before Ms Halimi was thrown from the balcony Traoré shouted “a woman is trying to kill herself”.

Her family’s lawyers said it proved Traoré was already planning his defence.

Mr Bidnic said there were “no good solutions in the case”, adding: “This is Sarah Halimi’s tragedy, her family’s tragedy and this boy’s tragedy, although I’m not comparing the two. Sending him to hospital is not ideal nor sending him to prison.”

He said Traoré, who remains in a psychiatric hospital but is receiving limited amounts of medication, is “still a threat”.

Francis Szpiner, another Halimi family lawyer, said the case was setting a historic precedent: “You’re saying that people can walk free after carrying out criminal action just because they were allegedly not aware of the effects of drugs or other substances?

“Will this also apply to drunk drivers who kill children on the road?”

The court will rule on December 19 on whether Traoré should face trial.


Where’s Justin Trudeau’s virtue-signalling tweet about China’s Muslim concentration camps?


Dangerous people keep escaping CAMH

This guy has done it twice and is on the loose


B.C. politician breaks silence: China detained me, is interfering ‘in our democracy’

A veteran Chinese-Canadian politician is coming forward to reveal that upon landing at the Shanghai airport in November 2015, Chinese authorities improperly detained him, separated him from his wife for eight hours, confiscated and searched his B.C. government phone and accused him of “endangering national security” before cancelling his visa and ordering him to fly back to Canada.

And since his detention, he said, China’s interference in Canadian society has increased in myriad ways, including aggressive attempts to influence our political system and elected leaders, control Chinese-Canadian immigrants, and silence all criticism of Beijing’s policies.

Richard Lee, the B.C. Liberal MLA for Burnaby from 2001 to 2017, provided Global News with a letter outlining his allegations, sent on Jan. 1, 2019, to then-foreign affairs minister Chrystia Freeland and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Lee’s letter says he had planned to go public with his story after returning to Vancouver from Shanghai, but decided not to “in consideration of the potential damage to the relationship between China and Canada.”

“I was deputy speaker of B.C. government, so if I call a press conference, at that time the relationship [between Canada and China], things are going well,” Lee said in an interview. “So a situation like this could cause a lot of problems.”

But since 2015, Lee claims he has seen increasing interference in Canada’s political system by China’s government, including private warnings from consular officials that Canadian politicians refrain from speaking out on issues that might anger China.

And after China jailed Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor on vague national security grounds in late 2018, Lee says he felt reminded of the injustice in his own case.

“I was accused of endangering China’s national security,” Lee said.“So my point is, it could happen to anyone. If someone in Canada does something not to China’s liking, your visa will be cancelled. It’s a serious situation.”

He decided to put his case on the record with his letter emailed to China’s then-ambassador Lu Shaye and Freeland, and ‘CCed to Trudeau, and Canada’s then-justice minister, Jody Wilson-Raybould.

About a year later, Lee had not received any response from Canada’s government, until Global News started to investigate his story.

Huawei funds $56M in academic research in Canada

A national security expert say we simply can’t talk about Huawei the way we talk about other companies. Stephanie Carvin, an assistant professor from Carleton University in Ottawa calls Huawei a “state-championed company.” She says the company is intertwined with and supported by the Chinese government in ways that most companies are not.

“The Chinese state has taken two Canadians hostage on behalf of Huawei,” she said, referring to Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig, whose detention in China is widely speculated to be in retaliation for Canada’s arrest of Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou. “That’s not a normal company, and I don’t think we should be considering it as such.”

Who can speak for American Jews against anti-Semitism? Not the ADL

American Jewry’s primary defense organization has become part of the problem, not the solution.

Quebec comedian Mike Ward forced to pay a guy for hurting his feelings

I can’t even

Liberal MLA calls N.B. Education Minister “Hitler-ish” for supporting mandatory vaccinations

Your daily scummy lib

Photo by: Stephen MacGillivray Photography &

Liberal MLA Cathy Rogers

Teen forced into sex trade and taken from Toronto to Hamilton

A teenager has been rescued after she was taken from Toronto to Hamilton and forced into the sex trade.


9 Israeli inventions find place in TIME magazine’s 100 Best Inventions for 2019

Israeli technologies have claimed nine spots on this year’s TIME magazine’s 100 Best Inventions, which rank those that have made the world “better, smarter and even a little more fun.”

John Greyson – Jew hating York U prof of the day

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Israeli Scientists Develop Bacteria Which “Eat” Carbon Dioxide

Israeli researchers have developed bacteria fed only with carbon dioxide, the Weizmann Institute of Science (WIS) in central Israel reported on Wednesday.

These bacteria, which build the entire biomass of their body from the carbon in the air, may help develop future technologies that reduce greenhouse gas accumulation in the atmosphere and fight global warming

Transgenderism and the Olympics

Next year’s Tokyo Summer Olympics may spell the swift death of the transgender movement as a dominant politically-correct touchstone. Biological men, self-identifying as women, are poised to make a clean sweep of the Women’s Olympics, triggering a very public debate on this third-rail subject.

In “Message To Tehran” Iraqi Protesters Torch Another Iranian Consulate

The month of protest mayhem has continued in Iraq, on Wednesday once again escalating into attacks on Iranian and pro-Iranian bases and sites, especially in the restive southern provinces, where Tehran’s proxies in Iraq are considered strongest.

German military posts Nazi uniform as ‘retro fashion’ on Instagram

The German defence ministry was forced to apologise on Wednesday after the military posted an image of Nazi-era uniform on social media as an example of “retro fashion”.

The uniform, complete with three swastikas, was posted on the armed forces’ Instagram account with a flashing colourful banner that read: “Retro”.

Iran, Russia, China to Hold Joint Wargames in ‘Message to the World’

Iran, China, and Russia will hold in the coming weeks their first-ever joint war drills, which leaders say are meant to send a “message to the world” about increased military cooperation between the rogue countries.

British Media Tackles Leftist Anti-Semitism, While American (and Canadian) Media Stands Idly By

In what can only be deemed a train wreck of an interview, British politician Jeremy Corbyn was grilled by BBC’s Andrew Neil Tuesday night over a variety of topics, including his party’s failure to address anti-Semitism within its ranks.

Notley accuses Tories of “corruption” in liquor purchase, before revelation it was made under her watch

Alberta NDP Opposition Leader, Rachel Notley is quickly walking back her allegations of corruption after it was found that the actions in question took place under her watch as premier.

On Tuesday, the former premier claimed that the Tories had made an unethical liquor purchase from a Tory-friendly company.

“Well, the corruption keeps coming. A government ministry purchased $35,608.77 worth of alcohol from a company named Prestige Liquor, owned by a long-time conservative donor and financial supporter of Premier Jason Kenney’s leadership campaign.”

Unfortunately for Notley, the purchase was made by her own government in February 2019, three months before the NDP went down to defeat.

Greg Albo – Jew hating York U prof of the day

York is a cesspool, part #835764365. Click the image.


Dutch police thwart ISIS Christmas terror attack

Police in the Netherlands have arrested two men suspected of plotting a Christmas suicide bomb plot by ISIS.

Dutch prosecutors say the plot involved a terror attack using suicide vests and one or more car bombs.

Iran Protests: Number of Killed Protesters Surpasses 450-List of 154 Victims From 36 Cities Identified

The regime is desperately trying to conceal the true dimensions of its horrific crimes, using different tactics such as cutting off the Internet and refusing to hand over the bodies of those killed to their families or preventing funerals for them.

Should Corbyn become PM, Israel-UK security relationship likely to end

“The cooperation between Israel’s Mossad spy agency and the United Kingdom’s MI6 and MI5 “has saved many Israeli lives – and many, many British lives”

Israel will no longer release the bodies of terrorists

“We are supporting the defense minister’s decision. It is inconceivable that while the soldiers are in the hands of Hamas, we will continue to release dead or living terrorists. Freeing terrorists is a prize that Hamas cannot be given while holding on to our soldiers and civilians”

Give Thanks for the Humanitarian Habits of Religious People

A majority of all Americans now tell pollsters that efforts to help the poor, comfort the needy, and otherwise serve the common good would be just as prevalent “if there were no people of faith or religious organizations to do them.” Sorry, folks. As a factual matter, that is emphatically untrue.

When investigators document how people spend their hours and their money, religious Americans look very different from others. For example, the Pew Research Center finds that 45% Americans who attend services weekly and pray daily have done volunteer work during the previous week. Among other Americans, 28% have volunteered.

Religious people are more involved in community groups, according to that survey and many others. They have stronger links with their neighbors. Among individuals who worship weekly, 47% gather with extended family at least once a month; for the rest of our population, it’s 30%. Of all the “associational” activity that takes place in the U.S., almost half is church-related, according to sociologist Robert Putnam.

“As a whole,” notes theologian Tim Keller, “… secularism is not good for society.” Secularism “makes people very fragmented. They might talk about community, but they aren’t sacrificing their own personal goals for community, as religion requires you to do.”

Like no other influence, religious practice links us in webs of mutual knowledge, responsibility, and support. Seven out of 10 weekly church attenders consider “work to help the needy” an “essential part” of their faith. Most of them put their money and time where their mouth is: 65% have donated funds, goods, or their own labor to the poor within the previous week.

The behavioral variable most consistently associated with generous giving is religious practice. Philanthropic studies show that religious Americans give away two to four times as much of their income every year as those with no religious affiliation.

And people with religious motivations don’t give just to faith-based causes — they are also much likelier to give to secular causes than the nonreligious. Two-thirds of people who worship at least twice a month give to secular causes, compared to less than half of non-attenders, and the average secular gift by a church attender is 20% bigger.

There are many branches of social healing where people of faith dominate:

U.S. to designate Mexican drug cartels as terrorists

The move would enable a wider scope of US action.

Violent clashes overnight in Lebanon leave dozens injured

Dozens of people were injured in overnight confrontations between supporters and opponents of Lebanon‘s president, most of them in fistfights and stone throwing that erupted in cities and towns across the country, the Lebanese Red Cross said Wednesday.

The nationwide uprising against the country’s ruling elite has remained overwhelmingly peaceful since it began on Oct. 17. But as the political deadlock for forming a new government drags on, tempers are rising. President Michel Aoun has yet to hold consultations with parliamentary blocs on choosing a new prime minister after the government resigned a month ago.

Outgoing Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who was Aoun’s and Hezbollah’s favourite candidate to lead a new Cabinet, withdrew his candidacy for the premiership, saying he hoped to clear the way for a solution to the political impasse after over 40 days of protests. Protesters have resorted to road closures and other tactics in an effort to pressure politicians into responding to their demands for a new government.

The prolonged deadlock is awakening sectarian and political rivalries, with scuffles breaking out in areas that were deadly frontlines during the country’s 1975-90 civil war. The violence first began on Sunday night after supporters of the main two Shiite groups, the militant Hezbollah and Amal Movement of Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, attacked protesters on Beirut’s Ring Road. That thoroughfare had in the past connected predominantly Muslim neighbourhoods in the city’s west with Christian areas in the east.

FSWC demands York University to delist student group that retweeted about attacking Jews and sponsored last week’s brawl

Toronto (November 26, 2019) – Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center (FSWC) condemns in the strongest possible terms an antisemitic student group at York University that recently promoted violence towards Jewish people.

Over the weekend, York’s Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA) retweeted a video featuring a group of people waving the Palestinian flag while chanting the following words in Arabic:

O Palestine, we are with you till death

With a rock and a knife

Raise the flag of Palestine

With a stone and a knife raise the flag of Palestine

Palestine is free, free

Zionist, get out [of Palestine]

“It is beyond horrific, beyond unacceptable, that a student club at York University is promoting violence towards Israelis,” said FSWC President and CEO Avi Benlolo. “We demand nothing less than immediate action by the university administration to shut this club down and expel those responsible for advocating violence and extreme hatred against Jewish people.”

SAIA was also the main organizer of an antisemitic protest that turned violent last week in its efforts to shut down a campus event organized by Jewish students. The protest was condemned by numerous university, government and law enforcement officials.

FSWC is asking Toronto Police for a full investigation and has reached out to York University President Rhonda Lenton.


VIDEO: Just a giant dude kicking the shit out of women in handball

Media Propaganda About Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Health Is Irresponsible

The media has for decades been constructing a pretense that an elderly four-time cancer patient who falls asleep on the job and can barely walk is peppy, alert, and capable.

Campus Anti-Zionism Seen Through the Eyes of a Syrian Refugee

A refugee from a war-torn country is used to seeing all parts of their homeland become a battleground. Streets. Apartments. Football fields. Even the historic Krak de Chaveliers castle near my native Homs in Syria was fought over by opposing sides in the Syrian civil war. After landing in Canada, however, I hadn’t expected my new country’s universities to be arenas for ideological mobs to shout down and denounce their opponents.

When I made my way up to York University this month on the evening of the 20th, I was blissfully unaware of the university’s status as a hotbed of “anti-Zionist” activism.” I had only arrived in Canada in two years ago through the Refugee Resettlement Program and, still eager to explore, was taking my first trip up to York. I planned to attend an event being held by Herut Canada, who were hosting five members of the Israeli NGO “Reservists on Duty” an organization of Israeli military veterans who travel the world and hold talks and events to “counter the BDS movement and new forms of anti-Semitism erupting on US college campuses.”

I was looking forward to meeting with the Israeli veterans. Such meetings were frowned upon back in Syria—as in, land one in jail kind of frowned upon. Canada was the one truly safe place I had ever lived where a Syrian might meet Israelis without suffering any consequences.

Poor, naïve me.

UN’s cybercrime ‘law’ helps dictators and criminals, not their victims

The expansion of global cybercrime, perhaps seen most prominently in the dramatic rise of ransomware attacks, recently led a key committee of the United Nations to adopt a resolution backing a new global agreement on cybercrime that purportedly would set serious limits on the use of technology for criminal purposes. Given the near-daily impact of cybercrime on the lives of ordinary people around the globe, one might be forgiven for thinking the adoption of this resolution was a good thing for citizens and consumers worldwide. Unfortunately, that’s just wrong.

The resolution — led by Russia and China, and supported by a motley crew including Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Nicaragua, Syria and Venezuela — does little to contain or limit cybercrime, instead employing significantly vague language ostensibly aimed at this global plague but in reality focused on reinforcing tools that authoritarian regimes can use to suppress domestic dissent, silence democracy activists, muzzle journalists and target human rights groups. The resolution — which a majority of members either opposed or abstained from voting on — nevertheless passed the committee in part because of an increasingly felt need for governments and international institutions to take action — any action — to address this issue. This remains true notwithstanding the fact that the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime has been in place for over 15 years and has been ratified by more than a third of all countries.

The biggest purveyors of cybercrime are among those who backed the resolution.

Chicago Drug Gang Leader Says if Anyone Insults Muhammad, ‘His Head Gotta Go’

It could be a whole new trend, drug dealers against blasphemy: Jason Brown, according to the Associated Press, is the “37-year-old leader of the AHK gang,” and “could be heard on secret FBI recordings speaking admiringly about beheadings by the Islamic State group.” Brown, also known as Abdul Ja’Me, said that if anyone insulted Muhammad, “his head gotta go.”

Shiite sheikhs traffic underage girls for marriage

“Would you be willing to find me a younger girl – perhaps around 12?”

I can’t believe the words that are coming out of my mouth. I’m in the heart of Baghdad and the man in front of me is a well-respected Shia sheikh who runs a marriage office that advertises religious weddings. What he doesn’t advertise is that he can also perform muta’a marriages – temporary “pleasure marriages”, which ensure that sex with young girls is halaal, or permissible according to Islam. I’ve heard rumours that he is willing to use this religious loophole to organise prostitution with girls as young as 12.

The sheikh has no idea that I’m a journalist from BBC News Arabic. He thinks that I’m an Iraqi dentist, in town from London and looking for a young girl to make my business trip more enjoyable. With no knowledge that my hidden camera is rolling, he is more than happy to find me a 12-year-old temporary bride – for a fee, of course.

2 Canadian fertility supplements among those under fire from U.S. watchdog

Enough with the fraudsters who prey on the desperate and vulnerable

German City Offers 100k Bounty to Identify Violent Alt-Left Antifa

The amount is the largest amount ever offered to the public since the reign of terror and murders committed by the far-left extremist Red Army Faction (RAF), also known as the Baader–Meinhof Gang, in the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s.

MUST WATCH VIDEO: A close up view of the rabid animals at York U

Consumed by hatred

Tuesday, Day of Rage!

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Inside the bloody cartel war for Mexico’s multibillion-dollar avocado industry

The cartel members showed up in this verdant stretch of western Mexico armed with automatic weapons and chainsaws.

Soon they were cutting timber day and night, the crash of falling trees echoing throughout the virgin forest. When locals protested, explaining that the area was protected from logging, they were held at gunpoint and ordered to keep quiet.

Stealing wood was just a prelude to a more ambitious plan.

The newcomers, members of a criminal group called the Viagras, were almost certainly clearing the forest to set up a grow operation. They wouldn’t be planting marijuana or other crops long favored by Mexican cartels, but something potentially even more profitable: avocados.