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Making China Pay for Its Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely exposed the underlying flaws of globalism as an ideology.

It has shown China to be the culprit behind the biggest biological warfare attempt in human history. The total calculated costs exceed $16 trillion and untold human pain, suffering, and now more than 6 million deaths worldwide.

As a system of thought, globalization is an understanding of a hyperconnected world built not only on technology, international trade, and movement of labor but also on a liberal, postnationalist eschatology.

Although globalization is a Western form of historical determinism, China is central in this worldview as the major engine of economic growth, especially through the offshoring of manufacturing capacity. Globalist assumptions hold that the benefits of free trade, economic cooperation, and enhanced transnational connectivity erode traditional attachments to the nation-state. Over time, world populations will be socialized into the post-national norms of global governance, universal rights, and redistributive justice. Transnational and regional institutions such as the United Nations, World Health Organization, and the European Union will, it is assumed, constitute the vehicles through which the happy end of polyarchy will one day soon be reached.

The Chinese Communist Party has other ideas.

Today in defund the CBC

Canada’s first flag called white supremacist symbol on Trudeau Liberal-funded ‘anti-hate’ site for kids, funded by a $268,000 federal grant, calls Canada’s Red Ensign— the flag that Canadians fought under in both World War I and World War II while killing actual Nazis— a flag that “denotes a desire to return to Canada’s demographics before 1967, when it was predominately white.”

Daily Wire launches ‘DailyWire+’, signs Jordan Peterson to multi-year deal

The Daily Wire also announced that they have added tens of thousands of new paying subscribers, growing to an overall subscriber number of 890,000.

Some of this generation’s worst warmongers in US and UK were women: Condoleezza Rice, Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power, Nikki Haley, Susan Rice, Victoria Nuland, Baroness Ann Taylor

Video: “mendacious,” “incompetent, “compromised,” “corrupt,” “illiterate,” “stupid,” and “vile”

Federally-funded education toolkit says teachers should address students who support “problematic politicians” and policies

Looks like your average antifa demonstration would clock in at about $50-million

CRTC split decision against the use of the N-word in a discussion of whether the N-word can be used in a discussion of a famous book in whose title the N-word is used

Chinese-style social credit is gradually being implemented by the fascist Liberals with their ArriveCan app for covid vaccines becoming permanent

Lebanon joins Pride Month crackdown on LGBTQ community as other Arab nations go rainbow hunting

June, global Pride Month, has seen several Arab nations launch campaigns specifically seeking to find and quash any support for the LGBTQ community. Lebanon was the latest nation to join the crackdown, with Interior Minister Bassam Mawlawi issuing a letter a week ago to Lebanese security forces ordering them to break up any events that “promote” homosexuality.

The letter, labelled “very urgent,” said that “after the spread of calls on social media to organize parties and events promoting homosexuality in Lebanon… and considering the negative consequences brought by this phenomenon on individuals and society” police and security forces should “take the necessary measures to ban any celebrations, meetings or gatherings aiming to promote this phenomenon and to report the results back.”

Open the books on NIH royalty payments

Recently, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) pressed Dr. Anthony Fauci for details of hidden royalty payments made to the National Institutes of Health, its leadership, and scientists. Once again, Fauci was evasive and misleading in a congressional hearing. If his agency has nothing to hide, he should open the books and share all the information with the public.

For years, the NIH has worked to keep hidden a stream of third-party royalties paid to its scientists by for-profit companies. These payments flow when a medical innovation made as part of NIH research is used by the private sector and government employees are considered “co-inventors” on the patent. There were approximately 55,000 of those payments during the past decade. Each royalty could be a conflict of interest that requires transparency to investigate.

After the agency ignored Freedom of Information Act requests from OpenTheBooks’s data capture team, we sued the agency, represented by the group Judicial Watch. Only recently and under court order has the NIH begun disclosing the amount of money changing hands with the private sector for these innovations. As officials slow-walk the royalty data release, we can say that the NIH and its scientists received an estimated $400 million in third-party paid royalties between March 2010 and today and that they dole out around $32 billion a year in research grants across the medical community. Concurrently, decisions inside the NIH, the Food and Drug Administration, and the wider Department of Health and Human Services were made regarding product approvals, public health guidance, and continuing research priorities.

These huge financial stakes make it critical for patients and the public to have full transparency from the NIH. People, the press, pundits, and watchdogs must be able to follow the money.

However, in the production of this information, the NIH is redacting every individual payment amount, the identity of the payer, and the patent license numbers. So we know hundreds of millions of dollars enrich the NIH and its scientists, but the NIH refuses to tell who is paying, at what amounts, and for which innovations. It renders these document dumps effectively useless.

The vast majority of NATO countries are non compliant on minimum defense spending

Video: Remember when journalists got upset about the burning of the Koran?

Cost-free advertising marketed as social justice

Calling Justice Thomas ‘Uncle Clarence’ exposes the rotten sham that is the progressive movement

A festering rot of racial animosity exists in our society that we willfully ignore socially and politically. It is a rot that eats away at the flesh of our civil society and spoils the greatness of our multicultural nation.

Progressives continually tell us we have blinders on when it comes to racism in American society. They’ve shoved their ideological solution of anti-racism to force us to “deconstruct” what they believe is an inherently deep-seated racist nation. I, as a black American, am supposed to rejoice in the presence of our self-appointed saviors, but I peeked behind the veil and saw who they really are.

Understandably, detractors of the decision have found themselves angry and anguished at last week’s Supreme Court reversal of Roe v. Wade. Six judges found it necessary to overturn, but just one has been elected the face of all political animus: Clarence Thomas, who didn’t even write the court’s opinion.

They say that in times of stress, anger and anguish, you see who people really are. These moments are rare but special because you get to see how much of their rhetoric manifests in action and how much is lip service.

With overwhelming anger seeping through their pores, Democrats saw only one viable target who would satisfy their rage. There was only one person for whom they felt comfortable exposing themselves by lifting the veil of their true hatred and indifference for black people.

Video: How Schools Sexualise Your Children

Clarence Thomas signals interest in revisiting media libel standard

Justice Clarence Thomas on Monday indicated that he believes the Supreme Court should reconsider a ruling that makes it more difficult to sue media organizations, saying he disagreed with the court’s decision to turn away an appeal in a defamation case.

Video: Another well-adjusted and emotionally stable creature

Video: Lib vandalizing St. Louise Catholic Church in Bellevue, WA

Trans skateboarder, 29, who beat 13-year-old girl to first prize in women’s competition is a divorced, ex-Navy father-of-three who was REJECTED from Olympic qualifiers for having too much testosterone

Manly man

TDF receives standing to the Public Order Emergency Commission

The Democracy Fund (TDF) has been granted standing to the Public Order Emergency Commission by the Honourable Paul Rouleau, which is an independent public inquiry being held into the declaration of the Emergencies Act by the federal government during the trucker convoy protests in Ottawa and blockades at border crossings across Canada in February 2022.

In being granted standing, TDF can participate in this unprecedented and historical public inquiry by presenting evidence, examining witnesses and making legal submissions.

Smoking gun!!!!

Video: Filthy CBC journalist interviews her boss in hard-hitting segment

Tweet of the day

Naturopaths ‘not bound by science,’ lawyer argues in B.C. hearing on fecal transplants for autism

Jason Klop should be in prison

People are being plucked off the street for jury duty

Earlier this month, 50 Calgarians were summoned from a mall’s food court, at lunch time, and told to go at once to the nearby Calgary Courts Centre to participate in jury selection.

This was because the court realized the jury pool wasn’t big enough for an upcoming trial — too many prospective jurors had been exempted, according to a prosecutor who was at court.

So a justice issued orders to find more.

The procedure, known as “talesman,” was imported in the 1800s from England — and can be invoked by a court anywhere in Canada as a last resort to fill spots on a jury.

Police investigating sudden death discover firearms, grenades inside Toronto apartment

Grenades in the suburbs

Controversy rages over upcoming Newfoundland sugar tax

The government says the new tax is about encouraging better habits.

EU chief can’t find texts with Pfizer chief on COVID-19 vaccine deal

European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen is no longer in possession of text messages that she exchanged with Pfizer chief Albert Bourla to seal a COVID-19 vaccine deal, the Commission said in a letter published on Wednesday.

In an interview in April 2021, von der Leyen revealed she had exchanged texts with Bourla for a month when they were negotiating a massive vaccine contract.

But in response to a public access request by a journalist because of the importance of the deal, the Commission did not share the texts, triggering accusations of maladministration by the EU’s ombudsman, Emily O’Reilly.

“The Commission can confirm that the search undertaken by the President’s cabinet for relevant text messages corresponding to the request for access to documents has not yielded any results,” the EU justice commissioner Vera Jourova said in the letter to the ombudsman, an EU watchdog.

Ursula von der Leyen

Ben & Jerry’s cancels plan to stop sales in West Bank

Ben & Jerry’s will continue to sell ice cream throughout Israel and the West Bank, after announcing last year that it would stop sales in east Jerusalem and the West Bank, Unilever, the ice cream company’s parent company, announced on Wednesday.

As part of the agreement between Unilever and Ben & Jerry’s Israel branch, the former has sold business interests in Israel to Avi Zinger, CEO of Ben & Jerry’s Israel. The deal will allow Zinger to continue selling the ice cream under the Ben & Jerry’s brand throughout Israel, including the West Bank.

Is America about to break apart?

It should. And so should Canada.

The Fauci-Funded Peter Daszak is Now Working With Kremlin-Backed Researchers, Isolating New Coronavirus Strains

Peter Daszak – a controversial U.S-based researcher whose collaborations on coronavirus research with a Chinese laboratory were funded by Anthony Fauci – isolated Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus strains in Russia using funds from the Russian government in a recently published research paper, The National Pulse can reveal.

Daszak, 49, appeared to play a critical role in the origins of COVID-19, as his organization, the ‘EcoHealth Alliance’, facilitated a “longtime” joint research effort with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which is believed to be the source of the virus. Throughout the pandemic, Daszak also featured prominently in promoting the “natural origins” theory while simultaneously discrediting supporters of the “lab leak” theory, most notably in the role of the World Health Organization (WHO) COVID-19 investigator.

His latest study appears to be yet another controversy. Daszak, who is originally British, is listed as the sole U.S. researcher on the paper: “Identification and Genetic Characterization of MERS-Related Coronavirus Isolated from Nathusius’ Pipistrelle Near Zvenigorod (Moscow Region, Russia).”

‘Desperate’: Democrat Who’s Been in Congress Since 1983 Goes After ‘People in Washington’

3 words: Term. Fucking. Limits.

Arizona Opens Up School Choice to All Children

Arizona will enact the nation’s most expansive school voucher bill, allowing all parents to decide where their children will attend school.

Video: Pierre Poilievre: Justinflation has struck again

Pedophile destigmatization activist arrested for allegedly abusing dozens of children

Marthijn Uittenbogaard, a Dutch National who has advocated for the destigmatization of pedophilia, has been arrested in Ecuador for allegedly sexually abusing “dozens” of children within the South American country.

Drug Dealers Caught with Enough Fentanyl to Kill Millions Spend Two Days in Jail: Thank You, Democrats!

If you’re going to get arrested, do it in California.

Two drug dealers were arrested by California Highway Patrol (CHP) with 150,000 fentanyl pills, enough to kill roughly two million Americans. Where are they today? No one knows. They were set free two days later by a California judge.

Who Wants to Tell the Ridiculous Ladies of ‘The View’ About the Bahamas?

Perhaps someone should tell the ladies they are sitting on a beach in a country that forces women to have babies. Even the poor women Goldberg, President Biden, and other Democrats are so worried about. The U.S. State Department says that in the Bahamas, 90% of residents report a religious affiliation, and 70% are Protestant. According to the Bahamian penal code today, anyone involved in an abortion can be sentenced to 10 years in prison. That includes the women. Some state laws in the U.S. seek to hold the abortion provider accountable.

Maybe the staff at The View should check abortion access before booking their next trip. Why would they want to give all that money to a country that doesn’t share their values? Most Caribbean countries have similar laws. Even Europe is far more restrictive than deep-blue states like California and New York. Perhaps the ladies of “The View” would be more comfortable in China or North Korea, which have abortion policies as expansive as those Roe and Casey forced nationwide, for their next big shindig.

Video: Elementary school teacher laughs about “confusing children” with her gender

Toronto District School Board arranged a pride parade for kindergartners

Video: Blend them into a smoothie

FTC Sues Walmart for Facilitating Money Transfer Fraud That Fleeced Customers Out of Hundreds of Millions

The Federal Trade Commission today sued Walmart for allowing its money transfer services to be used by fraudsters, who fleeced consumers out of hundreds of millions of dollars. In its lawsuit, the FTC alleges that for years, the company turned a blind eye while scammers took advantage of its failure to properly secure the money transfer services offered at Walmart stores. The company did not properly train its employees, failed to warn customers, and used procedures that allowed fraudsters to cash out at its stores, according to the FTC’s complaint. The FTC is asking the court to order Walmart to return money to consumers and to impose civil penalties for Walmart’s violations.

“While scammers used its money transfer services to make off with cash, Walmart looked the other way and pocketed millions in fees,” said Samuel Levine, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. “Consumers have lost hundreds of millions, and the Commission is holding Walmart accountable for letting fraudsters fleece its customers.”

Two Individuals Convicted in $1.4 Billion Health Care Fraud Scheme Involving Rural Hospitals in Florida, Georgia, and Missouri

After a 24-day trial, a federal jury in the Middle District of Florida convicted two individuals for their roles in a conspiracy that fraudulently billed approximately $1.4 billion for laboratory testing services in a sophisticated pass-through billing scheme involving rural hospitals.

According to court documents and evidence presented at trial, Jorge Perez, 62, and Ricardo Perez, 59, both of Miami, Florida, conspired with each other and others to unlawfully bill for approximately $1.4 billion of laboratory testing services which were medically unnecessary, and that fraudulently used rural hospitals as billing shells to submit claims for services that mostly were performed at outside laboratories. Jorge Perez and Ricardo Perez also committed health care fraud on five specific occasions, and conspired to launder the proceeds of this fraudulent scheme.

“These defendants preyed on and exploited the vulnerable – vulnerable hospitals, vulnerable underserved communities, and vulnerable patients seeking treatment for addiction – to line their own pockets,” said Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Polite, Jr. of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division. “We will continue to work tirelessly to hold accountable those who exploit the integrity of the health care industry for profit.”

“The defendants in this case engaged in an elaborate scheme to prey upon distressed medical facilities across multiple states and defraud private insurers,” said U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Florida Roger Handberg. “Today’s verdict clearly demonstrates our vigilance to prosecute those who violate our laws for profit.”

“The defendants in today’s case allegedly conspired to run an elaborate billing scheme which took advantage of vulnerable hospitals and the rural communities that relied on them,” said Assistant Director Luis Quesada of the FBI’s Criminal Investigative Division. “The FBI and our law enforcement partners are dedicated to protecting the health care system and shutting down fraudulent billing shells.” 

The evidence showed that the defendants targeted and obtained control of financially distressed rural hospitals through management agreements and purchases. The defendants sought to obtain control of these rural hospitals because of private insurance contracts that provided for higher reimbursement rates for laboratory testing — a common feature of rural hospital contracts designed to ensure that the hospitals can survive and provide rural communities with much needed care. The defendants promised to save these rural hospitals from closure by turning them into laboratory testing sites, but instead billed for fraudulent laboratory testing worth hundreds of millions of dollars in a sophisticated and years-long “pass-though” billing scheme. The scheme made it appear that the rural hospitals themselves did the laboratory testing when, in most cases, it was done by testing laboratories controlled by certain defendants.

The evidence further showed that much of the laboratory testing billed through these rural hospitals involved urine drug testing for vulnerable addiction treatment patients, often obtained through kickbacks paid to recruiters and providers, frequently at sober homes or substance abuse treatment facilities. The tests billed by the defendants were often not medically necessary. After private insurance companies began to question the defendants’ billings, they would move on to another rural hospital, leaving the rural hospitals they took over in the same or worse financial status as before. Three of the four rural hospitals closed shortly after the defendants moved on to a different rural hospital. The defendants also conspired to launder the proceeds of their scheme through a series of large financial transfers. 

Jorge Perez and Ricardo Perez were convicted of conspiracy to commit health care fraud and wire fraud, five counts of health care fraud, and conspiracy to commit money laundering of proceeds greater than $10,000. The defendants face a maximum penalty of 20 years for each of the health care fraud and wire fraud conspiracy and money laundering conspiracy counts, and 10 years for each substantive health care fraud count. A federal district court judge will determine the sentences after considering the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory factors.

The rural hospitals involved in this case were: Campbellton-Graceville Hospital (CGH), a 25-bed rural hospital located in Graceville, Florida; Regional General Hospital of Williston, a 40-bed facility located in Williston, Florida; Chestatee Regional Hospital, a 49-bed rural hospital located in Dahlonega, Georgia; and Putnam County Memorial Hospital, a 25-bed rural hospital located in Unionville, Missouri.

The FBI’s Jacksonville Field Office; Office of Personnel Management, Office of Inspector General (OPM-OIG); Department of Labor, Office of Inspector General (DOL-OIG); and the Amtrak Office of Inspector General investigated the case.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Tysen Duva for the Middle District of Florida and Senior Litigation Counsel Jim Hayes and Trial Attorney Gary Winters of the Criminal Division’s Fraud Section are prosecuting the case.


Teenager arrested at London Stansted Airport on suspicion of terrorism offences

The alleged offences are linked to extreme Islamist ideology

Accounting giant Ernst & Young admits its employees cheated on ethics exams

Ernst & Young, one of the top accounting firms in the world, is being fined $100 million by federal regulators after admitting its employees cheated on their ethics exams.

For years, the firm’s auditors had cheated to pass key exams that are needed for certified public accountant licenses, the Securities and Exchange Commission found. Ernst & Young also had internal reports about the cheating but didn’t disclose the wrongdoing to regulators during the investigation.

“It’s simply outrageous that the very professionals responsible for catching cheating by clients cheated on ethics exams of all things,” Gurbir S. Grewal, director of the SEC’s Enforcement Division, said in a release.

The fine is the largest penalty ever imposed by the SEC on an audit firm.

‘I Hope My Conviction Brings You Pleasure’: Ghislaine Maxwell, 60, Sentenced To 20 Years Behind Bars

Should have been a life sentence without the possibility of parole

Video: There are no brakes on this train

Dr. Naomi Wolf: On Losing “Roe”

I am pro-choice, in the sense that in no way, hard as I have tried, can I see how women can have basic equality or self-determination in any society if they cannot choose to terminate a pregnancy within the first trimester. I’ve explained my tortured feelings about this issue in a 1995 essay that has been widely reproduced over the years, Our Bodies, Our Souls: Rethinking Pro-Choice Rhetoric. [This essay is elsewhere in this Substack, and also here:

In this essay, I warned that while I was pro-choice, I also recognized that the death of a fetus is a real death, and that an abortion always represents a loss’; that we as feminists risked becoming increasingly hard-hearted and soulless if we continued to embrace a discourse in which a fetus was merely “a clump of cells”, if we persisted in pretending that abortion was spiritually meaningless, and if we continued to posit that a second- or even third trimester abortions were nothing more bloody or catastrophic than “personal choices”.

I also warned that such mechanistic, amoral language and such increasingly monstrous policies would eventually also create a political scenario that in time was certain to lose: these policies would eventually lose us the reasonable middle: the majority of the country that supports abortion rights in the first trimester but that withdraws its support progressively as pregnancies progress.

Al Qaeda Lawyer Frets GOP Too Radical

Left-wing lawyer and #Resistance hero Neal Katyal, who once represented al Qaeda terrorists, said on Monday that Republican states could soon ban over-the-counter pain medication such as Tylenol.