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Steve Bannon Wants All Documents Related to His Contempt Charges Made Public, Which Biden’s DOJ is Desperately Resisting

What are they hiding?

Video flashback: 1976 Swine flu

Chinese spies mounting ‘large scale’ espionage, warns MI6 boss

Chinese intelligence is mounting “large-scale” espionage operations against the UK and its allies as it attempts to steal technology and distort political decision-making, the chief of MI6 has warned.

Declaring yourself gender-fluid can save a male driver about $350 per year on auto insurance if you’re between 20 and 24 years of age

The woke rot at the heart of Canada’s largest school board

Political correctness is toxic; wokeism is an insult to reason. Both seem to have found a home in the Toronto District School Board

Problematic words and phrases, according to the CBC

The ‘Most Dangerous Bureaucrat’ In U.S. History

‘I represent science. I am science.’

Federal taxpayers pay millions to fund critical race theory program that trains students to promote CRT

‘This directly exposes the claims that CRT is not used in K-12 schools as false,’

China’s stealth bid to corner the world’s ports

Black Friday has arrived and with it a record number of containerships queuing 150 miles off America’s West Coast — at least 93 at their height Balck — awaiting entry to unload their cargoes. As it happens, many of the terminals these ships are waiting to enter have been quietly bought up by the same country whose factories have filled these vessels with the toys and other gifts Santa is supposed to place under America’s Christmas trees: China.

Chinese state-owned companies have been buying, in whole or part, stakes in at least 100 ports in 63 countries, including facilities in Los Angeles, Miami, Houston and Seattle. These acquisitions are gradually giving Beijing a potential stranglehold on global shipping — with profound military as well as commercial implications. So far, it has not seen fit to exercise its power. But that could be on the cusp of changing.

Identity Politics Is Taking Over Astronomy

Now even astronomy has to be intersectional.

Joe Biden was involved in a deal with a Chinese giant — and was expecting a 10 percent cut

As Jim talked, Bobulinski marveled at the political risk to Joe’s career if his family’s flagrant influence peddling during his vice presidency came to light.

“How are you guys getting away with this?” he finally asked. “Aren’t you concerned that you’re going to put your brother’s [2020] presidential campaign at risk? You know, the Chinese, the stuff that you guys have been doing already in 2015 and 2016, around the world?”

Jim chuckled and looked knowingly at Bobulinski.

“Plausible deniability,” he said, using a term coined by the CIA during the Kennedy administration to describe the practice of keeping the president uninformed about illegal or unsavory activity so he can plausibly deny knowing anything if it becomes public knowledge.

Video: How to provoke “hate”


Muslim terrorist who chained up five-year-old Yazidi girl in the sun and let her die of thirst collapses in German court as he becomes first to be convicted for genocide against the minority

The 29-year-old Iraqi, who was arrested in Greece and extradited to Germany two years ago, was also found guilty of crimes against humanity resulting in death, war crimes, aiding and abetting war crimes and bodily harm resulting in death.

Doctors Warn New Medical School Guidance Would Lead to Unqualified Physicians and Unscientific Medicine

The two accrediting bodies for American medical schools now say that meritocracy is “malignant” and that race has “no genetic or scientific basis,” positions that many doctors worry will lower standards of care and endanger lives by discouraging vital genetic testing.

Video: For those who still think “the Deep State” is a deranged conspiracy theory invented in 2017 by Sean Hannity

Video flashback: Bernie Sanders, in 2015, responded with palpable disgust when Ezra Klein suggested the US had a moral obligation to adopt open borders

In 2020, THE DEMOCRACY INTEGRITY PROJECT (group funded by Dem donors to fight disinformation) paid $926k to folks behind the STEELE DOSSIER

6-foot social distancing rule doesn’t protect against COVID-19, scientists call it an ‘arbitrary measurement’

Although the “six-foot rule” has been a staple of coronavirus safety measure since 2020, is it really doing anything to keep people healthy? A new study finds the answer to that appears to be a resounding no. Scientists from the University of Cambridge say the social distancing rule of six feet does not protect against catching COVID-19, even outdoors.

Good news video: New Zealand PM grants her subjects the “luxury” of being able to use their friend & family’s bathroom

Jew vs. Jew

Ask most American Jews what Hanukkah is about and they’ll probably mention the miracle of the oil lasting for eight nights. Or playing with dreidels. Or snacking on jelly doughnuts.

But the true story of Hanukkah, which begins tonight, is far darker.

The old joke is that most Jewish holidays can be summed up by the following: They tried to kill us. They failed. Let’s eat. Hanukkah, though, is not only about Jews being oppressed by outside forces. It is also about intramural Jewish conflict—in this case a bloody civil war.

On the one side were the Hellenist Jews, who wanted desperately to accommodate the ruling Seleucid regime, and were willing to do whatever it took to gain acceptance: changing their names; undoing their circumcisions so they could play naked in the gymnasia; worshiping Zeus instead of God. On the other were the Maccabees, the fundamentalist rebels who insisted on Jewish particularism and resisted assimilation to the death. Including the deaths of their fellow Jews.

The war began in 167 B.C. in Judea, in a town called Modi’in just outside of Jerusalem, when Mattathias, a Jewish priest, was ordered to prepare a sacrifice to Greek gods in the Jewish temple. He refused. Then he slaughtered the governor who issued the order and a fellow Jew—an idolator who had complied. What followed was an all-out uprising, with a small band of Maccabees defeating a far more powerful Seleucid force, recapturing the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, and reasserting Jewish sovereignty in Judea.

Contained in this story are the themes that have run through Jewish history. The tension between universalism and particularism. The battle between assimilation and self-assertion. The pull between fundamentalism and secularism. And the complicated question of how far the bonds of peoplehood can strain before they break.

We are so very far from Judea in the 2nd century B.C. But these questions burn more brightly than usual these days, as the same ancient tensions still crackle, forever threatening to ignite yet another conflagration.

All of that came to mind as I read the essay below, by Gabriel Katz, for reasons that he explains far better than I can.

‘Defund The Police’ Advocate, NY Gubernatorial Candidate, Has NYPD Security Detail, Lives On Army Base In Brooklyn

A candidate running for Governor of New York on a “defund the police” platform has a NYPD security detail and lives in public housing on a military base in Brooklyn, according to a report from the New York Post.

Jumaane Williams, a public advocate in New York City, travels with a security detail provided by the police department, and lives on the Fort Hamilton U.S. Army Garrison in Brooklyn with his wife and stepdaughter. Williams’s home is a corner townhouse with a large backyard and waterfront views of Verrazano Narrows, the New York Post reported.

Williams took advantage of a little-known block of houses that are technically available for any civilian to rent, but are mostly occupied by doctors, judges, and prominent New Yorkers. Of the 228 homes on the base, 15 percent are open for civilian occupancy. Williams’s rental on the base costs around $4000 a month, compared to similar properties on surrounding public streets which rent for around $5,800 a month. Williams’s salary, funded by New York taxpayers, is more than $183,000 per year, the Post reported.

Residents are required to join a waitlist before moving in, but residents enjoy free parking, a host of amenities like bowling, playgrounds, and a large swimming pool, as well as an Einstein Bagels, Burger King, Subway, a gas station, a dry cleaners, a Post Office, and a barbershop that reportedly offers $14 haircuts. Because it is an army base, the community has armed, round-the-clock security.

“These aren’t apartments listed on Zillow. It’s essentially a gated community with stunning waterfront views protected by tanks and soldiers with M16s,” a local official with knowledge of the housing process told the Post.

As Biden Resumes Nuclear Talks, Iran Declares: ‘We Will Not Back Off From The Annihilation Of Israel’

With the Biden administration set to restart a new round of nuclear talks with the Islamic Republic of Iran, the spokesperson for Iran’s military stated over the weekend that they will not give up their pursuit of wiping Israel off the face of the earth.

“We will not back off from the annihilation of Israel, even one millimeter,” Brig.-Gen. Abolfazl Shekarchi, spokesman for the Islamic Republic of Iran’s armed forces, told the Iranian Students News Agency. “We want to destroy Zionism in the world.”

CNN host Chris Cuomo used his media sources to find out info on brother Andrew’s accusers, records show

CNN host Chris Cuomo used his sources in the media world to seek information on women who accused his brother Andrew Cuomo, then the governor of New York, of sexual harassment, according to documents released Monday by the New York Attorney General’s Office.

While Chris Cuomo has previously acknowledged advising his brother and his team on the response to the scandals, the records show that his role in helping the then-governor was much larger and more intimate than previously known.

Chris Cuomo was actively in touch with Melissa DeRosa, who was the then-governor’s top aide, about incoming media reports that detailed alleged sexual harassment by Andrew Cuomo, according to exhibits from the Attorney General’s probe and a transcript of his interview with the state’s investigators. He also lobbied to help the governor’s office as it sought to weather the storm of accusations, and he dictated statements for the then-governor to use.

“Please let me help with the prep,” Chris Cuomo said to DeRosa in one message in early March. Then, three days after the New York Times reported in March about how Andrew Cuomo attempted to kiss a woman, Anna Ruch, in an unwanted advance at a wedding, Chris Cuomo texted DeRosa: “I have a lead on the wedding girl.”

Today in the longest occupation evah

This week marks the beginning of Hanukkah, the “festival of lights.” The holiday commemorates an event during the Maccabean revolt in the second century BCE, when the candelabrum in the Jerusalem Temple miraculously burned for eight days despite only having enough oil for one. But Hanukkah isn’t just about energy efficiency; broadly speaking it celebrates the successful struggle for Jewish independence. Now archaeologists have unearthed the charred remains of a fort destroyed by Jewish rebels more that 2,000 years ago and claim that it offers evidence of the Hanukkah-related rebellion.

The judge is an Obama appointee just promoted by Biden & the prosecutor is James Comey’s daughter

One week ago an anti-white racist, cop hating black supremacist slaughtered six…

Ghislaine Maxwell trial starts today

Barbados’ future marred by fears over China influence after nation ditches Queen

Barbados will officially become a republic on November 30, the same day it celebrates its independence from the UK. The historic birth of the world’s newest republic will be witnessed by Prince Charles, who flew across the Atlantic overnight and was welcomed in Bridgetown by the country’s Prime Minister, Mia Mottley.

Barbados’ decision to become a republic has been welcomed with mixed feelings among both Barbadians and commentators abroad.

While some believe the Barbadian Government is severing once and for all its links to the UK and its colonialism past, others are concerned the new independence from the Crown may be short-lived as China appears to be expanding its influence in the Caribbean.

Barbados signed up to China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a strategy seeking to connect Asia with Africa and Europe via land and sea networks to stimulate growth and trade, shortly before the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

Moreover, an office in Beijing has been opened to facilitate investment in the Caribbean nation.

In recent years, China has reportedly ploughed into the Barbadian economy more than £400million to improve the country’s homes, infrastructures and to build a hotel.

Royal author Robert Hardman commented on China’s investments into Barbados writing in the Daily Mail: “Just days before the start of the pandemic, Barbados signed a new Memorandum of Understanding, making the country a new member of China’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative’, enjoying new benefits in ‘shipping, aviation, infrastructure and modern agriculture’.

“There is, of course, no such thing as a free lunch.

“The debts for the country’s new Chinese buses, buildings, roads and hotel complexes must be repaid in some way.”

Similar cynicism over why Beijing may be interested in investing in Barbados has been expressed by Tory MP and chairman of the Foreign Affairs select committee, Tom Tugendhat.

He told the newspaper: “Of course, it’s right if Barbados wants to have a Barbadian head of state then it should have one.

“That should make no difference to Britain and Barbados being best of friends as I believe we have been during the 55 years since independence.

“But be under no illusion that China is pumping all this money into the Caribbean out of the goodness of its heart.

“I see it as a slow, long-term erosion of democracy.

“From China’s perspective, removing the Queen is a symbolic success that will encourage greater efforts.”

Chinese province targets journalists, foreign students with planned new surveillance system

Security officials in one of China’s largest provinces have commissioned a surveillance system they say they want to use to track journalists and international students among other “suspicious people”, documents reviewed by Reuters showed.

Omicron travel bans on African countries are ‘Afrophobia,’ Malawi’s president says

Matshidiso Moeti, the WHO’s Africa director, said on Sunday that with the omicron variant surfacing around the world, putting in place travel bans that target Africa “attacks global solidarity.”

Uganda’s only intl. airport is now under Chinese control due to a default on loan payments

A Chinese state-owned bank is now the owner of Entebbe International Airport, among other Ugandan assets, due to the Ugandan government’s defaulting on a loan.

Vile migrant smuggler says ‘I don’t care about deaths’ after 27 lost their lives in Channel tragedy

The Sun on Sunday was taken to meet the Afghan man — who gave his name only as Bibi — in an encampment in woods near Dunkirk, northern France.

He vowed: “We will keep sending people to England, where they want to go — on boats and in other ways.

“People are not scared and we will carry on doing what we do. The French cannot and will not stop us.

“I don’t feel guilty or care about what I am doing. The deaths won’t stop me.”

Bibi spoke on Friday — two days after women and children were among at least 27 people who perished when their dinghy capsized.

$20,000 per hour

Tweet of the day

No shot, no doctor: Unvaccinated patients being turned away by some N.S. physicians

Tiana Berardi never got to see her family doctor.

But she had followed the directions of her physician in a telephone appointment the day before. The Lower Sackville woman had lingering bronchitis and her antibiotics had run out. Her doctor wanted to have a closer look and asked Berardi to book an in-person appointment at the clinic. She did and got a checkup scheduled for the following afternoon.

Except her appointment was cancelled about an hour after she made it. Berardi got a call from her clinic inquiring about her vaccine status. She told the receptionist that she wasn’t vaccinated.

The receptionist told her the clinic only sees fully vaccinated patients. This despite the province’s COVID-19 protocol that says health care is an essential service and that proof of vaccination is not required.

While her doctor’s appointment was cancelled, Berardi was assured the physician would call her that evening.

Her doctor didn’t call that night as promised. A week later, on Oct. 20, Berardi would file a professional misconduct complaint with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia, saying she was denied treatment based on her vaccination status.

Both the college — which regulates doctors — and the Nova Scotia government say vaccinated and unvaccinated patients deserve the same access to care.

The Cynical and Dangerous Weaponization of the “White Supremacist” Label

Within hours of the August 25, 2020, shootings in Kenosha, Wisconsin — not days, but hours — it was decreed as unquestioned fact in mainstream political and media circles that the shooter, Kyle Rittenhouse, was a “white supremacist.” Over the next fifteen months, up to and including his acquittal by a jury of his peers on all charges, this label was applied to him more times than one can count by corporate media outlets as though it were proven fact. Indeed, that Rittenhouse was a “white supremacist” was deemed so unquestionably true that questioning it was cast as evidence of one’s own racist inclinations (defending a white supremacist).

Yet all along, there was never any substantial evidence, let alone convincing proof, that it was true. This fact is, or at least should be, an extraordinary, even scandalous, event: a 17-year-old was widely vilified as being a white supremacist by a union of national media and major politicians despite there being no evidence to support the accusation. Yet it took his acquittal by a jury who heard all the evidence and testimony for parts of the corporate press to finally summon the courage to point out that what had been Gospel about Rittenhouse for the last fifteen months was, in fact, utterly baseless.

DOJ: ‘Modern-Day Slavery’ Scheme Run by Illegal Aliens Trafficked Foreign Visa Workers to Georgia Farms

The Department of Justice (DOJ) released a 54-count indictment that charges 24 individuals, many illegal aliens, with operating a “modern-day slavery” scheme that utilized the H-2A visa program to traffic foreign workers into United States farm jobs — raping, kidnapping, and threatening them in the process.

The indictment accuses the Patricio transnational criminal organization (TCO) — named after its matriarch, 70-year-old Maria Leticia Patricio — of operating a massive forced labor trafficking scheme since 2015 that used the H-2A visa program to traffic foreign workers from Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras into farms jobs in Georgia.

Prosecutors called the scheme “modern-day slavery,” alleging that 24 members of the Patricio TCO engaged in mail fraud, international forced labor trafficking, and money laundering, among other crimes, across Georgia, Florida, and Texas.

According to the indictment, the Patricio TCO raked in more than $200 million from the forced labor trafficking scheme.

Videos: Antifa Appears To Have A History Of Using Skateboards As Weapons

Far-left groups such as antifa appear to use skateboards as tools of destruction, videos captured at protests and riots show.

Notre Dame is being built back better as a ‘woke theme park’ dedicated to environmentalism and social justice

Instead of rebuilding the historical cathedral as a religious monument, the reconstruction of Notre Dame will be revamped with a “discovery trail” that will lead visitors through 14 themed chapels of varying woke quantities dedicated to social justice, designed to be accessible for non-Catholics.

Using the church arson as a means to “Build Back Better,” each of the chapels will be dedicated to social justice issues, including a chapel dedicated to the environment and others with African and Asian themes.

Video: Tellingly, there was only one place on all of television where one could go to denounce and work to end the greatest attack on press freedom in years

Video: When the micro-dose wasn’t so micro

Video: The difference between positive human rights and negative human rights

Video: Tear gas fills streets at Antifa protest in Paris as clashes break out with riot police

Chappelle Torches Students To Their Face At His High School Alma Mater After They Get Mouthy With Him

He was still way too nice to the arrogant shits

Smithsonian’s new FUTURES exhibit asks visitors when we’ll see ‘single global government’

G-d forbid

New York Governor Declares State of Emergency

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul declared a state of emergency on Friday ahead of potential COVID-19 case spikes this winter, and warned that the new Omicron variant is coming.

The University of Austin: a meteor aimed at higher ed?

‘Liberal educators’ might sneer but they’re very worried

Toronto District School Board makes international headlines

Canadian school CANCELS event with ISIS survivor Nadia Murad because her harrowing description of torture and rape ‘would be offensive to Muslims and foster Islamophobia’

Reporter’s Turkey Dinner Photo Goes Horribly Viral

World Health Organization Skips Greek Letter ‘Xi’ in Naming New Covid Variant

Wouldn’t want to upset the Chinese overlords responsible for this crime against humanity