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“Jerusalem as a Muslim holy city is the oldest Fake News in history”

Meanwhile, in the socialist paradise that is Venezuela…

Venezuela regime says more people voted to boost its power than appear to have voted at all:

Venezuelan electoral authorities said more than 8 million people voted Sunday to create a constitutional assembly endowing President Nicolas Maduro’s ruling socialist party with virtually unlimited powers — a report more than double the estimates of independent experts and opposition leaders who met the announcement with fury and derision.

National Electoral Council President Tibisay Lucena announced just before midnight that turnout was 41.53 percent, or 8,089,320 people. Members of the opposition said they believed between 2 million and 3 million people voted and one well-respected independent analysis put the number at 3.6 million.

Trudeau urges Canadians to give to B.C. wildfires fund, but feds aren’t matching donations

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau encouraged people over the weekend to donate to the Canadian Red Cross to help British Columbians affected by raging wildfires and he made a similar appeal for Ontario and Quebec flood victims earlier this year.

However unlike many international disasters like the earthquakes in Nepal two years ago or in Haiti in 2010, Canada’s appeal for domestic donations isn’t shored up by a pledge that the government will pony up an equal amount of cash to match the individual donors.

The federal government has had matching contribution programs for more than a dozen international events since 2004, but it has only ever done it once for a natural disaster in Canada, the massive wildfire in Fort McMurray, Alta. last year.



Authorities in the northern German city of Hamburg announced on Saturday that a Palestinian asylum-seeker went on a terrorist spree in a supermarket, resulting in the murder of a man and injuries to six people.

Hamburg’s interior minister said security officials had been aware that the 26-year-old Ahmad A. was an Islamist. Eyewitnesses at the supermarket reported Ahmad shouted “Allahu akbar” during the attack.

Australia Foils Plot to ‘Bring Down’ Plane

Australian counter-terrorism agencies have foiled a plot to “bring down” a plane in a terrorist attack, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says.

Four men were arrested on Saturday night by counter-terrorism officers in raids on four Sydney properties over an alleged plot to blow up an aircraft.

For China’s Global Ambitions, ‘Iran Is at the Center of Everything’

Business ties between Iran and China have been growing since the United States and its European allies at the time started pressuring Iran over its nuclear program around 2007. China remains the largest buyer of Iranian crude, even after Western sanctions were lifted in 2016, allowing Iran to again sell oil in European markets.

Chinese state companies are active all over the country, building highways, digging mines and making steel. Tehran’s shops are flooded with Chinese products and its streets clogged with Chinese cars.

Iran’s leaders hope that the country’s participation in the plan will enable them to piggyback on China’s large economic ambitions.