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Video: Benjamin Netanyahu Speaks at the United Nations

Camille Paglia: The Modern Campus Cannot Comprehend Evil

The disappearance of University of Virginia sophomore Hannah Graham two weeks ago is the latest in a long series of girls-gone-missing cases that often end tragically. A 32-year-old, 270-pound former football player who fled to Texas has been returned to Virginia and charged with “abduction with intent to defile.” At this date, Hannah’s fate and whereabouts remain unknown.

Wildly overblown claims about an epidemic of sexual assaults on American campuses are obscuring the true danger to young women, too often distracted by cellphones or iPods in public places: the ancient sex crime of abduction and murder. Despite hysterical propaganda about our “rape culture,” the majority of campus incidents being carelessly described as sexual assault are not felonious rape (involving force or drugs) but oafish hookup melodramas, arising from mixed signals and imprudence on both sides.

Colleges should stick to academics and stop their infantilizing supervision of students’ dating lives, an authoritarian intrusion that borders on violation of civil liberties. Real crimes should be reported to the police, not to haphazard and ill-trained campus grievance committees.

Too many young middleclass women, raised far from the urban streets, seem to expect adult life to be an extension of their comfortable, overprotected homes. But the world remains a wilderness. The price of women’s modern freedoms is personal responsibility for vigilance and self-defense.

Current educational codes, tracking liberal-Left, are perpetuating illusions about sex and gender. The basic Leftist premise, descending from Marxism, is that all problems in human life stem from an unjust society and that corrections and fine-tunings of that social mechanism will eventually bring utopia. Progressives have unquestioned faith in the perfectibility of mankind.

The horrors and atrocities of history have been edited out of primary and secondary education except where they can be blamed on racism, sexism, and imperialism — toxins embedded in oppressive outside structures that must be smashed and remade. But the real problem resides in human nature, which religion as well as great art sees as eternally torn by a war between the forces of darkness and light.

Toronto Lawmaker Hires G20 Lawbreaker Who Rejects The Legal System


Shelley Carroll: Anarchist fetishist or useful idiot?

A Hezbollah-friendly Public School Board candidate in Toronto

“I’m running for Public School Board Trustee in Toronto’s Trinity-Spadina. My opponent is someone who went out to speak to and support a pro-Hezbollah rally. Now imagine if someone like that was making decisions about how public education was delivered in Toronto.”

SpongeBob: Children’s character is a bully, corrupts minds, warns Kazakhstan


For many children, SpongeBob SquarePants is simply the best thing about the bottom of the sea – but not in Kazakhstan.

The Central Asian republic regards the “self-absorbed” character as a bully who “regularly inflicts violence on others in his community and seems to enjoy what he does,” the Moscow Times reported.

The country’s education ministry has attacked SpongeBob for corrupting children’s minds and have warned parents in the former Soviet state not to let their kids watch the program.

Zabira Orazalieva, chair of the Protection of Children’s Rights, who oversees children’s rights for the state, said: “SpongeBob beats up his neighbor, misbehaves and enjoys that.

“This hooligan behavior stays in the child’s minds. They [see Spongebob] as a role model and try to re-enact [ his behavior]in real life.

It is not the first time SpongeBob has been a target of controversy.

In 2012, he was accused by Ukrainian conservatives of promoting homosexuality.


Cuba hands down 15-year sentence to Canadian executive

Cy Tokmakjian, 74, was detained in Cuba in 2011 as part an anti-corruption operation. He denies the charges.

The Tokmakjian Group said the court had seized its assets in Cuba, worth about $100m (£62m).

The company said the ruling was worrying development for potential investors on the Communist-run island.

“Lack of due process doesn’t begin to describe the travesty of justice that is being suffered by foreign businessmen in Cuba,” the company said in a statement.

Two other executives from the Tokmakjian Group – fellow Canadian citizens Claudio Vetere and Marco Puche – were sentenced to eight and 12 years in prison.

The Ontario-based company used to sell transportation, mining and construction equipment to Cuba.

There has been no comment on the case from the Cuban authorities.


Its offices in Havana were seized in 2011 when President Raul Castro launched a major drive against corruption in the Caribbean nation.

Canadian MP Peter Kent visited Mr Tokmakjian in jail last year.

“The trial was, from almost any measure, extraordinarily unfair and rigged,” Mr Kent told the Financial Post newspaper.

The Tokmakjian Group was the sole representative of South Korean company Hyundai in Cuba, which has been making efforts to replace its ageing car and bus fleet.

The company has launched claims worth more than $200m (£123) against Cuba through the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris and Canada’s Ontario Superior Court.


In the socialist paradise of Venezuela, they’re fingerprinting customers in supermarkets

The Venezuelan government has started to fingerprint shoppers at some state-run supermarkets, in a plan to combat food scarcity which has been derided by some consumers weary of shortages.

Shoppers have struggled for more than a year to find basic goods including powdered milk and cooking oil, as well as certain medicines and diapers. Currency controls implemented over a decade ago under the late President Hugo Chavez mean importers do not have the U.S. dollars required for imports.

Long queues are a ubiquitous sight in shops, while Venezuelans often have to visit several stores to find what they are looking for or settle for substitutes, and friends share tips about where scarce products can be found.

Amid growing frustration, the government said last month it would install a biometric system to weed out smugglers and hoarders, whom President Nicolas Maduro blames for the shortages.


Erdogan bodyguards attack two Turkish journalists in New York

Two US-based Turkish newspaper reporters were verbally attacked and manhandled by bodyguards of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the lobby of a leading New York hotel and in the street outside while Erdogan was meeting with US Vice-President Joe Biden in the hotel on 25 September.

The reporters were Adam Yavuz Arslan of Bugün and Ali Halit Aslan of Zaman. Both newspapers are critical of the Erdogan government.

UN adopts report praising Qatar’s human rights record

The truth is that the 1.4 million migrant workers in Qatar object to this report because they are dying at the rate of one a day from inhuman conditions. At the current pace, more than 4,000 migrant workers will die to build the infrastructure for Qatar’s 2022 World Cup.

The truth is that the women of Qatar object to this report because they are denied basic rights to equality, for example denied the right to be elected to the Shura legislative council.

The truth is that journalists and aid workers who are abducted by the ISIS terrorist group and face beheading object to this report. In the words of Germany’s development aid minister, Gerd Mueller, from August 20th: “Who is financing these troops? Hint: Qatar.”

The truth is that the Palestinians, Israelis ,and other victims of Hamas war crimes — their exploitation and targeting of civilian populations, mosques, hospitals and schools — object to this report.

As one Arab diplomat said to the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD), as quoted in its testimony before the U.S. Congress, “Qatar finances Hamas strongly.”


Canadian terrorist of the day

Remember the time, waaaaaay back………?


Canadian Patriotic Society Film Screening: Honor Diaries


Arab Bank Found Liable for Hamas Terrorist Attacks

Arab Bank Plc, the biggest lender in Jordan, helped Hamas militants carry out a wave of violence in Israel that killed and wounded hundreds of Americans, a New York jury decided in the first trial of its kind in the U.S.

The Amman-based lender was found liable for doing business with more than 150 Hamas leaders and operatives in the early 2000s, helping finance about two dozen deadly suicide bombings, including attacks on crowded restaurants and buses in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, jurors decided yesterday in federal court in Brooklyn, New York.

“The verdict is an incredible message that should be understood and heard by the entire financial community — if you do business with terrorists, you can be held liable in the United States,” Michael Elsner, one of the plaintiffs lawyers, said in a phone interview.

ISIS is Barack Obama’s mess and now he wants Canada’s help

ISIS is Barack Obama’s mess.

He made it and now he wants our help to clean it up. What do Canadians owe him?

He’s turned his back on allies such as Israel, having proven himself a bigger friend to the likes of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood than to the Jewish state.

He’s no friend of Canada’s.

Instead of working with his friends, he’s tried in vain to appease such longtime enemies as Iran.

His rush to pull out of Iraq without leaving a reserve force behind has led to the disaster we see unfolding there now.

Now Obama needs allies to battle ISIS and help him save face. So who is stepping up to the plate? The Iranians? The Saudis? Hardly.

Yes, when things get really bad, he calls on the same allies he’s spent his entire presidency snubbing.

The Canadians, the Brits, the Australians, etc.

Forgive me if I don’t exactly jump for joy at the prospect of helping this disastrous president ahead of midterm elections when his party is facing a well deserved drubbing.

He’s the one who insisted on leaving Iraq unprotected against the advice of those who said the U.S. should leave a reserve military force behind to support that country.

Did he listen to advisers?

Of course not!

Obama is much too smart to take the advice of anybody but himself and a few of his cronies. So he pulled out completely for political reasons, not because he failed to cut a deal with the Iraqi government, which wanted a U.S. force to stay.

Now, at last word, ISIS fighters were bearing down on Baghdad and Obama’s poll numbers are in freefall ahead of the U.S. midterm elections.

According to a Washington Post/ABC News poll, even women are abandoning this president in droves over his handling of foreign affairs. Only 37% approved of his actions on the file in that poll.

And so there is little doubt, this president is responding, not out of any sense of what’s right, but of pure politics.

We need to see this president for the political opportunist he is.

Regardless, Canada appears ready to play some kind of role in a coalition of the barely willing. According to some analysts, it’s a mission that could require two or three years in order to push the jihadis from the region.

Obama screwed up big time. The world is paying the price because he preferred to play golf rather than to be a leader.

He has shown precious little regard for Canadians, demonstrating nothing but disdain on the Keystone XL project.

Remind me again what Canadians owe this president?

Olivia Chow Endorses Radical Muslim Terrorist Sympathizer For School Board


This very strange Toronto city election took another bizarre twist when Olivia Chow, former New Democratic Party Member of Parliament—and now running to replace the current mayor Rob Ford—came out publicly in favour of Ausma Malik, a very well-known local Toronto Radical Muslim terrorist sympathizer.


Photo of the day – peaceniks, 1940


Canada’s “Human Rights” Mausoluem Finally Opens in Winnipeg

They took all the rights and put ’em in a rights museum, and they charged the people a dollar-and-a-half just to see ’em.  

JDL Weekly

Gazans Speak Out: Hamas War Crimes

While the world’s media has been blaming Israel for the death of Gazan civilians during Operation Protective Edge, this correspondent decided to speak with Gazans themselves to hear what they had to say.

They spoke of Hamas atrocities and war crimes implicating Hamas in the civilian deaths of its own people.

Help “Tar Sands Messiah” Turn the Tables on Hollywood Liberals

Canadian filmmaker and Fort McMurray resident Tim Moen has come up with one of the best documentary ideas I’ve heard of in some time:

In the spirit of Michael Moore’s Roger & Me — but without the multiple lies – Moen plans to turn the tables on the showbiz leftists who love coming to his hometown to lecture the locals about the “evils” of the oil sands industry:

He’s going to Hollywood to lecture them – presenting celebrities and environmentalists with the facts about Alberta’s oil industry, and challenging their blatant hypocrisy.

Israeli hackers ‘scary talented,’ says security expert

Israeli hackers are young and scary — scary talented, that is. That’s the observation of a man who knows what hacking is all about. Antonio Forzieri. EMEA Cyber Security head for security firm Symantec. “I’ve seen hackers at work all over Europe and the US, and Israeli hackers are younger, faster, and smarter than those in almost any other country.


Internet Trolls Are Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Sadists

In this month’s issue of Personality and Individual Differences, a study was published that confirms what we all suspected: internet trolls are horrible people. 

Let’s start by getting our definitions straight. An internet troll is someone who comes into a discussion and posts comments designed to upset or disrupt the conversation. Often, it seems like there is no real purpose behind their comments except to upset everyone else involved. Trolls will lie, exaggerate, and offend to get a response.

What kind of person would do this?

Canadian researchers decided to find out.

One of Oldest Known Synagogues Seized by ISIS in Syria


Jihadists looting ancient archaeological sites, including 244 BCE synagogue.

US: Iran is welcome to participate in UN meeting on Iraq

Friday session chaired by Secretary Kerry is open to Iranian participation, US says; B.O. not opposed to meeting with Rouhani.

Iranian blogger found guilty of insulting Prophet Mohammad on Facebook sentenced to death


A blogger in ‘poor psychological condition’ has been sentenced to death after being found guilty of insulting the Prophet Mohammad on Facebook.


The Jew hatin’ lunatics are losin’ it:



Liberal Zionism critical for Israel’s future, Kapos say

Lefty Jews of the J Space/New Israel Fund persuasion kvetch to the Canadian Jewish News that they just they aren’t feeling the love from the larger, Israel-supporting Jewish community.

Union turns up the heat on firefighters who volunteer on days off

The union representing Tom Hunse wants him fired. The leadership does not approve of his part-time job and has petitioned the City of Toronto to terminate the 20-year veteran firefighter.

The offending part-time gig? Fighting fires. When he is not working at Station 422 in Toronto’s west end, Mr. Hunse answers calls with the volunteer force that serves Innisfil, Ont., and the surrounding communities.

Details of terror plot emerge after Ottawa man’s guilty plea

“If Allah wills, we will break their backs in their own country,” he was caught saying in Ottawa, on a wiretap, before his 2010 arrest.

Such evidence was kept secret until Wednesday, when Mr. Alizadeh – who had sworn an oath to al-Qaeda – entered a surprise guilty plea to terrorism charges in an Ottawa court. The plea got him a 24-year sentence and, for the first time, revealed the alarming details behind the case.

Iran: ‘Happy’ Music Video Makers Sentenced to 91 Lashes

An Iranian court has sentenced six young Iranians to prison plus 91 lashes for producing a viral video of Pharrell William’s hit single “Happy”.

Five of the accused were given six-month prison sentences on top of the lashes, while the video’s producer – Sassan Soleimani – was apparently given a year.

Australia thwarts Islamic State beheading plot

Militants connected with radical group Islamic State were planning to behead a member of the public in Australia, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said on Thursday, after hundreds of police raided homes in a sweeping counter-terrorism operation.

Muslims Facing Tomorrow rally to support Christian minorities


In Support for minority Christian and other minority religious communities in the Middle East and the Muslim world Muslims Facing Tomorrow calls for Public Rally on the UN International Day for Peace on Sunday, September 21, 2014 at Queen’s Park, Toronto, from 2 – 4 pm.

Blogwrath is writing a book!



“Lynched: The Media War against Rob Ford”.  This is gonna be good and you can help get it done.

Hiva Alizadeh pleads guilty in Ottawa terrorism trial

A man police called the ringleader of a group accused of plotting attacks in Canada has pleaded guilty to explosives possession with the intent to cause harm as part of a terrorist conspiracy, and received a 24-year sentence as part of an agreement.

136 Kathy Shaidle Articles That Expand Your Appreciation of Life and Culture


Back in April I assembled this collection featuring “10 of Kathy Shaidle’s Greatest Hits.” Now today I present this collection organizing more broadly my favorites of her articles and blog posts by subject.

The National Lawyers Guild Seeks to Indict Obama for Helping Israel Build Iron Dome

The National Lawyers Guild—a hard left assortment of radical lawyers and “legal workers”—is seeking to have President Obama, Secretary of Defense Hagel and members of Congress indicted by the International Criminal Court for “aiding and abetting” genocide, crimes against humanity and other war crimes. Among the bases for these extraordinarily serious accusations, is that “the United States Congress overwhelmingly passed, and President Obama signed, an appropriation of $225million for Israel’s Iron Dome missile system”—a purely defensive shield that destroys missiles heading for Israeli population centers.

Yes, you read that correctly.  According to these irresponsible bigots, it is genocide to help the nation-state of the Jewish people protect its Jewish and Arab citizens against thousands of rockets being fired at its cities, towns and airport. Imagine the implication for the rule of law if defending one’s citizens becomes a war crime.  But don’t worry. These professional Israel-bashers won’t try to apply this Orwellian theory to any countries other than Israel and its supporters.

Attempted Jew massacre of the day

A mortar shell was fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel on Tuesday evening.

Reminder: The Iraqis we’re helping are revolting pigs

Pray for an asteroid:

In promo for Iraqi satirical TV series, Islamic State chief Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi emerges from egg laid by Jewish woman, depicted as child of Jewess and devil.

Canadian Jihadist Unmasked

Adept at using social media and fluent in English, Abu Turaab is part of the new generation of jihadists who have stormed the Internet to spread the dark message of the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham. On Twitter, he cheerleads ISIS atrocities, quotes terrorists like Anwar Al-Awlaki and tries to coax others into joining him in Syria. He eulogizes dead jihadists and mocks U.S. troops as “criminals and high school dropouts.”

“Can’t wait for the day IS [as he calls ISIS] beheads the first American soldier. Soccer anyone?” he wrote in August. After ISIS beheaded American journalist James Foley, he added, “I guess it’s time to play soccer boys :)”

Media outlets ranging from The New York Times to the Daily Mail and have quoted his missives, and the U.S. State Department recently singled him out as part of its Think Again Turn Away campaign to disrupt terrorist recruiting.

While he has been careful not to reveal his real identity, posting only photos of himself wearing ski goggles or with a scarf covering his face, the National Post has learned he is a 23-year-old Canadian citizen named Mohammed Ali

Event: “Prisoner of Tehran” author, Marina Nemat, lecture in Aurora


Courageous Iranian dissident and amazing speaker Marina Nemat, speaking Saturday, Sept. 27th at the Aurora Public Library. Marina received UN Watch’s highest human rights award earlier this year for her courageous and inspiring work for human rights in Iran and worldwide.


Good news: This POS is back in Canada

Controversial German Islamist preacher P

A controversial Canadian Muslim preacher has been deported from the Philippines after being declared an “undesirable alien” by the country’s Immigration Bureau, a spokeswoman said Monday.

Bilal Philips, an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 attempted bombing of the World Trade Centre in New York, was detained by police while on a speaking tour in the southern Philippines.

“Philips was deported to Canada Saturday evening after the board of commissioners approved his request for voluntary deportation,” Elaine Tan of the Immigration Bureau told the National Post.

“He was charged for being an undesirable alien and for being inadmissible at the time of entry.” Earlier, the Bureau said he was deemed “undesirable” because of his “extremist views and possible link to terrorist groups.”

The 68-year-old has already been deported from Germany, Kenya and Bangladesh, and banned from the United Kingdom, Australia and U.S. A Jamaican-born Canadian, he is a former Toronto imam.

Lethbridge student suspended for dealing banned Pepsi from locker

A Grade 12 student in Lethbridge, Alta., was suspended last week for dealing Pepsi to fellow students out of his locker.

Keenan Shaw was suspended for two days by Winston Churchill high school for selling the soft drink to students, violating a school policy that only permits diet pop on the premises.

Shaw says he was told the sales violated the nutrition and marketing policies, and that he was operating a business without a licence.

But compared with what some other students sell at the southern Alberta school, Shaw says, his transgressions were minor.

“I’m not going to name any names, but I know a couple of people selling marijuana, there’s kids selling smokes, there was a kid last year selling meth, as well as a kid selling acid,” said Shaw.

Shaw says he has been told he will be expelled if the pop sales continue.

His mother says she believes the school went a little over the top and that the punishment is too extreme.


Pali terrorist in a suit: Israeli occupation, suffering of Palestinian people triggered current extremism in the Middle East

Speaking to the Fatah television channel, Saeb Erekat said on Sunday that the reason behind the extremism in the Middle East was the continued Israeli occupation, the suffering of the Palestinian people and the “terror acts” committed by Israel and the settlers, the report further added.

‘Where Have All the Anti-War Protestors Gone?’


Click the image.

Prominent Muslim Brotherhood figures to leave Qatar

Qatar has asked seven senior figures from Egypt’s outlawed Muslim Brotherhood to leave the country, the movement said on Saturday, following months of pressure on the Gulf Arab state from its neighbours to stop backing the Islamists.

Out of paper

Rotten Food ‘Wikipedia’ Fights China’s Fake Meat

Wu Heng’s favorite meal was braised beef rice before he saw a post on a Chinese social networking site displaying two identical photos of ’beef’ side-by-side.

One was beef from cows. The other was pork chemically treated to taste like beef. “Cheaters! Unacceptable!” he thought.

Outraged, Wu decided to take matters into his own hands. So, he put his master’s degree on hold to create what he describes as a “Wikipedia” that tracks food safety and questionable manufacturing in China.

He called it “Throwing It Out the Window,” — a name inspired by a story he read on U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt supposedly tossing a sausage from the window after reading about food production horrors. Since its inception in 2011, Wu’s site has compiled a list of more than 3,000 instances of potentially unsafe food and now has more contributors than he can count.

“I felt like a victim, and I thought others might feel the same way too,” said Wu, 28, who works as a writer. “I’m hoping the site will help build the power of the market to drive change. Even if we can’t make changes, I think that if you are having unsafe food you should know you’re having it.”

His efforts show how China’s citizens are getting increasingly vocal in fighting health and environmental hazards. Chinese police last month arrested 17 men for selling poison-laden dog meat, according to state-controlled media. They separately seized about 30,000 tons of chicken feet treated with excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide — to lighten the meat’s color.

Try not to think about the Chinese products you’ve ingested while you read on.

Huffington Post Steals Content, Gets Banned By Reddit

The subreddit created to spread uplifting news has some uplifting news for those who don’t like parasitic websites like the Huffington Post — links to HuffPo stories are no longer welcome.

HuffPo has a long and storied history of “borrowing” content without attribution or payment, or just making it up completely (remember when they made up a “blog post” by George Clooney?). Well, their editors have apparently been sticking by that business model.


Trudeau: Canadian terrorists fighting with ISIS shouldn’t be stripped of citizenship

Immigration and Citizenship Minister Chris Alexander blasted Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau for saying Canadians with dual citizenship should not be stripped of their citizenship if they go overseas to fight with ISIS.

In London, Ontario Thursday, Trudeau said Canada should not have “two-tiered” citizenship.

Alexander thinks it’s incomprehensible that a national party leader would say that the law, which passed in June and allows the government to revoke citizenship, should be reversed or weakened.

“International terrorism is a serious threat and for him to say this is strange and irresponsible,”Alexander said.

Cheezus: Bernie Farber evokes analogy between ailing Rob Ford & NAZIS in Pimp Magazine


What is wrong with this man?