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Canadian Muslim group funneled $300K to Hamas-linked charity

One of the country’s largest Muslim organizations gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to a Hamas-linked charity, and vocally supported an Egyptian Islamist group, QMI Agency has learned.

The Muslim Association of Canada (MAC), based in the Toronto suburb of Mississauga, Ont., owns or operates at least 20 Islamic schools and 15 mosques in Ontario, Alberta and Quebec.

MAC’s website says the group is centred around “holistic educational and spiritual development” and “has no organizational link or affiliation with other organizations.”

However, QMI obtained an RCMP search warrant linking the group to IRFAN-Canada, a banned charity group and a listed terrorist organization also based in Mississauga.

The Mounties, citing Canada Revenue Agency disclosure, say: “The Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) provided $296,514 between 2001 and 2010” to IRFAN-Canada.

Just some muslims in Paris

A special kind of hate

Survey: 84 Percent of Palestinians Think Israel May be Behind Paris Attacks

“The overwhelming majority believe that the murders of the French [citizens] in Paris were suspicious operations, and that Israel may be behind them”.

Hamas Warns: Give Us Money Or We’ll Become Terrorists

Buried in an Agence France Presse article about the failure of international donors to pay the $5.4 billion they’ve pledged to help rebuild Gaza is an absolute gem of a quote:

A Hamas official warned recently that the territory could become a breeding ground for extremism unless promised reconstruction is accelerated.

“Our message to the world, which is scared of terrorism and extremism, is that the delay in rebuilding Gaza and the continuing blockade against it will make it a ripe environment for the spread of extremism and terrorism,” Khalil al-Haya told a Gaza City meeting of the movement’s representatives in the Palestinian parliament.

Hamas hails Greek far-left Syriza faction for election victory, opposition to ‘Israeli crimes’

The Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas on Tuesday congratulated the head of Greece’s far-left Syriza coalition for his election victory on Sunday.

Alexis Tsipras, the new prime minister, was hailed by Hamas for his opposition to “Israeli crimes, aggression, and siege on Gaza,” according to the Ma’an news agency.

After two years of waiting in the wings, Tsipras and his Syriza party stormed to power in Sunday’s snap election on a wave of anger against German-backed austerity that has driven up poverty and pushed unemployment over 25 percent.

Syriza’s ranks include an array of leftists ranging from Marxists to Greens.

The party has constantly identified itself with the Palestinian cause and its program includes a demand for abolition of Greece’s military cooperation with Israel and the support for the creation of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders. Israel and Greece have enjoyed a strong relationship and cooperation since 2008 in several aspects of military, intelligence, economy and culture.

Tsipras’ party colleagues and his own inner circle have repeatedly attacked Israel and the “Zionists” claiming that they are not anti-Semitic, just ”anti-Zionist.” Syriza’s former head, Nikos Konstandopoulos, has consistently offered his services as a defense lawyer for convicted and alleged Arab terrorists who have been arrested in Greece.

Last year, Tsipras stated that ‘’the world should make every possible effort so that Israel ends its criminal attack and brutality against Palestinians.’’

“Seeing Israel killing children in Palestine is unacceptable. We should unite our voices and forces so as to live in peace, expressing our solidarity to the Palestinian people,” he said during a march in Athens against Israel’s Operation Protective Edge against Hamas in Gaza last summer.

“When civilians and children are killed at beaches facing the same sea that borders on the European continent, we cannot remain passive, because if this happens on the other side of the Mediterranean today, it can happen on our own side tomorrow,” he said.


Iran vows to attack Israel from West Bank

“Opening up a new front across the West Bank, which is a major section of our dear Palestine, will be certainly on the agenda, and this is part of a new reality that will gradually emerge”

12 Israeli cyber-security firms to watch

When hackers exposed embarrassing emails, passwords, Social Security numbers and other sensitive data from Sony Pictures Entertainment in November last year, the world sat up and took notice. The data thieves (purportedly from North Korea) wreaked internal havoc at Sony and disrupted the planned rollout of its film The Interview, costing the company millions of dollars.

However, as an NBC News headline put it, “Sony Hack Is Bad, But the Real Cyberwar Is All Around You.”

Indeed, no entity is immune. Last year – dubbed “The Year of the Data Breach” by industry observers — high-profile cyber-attack victims included eBay, Domino’s Pizza, Target and Home Depot, along with financial institutions, media outlets and government websites. Damages from a single hack attack can reach millions of dollars.

No wonder cyber-security businesses abound worldwide. And second only to the United States, Israel is providing the most products to fight this costly crime. About 200 Israeli companies specialize in cyber-security, accounting for $3 billion worth of anti-hacking exports in 2013. One-quarter of the world’s venture capital-funded cyber-security startups are Israeli.

At the same time, Israel is pouring major resources into a comprehensive cyber-security development complex, CyberSpark, in Beersheva.

Here we list a dozen Israeli companies to watch as we enter another year full of cyber dangers around every corner.

‘Abbas was once a terrorist, but he isn’t now’

Dividing Jerusalem is negotiable, Hatnua leader Tzipi Livni said in the inaugural episode of The Jerusalem Post‘s Election Arena, an online video series, Thursday.

“I hope not,” was Livni’s answer to whether she was for or against dividing the capital city.

When asked if that means that she thinks a divided Jerusalem is a possibility, she responded that the issue would be “part of the negotiations.”

However, she added that the goal would be “to keep Jerusalem united under Israeli sovereignty.”

Livni also said that while Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas “was once a terrorist, he isn’t anymore.”

Muslim scholars urge UN to outlaw ‘contempt’ of religions

A leading Islamic organisation has called on the United Nations to make “contempt of religions” illegal and urged the West to protect Muslim communities following the attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo.

The Qatar-based International Union of Muslim Scholars, headed by influential preacher Yusuf al-Qaradawi, appealed to Muslims to continue peaceful protests against images of the Prophet Mohammed but “not to resort to any violence”.

The latest cartoon of the prophet in Charlie Hebdo has angered many Muslims and triggered protests in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

In a statement released Tuesday, the union said there should be protection for “prophets” and urged Islamic countries to submit a draft law to the UN calling for defamation of religions to be outlawed.

The union said the UN should then issue a “law criminalising contempt of religions and the prophets and all the holy sites”.

It also called for the West “to protect Muslim communities from attacks, whether they are citizens or residents or visitors”.

The union has condemned the publication of a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed holding a “Je suis Charlie” sign under the headline “All is forgiven” in the first Charlie Hebdo edition since Islamist gunmen killed 12 people in an attack on its offices.

It said that the new drawing would give “credibility” to the idea that “the West is against Islam” and warned the image would incite further hatred.

Qaradawi, 88, is seen as a spiritual guide of Egypt’s banned Muslim Brotherhood, the movement of ousted former president Mohamed Morsi.


Occupy Toronto leader charged with sexual assault

Travis George Furge

Travis George Furge

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Saskatoon Muslims – unedited

I live in terror of the fanatic who has only read one story, whether he’s an Islamist murderer or Glenn Greenwald

So how fare our investigations into what makes someone want to kill cartoonists? (I’m assuming we know why they want to kill Jews.) Maybe, before pondering the education of a jihadist, we should ask a prior question: what makes a fanatic?

We were given some insight into this on Newsnight earlier this week when Evan Davis, growing nicely into his job, interviewed the lawyer, journalist and associate of Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald – a man strikingly deficient in the musculature necessary to essay a smile. The subject was surveillance and David Cameron’s call for more of it. There are, I accept, differing views on this. I, for example, am for having every member of the human family watched day and night by every possible means because the human family is currently dysfunctional and can’t be trusted. But I understand why others don’t think as I do. This puts me in a different category of person from Greenwald, who allows no beliefs that conflict with his and attributes those that do to a cowardly subservience to authority.

Leading Greenwald with expert gentleness into the gated hell that is his mind, Davis put the case for differing viewpoints. Nothing could have been more instructive than Greenwald’s dead expression – his mouth fixed in the rigor mortis of absolute conviction, his eyes unanimated by the pleasure of conversation or the excitement of controversy. Doubt honours a man, but this was the face of someone whom no ghost of a second thought dares visit. No consciousness of absurdity either. As for the humanity whose civil rights he champions with such icy rigidity, for that he had nothing but contempt. We are merely, if we don’t think what he thinks, the playthings of the powerful. This is the terrifying paradox of zealotry: no one hates humanity more than those who believe they know what’s best for it.

Muhammad Sculpture Inside Supreme Court a Gesture of Goodwill


Perched above the press seating area inside the U.S. Supreme Court chamber is a marble image of Prophet Muhammad.

Sculpted in a frieze, the Muhammad statue carries a sword and the Quran and stands in the company of more than a dozen other “great lawgivers of history.”

Protest threats nixed Israel-Canada event at Concordia University

An event scheduled for Jan. 12 with MP Marc Garneau, was postponed indefinitely because the Montreal Police allegedly alerted organizers that they were anticipating violent protests in response to the talk.

The talk, organized by the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting (CAMERA) and the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research (CIJR), was supposed to look at Canada-Israel relations.

Garneau is the MP for Westmount—Ville-Marie and was one of the first Canadian to go to outer space back in October 1984. He was appointed as the executive vice-president of the Canadian Space Agency in 2001, and became the president in November of the same year.

Bradley Martin, CAMERA Fellow and Representative for Montreal and a student at Concordia, wrote on the event’s Facebook page at around noon on Jan. 12 announcing the talk had been cancelled because the Montreal Police had notified them of a violent protest was set to take place because of this event. At around 7 p.m., Martin posted to clarify what had happened, writing the following: “This morning, the Montreal Police informed CIJR that their cyber division detected a planned protest of the event. This protest was estimated to consist of about sixty demonstrators and considered to be hostile and violent. Under the circumstances, it was determined that the venue could not be secured properly and the safety of attendants would be at risk. It was therefore decided that the event would not take place as planned and be postponed indefinitely.”

In the post, Martin spoke for both organizations and said that they were very unhappy with the situation. “We are very disappointed and outraged about the fact that our rights, and the rights of an elected Member of Parliament, to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly have been compromised,” Martin wrote. “Threats of violence and intimidation tactics are not acceptable behaviors and cannot be tolerated under any circumstances. We live in a beautiful country, where the freedom of speech and assembly are foundational to our way of life.”

The decision to postpone said event was made by the CIJR’s National Chairman

Jack Kinsler. He felt the they had no choice but to cancel the event because the call from the police happened so soon before the talk was set to happen, and because they hadn’t organized the event themselves. The CIJR had allowed CAMERA to use one of their spaces to host the talk, located at 1396 rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Suite 218.

Kinsler told The Concordian that he was very unhappy with the situation, especially after this week’s attack on Charlie Hebdo staff this week in France.

“[The threat of a violent protest] shouldn’t have happened in the first place. MP Marc Garneau should have been able to come and speak to people in a civilized manner without threats … as soon as one side intimidates the other something is wrong there, there’s a malice, there’s a problem,” Kinsler said.

The Montreal Police were contacted and said that they were not the ones who contacted the event organizers, although both CAMERA and the CIJR confirmed that they had been contacted by them. According to CIJR, the information concerning the protest came from the police’s information department.

Israel on Campus: Concordia has posted on their page that they are unhappy with the situation. They wrote the following in a Facebook post: “It is extremely disheartening and upsetting that members of our own national government are not given the chance to share their ideas freely for fear of violent consequences. Israel on Campus believes in free speech and the right for a free flow of ideas. We will not be silenced and we will continue to fight for Israel on our campus and in our country.”

The event has been postponed indefinitely.


Glenn Greenwald Versus Charlie Hebdo

There has been no shortage of morally obtuse responses to last week’ massacre in Paris in which twelve staffers of the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo were killed in retaliation against the magazine’s cartoons of Mohammed. On the right, Catholic League leader William Donohue’s asserted that the victims had brought it on themselves with their “narcissistic” exercise of freedom to offend and that Muslims were rightfully angry. On the left, a chorus that includes Arthur Chu at The Daily Beast, Max Fisher at Vox, and Jordan Weissmann at Slate has decried the unseemliness of “white men” mocking the “marginalized” and the powerless. But dubious pride of place in this parade of free speech naysayers belongs to an ostensible champion of civil liberties: constitutional attorney and journalist Glenn Greenwald, best known for assisting Edward Snowden’s disclosures of American national security surveillance. Writing in his magazine, The Intercept, Greenwald managed to use the tragedy as an occasion for West- and Israel-bashing—and to troll Charlie Hebdo supporters with vile anti-Semitic cartoons.

The point of this offering was not only to mock expressions of solidarity with Charlie Hebdo—Greenwald’s article was titled, “In Solidarity with a Free Press: Some More Blasphemous Cartoons”—but to convict Western public opinion of double standards in the defense of outrageous speech. “Anti-Muslim” cartoons are celebrated in the name of free expression; cartoons of repulsive, diabolical Jews manipulating politicians and the media and oppressing the masses are abhorred.

So trafficking in bigoted stereotypes of a group is equivalent to poking fun at a religion? For Greenwald, evidently so. In the same vein, he approvingly reproduces a Brazilian artist’s cartoon which indicts the alleged hypocrisy of Westerners who deplore mockery of the Holocaust but laugh at mockery of Mohammed.

Along the way, Greenwald casually smears Charlie Hebdo as racist (misrepresenting a much-maligned cover depicting Boko Haram sex slaves as welfare queens, which actually mocked immigrant-bashing far-right politicians). He also pooh-poohs claims that the magazine was an equal-opportunity offender: “Like Bill Maher, Sam Harris and other anti-Islam obsessives, mocking Judaism, Jews and/or Israel is something they will rarely (if ever) do … the vast bulk of their attacks are reserved for Islam and Muslims.” But Greenwald’s links lead to pro-Israel statements by Maher and Harris. That proves exactly nothing about Charlie Hebdo—which, according to left-wing French journalist Olivier Tonneau, “took ferocious stances against the bombings of Gaza.” Greenwald’s final proof of the magazine’s deference to Jews is that a few years ago, one of its columnists was fired for what many saw as anti-Semitic jibes about Jean Sarkozy, son of then-French President Nicolas Sarkozy, getting engaged to a Jewish heiress.

Even as he complains about “anti-Islam obsessives,” Greenwald keeps turning the subject back to Israel and Jews, neither of which had any ostensible link to the Charlie Hebdo shooting.



Thousands of Homes Now Being Razed on Gaza Strip Border, So Where’s International Media Outrage?

Where are all the “pro-pali” human rights advocates, or should I say, filthy leftist Jew-haters?:

So why does no one outside of the immediate area seem to really care? Well, because its Egypt and not Israel taking the action.

China steps in to support Venezuela, Ecuador as oil prices tumble

China stepped up its courtship of Latin American countries Thursday, promising to double trade with the region by 2025 and offering fresh loans to support left-wing governments in Venezuela and Ecuador.



CNN’s Jim Clancy Partially Faults Israel in Charlie Hebdo Attack.

You know who’s responsible for the terror attack in Paris today, don’t you?


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And now, Nazi cows


Some of Derek Gow’s cows terrified him. “If I was standing here and some of the more aggressive ones were in this field, and they could see me, then they would come right across now and try and kill you,” he told the BBC. Those cows would charge “with every intention of wiping you off the face of this Earth,” he said from his farm.

That aggression was no fluke; those cows were Heck cattle, bred by Nazi zoologists who used Spanish fighting bulls in their quest to resurrect a long-extinct breed, the aurochs. Their resulting mean demeanor forced Gow, an English farmer, to send 20 of his Heck cows off to be turned into burgers and sausages, the BBC reported.

The Flying Hospital That Rushes Wounded Soldiers to Safety

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The average college freshman reads at 7th grade level

The average U.S. college freshman reads at a seventh grade level, according to an educational assessment report.

“We are spending billions of dollars trying to send students to college and maintain them there when, on average, they read at about the grade 6 or 7 level, according to Renaissance Learning’s latest report on what American students in grades 9-12 read, whether assigned or chosen,” said education expert Dr. Sandra Stotsky.

‘Israeli kindness changed my life,’ says Hamas escapee in Canada

Gay, Christian-convert son of a Palestinian militant family tells Times of Israel he found compassion where he least expected it, and most needed it.


Saudi beheads 83 people in 2014

The kingdom follows a strict interpretation of Islamic law and applies the death penalty on a number of crimes, such as murder and rape, as well as apostasy and witchcraft.

ISIS in Judea & Samaria


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